New Blog And Website Host!

Woohoo, I made the transition to my new website host!
I know it doesn’t look THAT different at first glance, but if you go through the pages, you’ll see that they’ve been smoothed and cleaned up, and generally prettified. I just love the way it looks and I hope you like it too! Of course there’s still work to be done, and if you come across any broken links or other glitches, I’d be very grateful if you could mention them in the comments or send me an email.
I also added an explanation on the “Southern Hemisphere” and “Northern Hemisphere” differentiation of the “13 Moons – A Goddess Journey Through The Year” course. People were getting confused so I explained that the lessons of the course are seasonal and therefore it makes sense to split the course, so Australians can meditate on the cold of winter in July, and North Americans in January.
The biggest change is, of course, this blog! First of all, it’s not really part of the website. If you read this, you’re actually on blogger, but I made my blogger page look as closely to The Hag’s Den as possible. It’s not very elegant, but in exchange we get all the amazing features of Blogger:
  • You can now comment with your Facebook, Google, etc identity if you wish. If you prefer the old-fashioned style, you can simply put in your name and the URL of your website. Yes, that’s right – you’ll be able to put in YOUR website or blog, and you can bet I’ll go check them out and I hope others will, too. We’ll be even more of a tribe this way!

  • You can reply to others’ comments, which will make communication so much easier for us all. It encourages conversation across the board. Go on, try it out! I’d love to hear what you think of the new comments system.

  • I’ve added an archive: The “Archive 2012” link on the left actually leads to archives of everything posted from July 2012 to March 2013, INCLUDING COMMENTS. I have been blogging since 2007, and every time I moved my website I lost all previous blogs and comments. I thought it was time to change that, and although it took me a day and a half to copy everything, I’m so glad I did! It brought it home to me what amazing people read this blog and website, how much love and wisdom is being shared in the comments, and what a lucky hag I really am.

  • You can still subscribe to the blog, and if you don’t, please update your bookmark to Plus, there are all sorts of easy share features, like buttons to share to Twitter or Facebook, and even the option to email an entire blog post. I’m really happy with these features; they more than make up for the slightly clumsy look.

  • I can make bullet-point lists!
In other news, there aren’t many – news, I mean. It’s a little boring to keep writing “I’m still working my backside off and creating like mad while trying to look after myself and not burn out.” But that’s the un-glamorous side of building up a sideline business: it’s just not always that exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and aglow every day, have been ever since I found my way back to the magic glow I wrote about in the last entry. It’s just that a lot of it happens on the inside. There aren’t any great new results just yet that I could shout out to the world.
Plugging away and doing the work can be very blissful though. I’m sure you know the feeling. In hindsight, these are often the periods in life we like to look back to the most, because of the contentment and stability they had. It’s a lot easier to handle for me than, for example, the impatience I felt two weeks ago! And incidentally, the moon is almost full and the time for abundance and nourishment is here. How very fitting, don’t you think?
Have a beautiful week!

That Magic Glow

Thank you all for bearing with me through my impatient rantings last week! I am happy to announce that the bound-up energy of the New Moon was thoroughly released with the re-appearance of the Waxing Moon, and my blocked impatience dissolved into blissful productivity. Woohoo!

What I’m creating is still a sheeecret, mainly because I’m not sure yet which shape it’ll take in the end. Basically, I want to offer a kind of all-inclusive super intense Coaching package that’ll manifest miracles – measurable ones – and is affordable. Not an easy task, I know, but then easy would be boring, right?

The greater context of this is a rather major discovery I’ve made. You see, when I grew up I felt like my life was charmed. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, far from it, but generally, overall, life seemed to have this golden glow around it like some beautiful pictures of sunsets do. In fact, when I thought of how to describe it to you, I remembered the movie “Under The Tuscan Sun” (see the picture in the title!).

I woke up every morning with a tingly feeling of anticipation. Monday was my favourite day, it held the infinite possibilities of an entire week ahead. I was happy, and I was sad, but I could make sense of things and forgive myself for my mistakes.

This went on right to the end of my 20s. And then things happened, graver things that I could not easily forgive myself for. I married a totally unsuitable man and was divorced within the year. Looking back, I am staggered at my lack of judgment. I disappointed my family, especially my parents who could ill afford it and yet gave me a lovely wedding. I broke my word – I’d made a vow, and I do not take these things lightly (nobody who works magic, can afford to). And then I started out in my own business. I’ve told you about my failing before, but have I mentioned my success? I made 3000-4500 Euro a month after only a year and a half, I was in a leadership position in my Network Marketing company, faster than almost everyone else. And then I sabotaged my own success with that year-long depression and lost everything.

You know the rest, and the hardship of the last eight years. These are things that aren’t easily brushed aside. They linger. Their impact lingers even longer. My deep, inner knowledge that I was ok, was shaken, and the days lost their golden glow. It took me a long time – until this year, in fact – to find my way back. To fully realise, again, that I am whole and complete and don’t need to be perfect to be so. All these things that I have known intellectually for a long time, and have finally managed to connect with my innermost self once again. For so long, there was this barrier between the understanding and the feeling. Now the barrier is down.

Sometimes it still feels like it’s there, but I know now that it’s just a phantom and a memory. My life has a magical glow again, I love every day. And this knowledge, the way back to bliss, is so precious that I decided to share it. It’s a challenge to do so because while the general direction is the same, the way, the path, is individual. This means that I can’t just put together a “one size fits all” program of my own path and expect everyone else to be successful with it.

No, there are no shortcuts and so my program will be very work-intense. It’ll create real-world results and while doing so it’ll put the glow back into people’s days. The real-world results are the path I mentioned, and it will be as individual to each person as that person’s life is. For some, it’ll be money, business success, for others personal growth, overcoming fear, gaining confidence, finding one’s dream – whatever it is, it’s achievable. I know. And I will coach people to get there.

So that’s what I’m working on! You’ve probably realised by now that it’s a major project. I don’t mind: like I said, I’m bursting with energy. And of course I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.

In the meantime, happy Spring Equinox! Enjoy the balance of Night and Day tomorrow (it’s on the 20th this year). And if you’d like to catch this year’s Spring Equinox newsletter, go and sign up now – you are just in time.