13 Moons in Down Under!

Check out this pretty little tree in all its spring-y splendour – it’s just behind the building I work in and I pass it by every day on my way to and from the car. I just had to take this picture while the blossoms are still there, they’re so beautiful!
It’s undeniably May, and that means that the “13 Moons – A Goddess Journey Through The Year” course for the Southern half of the planet is on its way. It’ll start on the 23rd of June and it’s ready for sign-up as of now! The prices displayed are in Australian Dollars and US Dollars, and once again there’s an option to pay in 3 monthly installments instead of all at once. If your currency is not there, simply use the US Dollars button and PayPal will automatically convert to your currency.
The reason why I’m splitting the course into a “Southern” and “Northern” half is that it is very much about living with the rhythms of nature, the cycles of the moon, and the seasons. As you know, when it’s winter here in the Northern Hemisphere (Europe, North America, North Asia…), it’s summer “down under” in Australia, New Zealand and some parts of Asia, Africa, and South America. The course starting next month is for the Southern Hemisphere, so if that’s where you hail from, you can sign up now!
If you have any questions about the course, email me and I’ll get back to you pronto. The Northern course is still running in the meantime and I have had some lovely feedback from the participants. I have to say that the course is tremendous good value, with 4 x 13 lessons in the course of a year and personal support from me at any point you choose. It’s a very intense experience, and I hope with all my heart that those “down under” are going to enjoy it as much as their sisters in the Northern Hemisphere.
Did I mention I’m very excited at the thought of another 13 Moons course starting? Dumdedum!
In other news, I am continuing my personal “carpe diem” program! Long-term dreams are definitely a part of it, but so is everyday enjoyment. I will simply plop down on the sofa some evenings and do nothing but read, or I’ll sit at the computer and laugh with my friends from World of Warcraft as I’m exploring my virtual world. I’ll go for walks and ice cream (yes, I did that again this weekend – it was 16 degrees which is almost tropical for Ireland and I just had to make use of that!) and have extended chats with my budgies. Did I mention that they’re the cutest in the world? They really really are. How anyone can be so fluffy and feathery and adorable and get away with it, I do not know.
If all this sounds like “simple pleasures”, then keep in mind that I’ve been doing nothing but create and study, and create and study some more over the past six months or so. These days I still work on my business, but only for about an hour or so every day, and a little more at the weekend. It’s fun again, my heart’s work instead of a chore, and I aim to keep it that way.
I hope this new approach comes through in what I put out. One of the latest things is a video I made yesterday – check it out on the Monday Sparkles page(just scroll past the sign-up form) and if you like it, by all means leave a comment there. I love, love, love hearing from you beautiful people, I guess you know that by now!
News From The Tribe
Today I have a really important, urgent appeal to all of you who either live in Ireland or know anyone who does. My friend James – you might remember his guest post here a few months back (“The Celt Who Killed The Cow“) has started a Facebook page for the cause which could use a lot more “Like”s and shares.
The cause is a beautiful, sweet 4-year-old dog called Chubbs whose owner is terminally ill and cannot keep him. He is currently in foster care but cannot stay there and if a new owner isn’t found for him soon, he’ll have to be put to sleep. Please, please, please ask everyone you know anywhere in the country – this is a well-behaved, much loved dog who’ll make no trouble, he just needs to be loved after losing his owner!

10 thoughts on “13 Moons in Down Under!

  1. Have shared the beautiful Chubbs – how I wish I could have him but I'm on the other side of the world! Speaking of which, thank you for considering those of us with our seasons around the other way, people often forget this. I think it's awesome that you created a whole course that reflects this, I'll certainly be sharing it with my Down Under tribe x

  2. Thank you, Leanne, I appreciate both those sharings so very much! You never know, someone from Ireland might see and offer Chubbs a home. And if you or anyone you know would like a year-long journey of aligning yourself with your divine feminine self, then you are so welcome to the 13 Moons course! 🙂

  3. Thank you! It is basically a re-working of the Northern course, so not entirely new, but I'm very glad to be able to offer this in the Southern Hemisphere as well 🙂

  4. Thank you, Sue! It's the one thing I immediately noticed when I set up my first 13 Moons course – that women in the Southern Hemisphere wouldn't be able to take it. I had to do something 🙂

    Much love! xx

  5. It's really hard for me to get anywhere these days, I stand on tiptoe nest to every tree and smell the blossoms 🙂
    Much love! xx

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