Everyday Magic And The E-Book Author

Did I mention the Magic Glow yet? Yeah, I think I’ve mentioned it so much recently that people are starting to roll their eyes when I go on about it again. But you know what? Experiencing it never gets boring. It’s just so very beautiful.

On Sunday, we had a great webinar with four amazing souls (if you missed it, there’ll be another one this Sunday – go sign up for it!), and for just under an hour we connected, shared our dreams and goals, and talked and laughed. I hope with all my heart that the information I provided has been useful; from the feedback so far, it was, and that makes me so happy! I don’t see the webinars as providing something for free” at all – it’s more like I’m refuelling. Human beings are simply beautiful.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. I finally felt better after a week of struggling with a head cold, and when afternoon came and the sun was shining, I decided to go and buy myself some sweets. This is a special occasion these days as I live mostly without sugar. But in Bray we have a few old-fashioned sweet shops down by the strand, and in the gorgeous spring weather I knew they must be open.

So off I went, and soon after strolled back up my hill enjoying an ice cream cone and carrying a bag of candyfloss (it was pink and artificial, but hey – CANDYFLOSS!!). Suddenly I heard loud meowing from across the street, coming from a beautiful black cat who sat on a garden wall and looked bored. There was nobody else around and she was obviously talking to me, so I crossed over. She came towards me, eager, having spotted the cat lover with sure instinct, and I got lots of cat cuddles and cat purrs.

Perfection. Such simple, small events, and they were pure magic.
This past week has taught me a lot. I went back to work after my week off, and I didn’t feel like going back to the work-during-the-day, work-in-the-evening and-nothing-else model. I need to balance my life at least a little, and now that my business isn’t absolutely buzzing, it’s a perfect opportunity for doing just that. I dug out some old dreams of mine and started looking around for like-minded people in my area. I’m also going to see my friends more often and get out of the house on more occasions. And I’ll do things I FEEL LIKE doing. Things like buying sweets on a Sunday afternoon.

Obviously, I’m not going to stop working my business, on the contrary: I’ll focus more on marketing and selling what I already have and do, rather than creating more and more content. I’ll sell what I have – things like, you know, the ebook whose author is… yours truly. Yes, really!

You know my “From Debt To Freedom” ecourse? People love it but those who are really broke and struggling with debt sometimes don’t even have the money to pay for an e-course. I thought about it and realised that while my personal support – which comes with the e-course and is included in the price – is very valuable, the pure content without the support would be valuable as well. And so I’ve converted the contents of the e-course and reworked them into this ebook:

It’s available on Amazon Kindle and costs – wait for it – 4.99$ and the equivalent (meaning, a lot less) in Euro and British Pounds. It has everything the e-course has except my personal support, and it shows you every step towards handling your debt, and then creating financial stability and a secure future – just like the e-course does.

Go on and buy it – you know you want to!!

News From The Tribe

You guys keep surprising me. I can never second-guess how you’re going to react! Last week I thought all the comments would be about my take on religion versus spirituality, and then all you talked about was spring, haha – I guess I wasn’t the only one who’s been waiting in growing desperation! Kat wrote she was looking forward to ditching the longjohns, MissMerrydown enjoys the sun as much as I do, and Charlotte said what a relief it was to feel spring returning.

Incidentally, Charlotte is a fellow Coach from the UK and I really recommend you check her out. This last week she posted an excellent blog article on Burnout – go go, read read!

19 thoughts on “Everyday Magic And The E-Book Author

  1. Hiya!!! Yay!!! Glad you are feeling so vibrant and happy.
    I don't have a Kindle. Is it available in EPUB or PDF?
    Thank you for sharing the article on Burnout!

  2. I might do a pdf version, actually! But as Linda says, Kindle for PC is for free so you might try that for the time being 🙂
    Much love! xx

  3. Hi Sibylle,

    I love that you are doing something to address the basics – meeting people where they are. In my twenties I went through my own debt recovery journey, so know your offering is really good stuff. I have thought about putting out information on setting up a babysitter or childcare coop, because I know that the cost of childcare (at least here in the U.S.) is a big issue that can put off dreams. Hope many lives are touched by your e-Book. Certainly, many should be.


  4. Sibylle, I love your story about the cat, he/she definitely knows how to ask for what he/she wants in life!
    Congrats on your book – that's on my to do list for the future too. I'm sure yours will be very successful!
    It's heading into autumn here so I envy you your spring, even though it's not even cold here yet 🙂
    Love your posts x

  5. Debt is such a frightening experience, and it took me so long to cope, I thought maybe I can make that journey a little shorter and less painful for people.

    I love your idea about childcare. Every European country I've lived in (all four of them), childcare was incredibly expensive. I think only the Scandinavian countries have it better there, otherwise the problem is universal. Good luck with your project, I think it's needed! 🙂

  6. Yes, that cat had clear priorities and was very good at manifesting them! 🙂
    Thank you, Leanne, and I hope you'll have a beautiful, golden autumn and a long time yet before winter xx

  7. Good work, making your eBook. I'm behind you on this journey, just creating my first teleseries now. Eek!

    I too have done the money recovery dance, stopped using other people's money (consumer debt) and stealing about 25 years ago. Changed my life from the cells out.

    I'm so glad you are doing your work and sharing your gifts.


  8. Thank you 🙂 Other people's money, that's a good way of describing consumer debt! I remember reading in a money guide: “You have to stop buying STUFF!” Loved that.

    I'm looking forward to the teleseries you're birthing!

    Much love xx

  9. It really is the small things in life that bring the greatest happiness: petting puppies (and cats!), beautiful spring weather, and most definitely candy! Is candyfloss the same thing as cotton candy? The poofy pink cloud-like candy on a stick.

  10. Yes, I believe cotton candy is simply the American English term for candyfloss! It's basically sugar, blown up into big and fluffy stuff and looking like cotton wool.

    I'm on a mission to seek out the small things that make me happy these days, and it's wonderful!

  11. Congratulations on your ebook Sibylle! And congratulations on taking some time for you after a mad time of cramming everything into your life – enjoy the space, and what will come into that space of allowing and joy…xx

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