Spring Has Sprung

Before I tell you anything else, I need to shout out that I’ve scheduled another “7 Steps To Enchanting Your Life” webinar for those who couldn’t make the last one! This one will happen on Sunday 21st April. Check out the exact time and of course, sign up right here. I feel warm and fuzzy about offering you this free webinar. It’ll give you some solid information and make the decision easier for those who are on the fence about joining the “Enchant Your Life” intensive program.

The webinar happens in the evening for those in my time zone, and that’s just as well because I intend to spend most of the weekend outdoors. It’s finally, finally spring! Far from being warm here, it’s however mild and also sunny at least some of the time, and that’s frankly as good as it gets in Ireland. I need to enjoy the weekends, because I’m now back at work and no longer can I just drive down the coast one morning when the mood takes me and stand on a windy cliff above the pounding Irish Sea, like I did last week. I had a wonderful time though, and the feeling of freedom is delicious. It reminds me of what it’s like to work from home and what it is I’m working for.

I’ve extended my holidays by taking things in a summer-carefree way. I smile most days and look at the pictures I took during my week off; the one above shows the bountiful table I ate at with two dear friends in Germany – a lot of it is home-made, including the pesto! It was so delicious, I still dream of it. All in all my visit to Germany was a culinary delight. I had lovely Italian food in my favourite restaurant with my brother and oldest sister, and we had such a great evening. I also met up with my niece who was visiting, and finally got to know my little great-nephew! He’s 1 1/2 and too cute to be allowed.

These days, I don’t work all evening for once. I read and watch movies as well, and altogether take things slowly. It’s doing me a world of good. Even work is a little less stressful now at the beginning of the quarter. It leaves me time to write, work on my e-book – yes, I intend to publish a much cheaper e-book version of the “From DebtTo Freedom” ecourse – and prepare the little talk I’m going to give at the Pagan Pub Moot in Dublin on Thursday. I’ve been invited to speak about my beginnings as a Pagan, and some early inspirations, and I’m really looking forward to that. If you’re in the area, drop by! The moot is a very informal gathering in a pub, it makes absolutely no difference whether you already know anyone.

All this fits in very well with the Waxing Moon these days, whose energy drives me to create, to communicate, and to reach out. There is so much I want to talk about, it’s a bit of a challenge to try and produce a coherent blog entry. I am, for example, thinking of maybe writing and article about the word “religion”. So many people say they don’t want religion, they want spirituality. I believe this comes from mixing up “religion” with “organized religion”. Religion by itself is a wonderful thing, it comes from the Latin re-ligere which roughly means re-connecting. Spirituality, by virtue of its name, concerns the spirit, whereas my religion encompasses body, mind, soul, and spirit alike. Well, here you go, that was the gist of what the article will be like if I ever write it!

Last but not least, here’s our

News From The Tribe

The marvellous Yiye shared her wisdom on how to price your products if you happen to be in business for yourself. So so so helpful, not to mention healing to read, especially for those of us who are having a hard time doing actually asking money for our gifts.

Christiane shared her website in a comment, and it’s well worth a mention – Cosmic Fairy Tarot, go and check it out! It’s one of my top three Tarot pages in the whole wide world.

Have a lovely week and enjoy the spring!

11 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. We're finally seeing Spring here as well 🙂 I'm insanely busy without getting too much done. So I'll have to look over my habits. I look forward to the webinar 🙂

  2. Your garden will thank you for your busy-ness (if I'm guessing correctly that this is what you're doing!). Wish I could be there!
    I'm looking forward to the webinar too 🙂

  3. kat comtois

    Spring has sprung here, too. I can finally put away the longjohns. Looking forward to the webinar!

  4. Isn't it such a relief to wear lighter clothes? To me it feels liberating, it's as if I'm suffocating under all those layers in winter 🙂

  5. That table spread looks amazing. Especially the cheeses! Spring has hit us full force – the pollen count is ridiculous, so I've been fighting allergies like I never have before.

    Hope you have a beautiful rest of the week!

  6. The cheese was out of this world, especially with the fresh homemade pesto 😀
    Pollen, oh noooo! I hope they won't make trouble over here until at least June. I want some time to enjoy spring without sniffling, haha!

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