A Very Important Question

I wrote about it on my Facebook page the other day – I find the energy incredible these days. We’re just past the Solstice and still in the brightest time of the year, and last weekend we had this year’s “supermoon” (the full moon during which the moon is closest to the earth). I feel like I’m walking on air, buzzing with energy, not needing much sleep and just so inspired. It’s incredible, and I’m wondering if anyone else feels it too?
Even nature is buzzing. Look at this picture of the palm tree in our front yard. It’s in full blossom and so are the bushes on the other side. It’s like nature is falling over itself to bring us abundance and show her full potency.
In the midst of all this, I’m getting creative again and producing ideas after the weeks of rest I’ve had. And I’d much, much appreciate the tribe’s feedback on this – in fact, I depend on you telling me whether you want any of this. It’s no use me working on something for weeks, and then it turns out that nobody is really interested, hehe.
The first idea concerns the Witchcraft courses. Now, the first incarnation of these courses was in the form of a forum group course. Courses started every six weeks on fixed dates. People would sign up and pay and gain access to a private forum that only I and the paying members of this course could see. Every week throughout the course, I’d post the lessons and assignments there, and the “homework” for the participants was to post at least once a week about their experience with this week’s material. Participants would talk to each other, and in many cases formed friendships and stayed in touch after the course. I’d give a reply on everything that was posted about the lessons and assignments as well.
I wonder whether this model could be successful again. I’m always available for the e-course participants, but it’s always a dialogue just between me and that student. In a forum course, there are between 3 and 12 people sharing the same experience, and this adds synergy to the exchange. If the courses were in that form, would you be interested in taking one? The price would stay the same.
But my ideas go beyond this. You see, the forum already exists but it’s currently only used by the participants of the 13 Moons course. It’s a waste, really. I thought maybe I’ll give all members of my tribe free access to the general forums (the course forums will always be closed to everyone except the people taking that course) and we can chat there? I LOVE talking to you guys. Blog comments are great, but a forum is much more interactive.
We could even do things like make a free group for the “Free 7-Day” course in which those who wish can work through this week-course together. I could add other free courses for forum members. Etc etc, the possibilities are endless!
So, over to you: Would you be interested in participating? Would you find the time to check a forum, at least once a week, and maybe make a post or two? It’s no use doing this for only 5 people, haha, so unless there’s interest I’m not going to. Would you please let me know? I’d be so very grateful. You can either leave a comment here on the blog, or email me.
News From The Tribe
I’m not the only one buzzing these days. Charissa is producing more stunning art than ever! I’m particularly awed by the colours on her Buddha.
Sue wrote a beautiful blog post about the huge opportunity to express theabundance and love currently. Don’t miss it!

Sibylle Of Pentacles

Look, look! I won a contest by the awesome Christiane of Cosmic Tarot, and she made me my own Tarot card out of a photo! I think it suits me to a “t”, especially with the bird in one corner. I can’t stop looking at it with this big smile on my face.
Nine of pentacles, abundance, nature… And it’s only two days to the Summer Solstice! I am a very happy hag these days. See, it doesn’t take much: Sunshine, no freezing (as I do in my flat eight months of the year), budgies, and at least some time for walks, friends, and my hobbies like reading and playing WoW, and I smile all day.
From the objective outside view, I don’t have that much reason to smile. I’m still no nearer to being able to leave my daytime job, and my Coaching business is NOT taking off. Those I do coach continue to be extremely happy with the results and praise me to high heaven – but there are not really any new clients coming along.
The thing is that an “allrounder” Coaching business like mine is just not suited for an online business. To be successful online, a business needs a message, a specific problem it solves. “I can help your small business take off” – “Save your marriage with my help”, that kind of thing. But I don’t specialise, other than in Coaching, and I’m open to absolutely anything. My training enables me to do this; in fact, research shows that a Coach is MORE effective in areas they know less about (there are reasons behind this, but I won’t bore you with research and studies now).
It’s what I love most about being a Coach, and I’ll never stop doing it. And you know what? That’s ok. My website is there in case someone would like to sign up online; otherwise I have no problem doing my Coaching offline. And in the meantime, I teach my Witchcraft and 13 Moonscourses (the Southern course starts on Monday, woohoo!) and focus on happiness. It’s so easy, really!
I’ve also thought what all this will do to my dream. And actually, it doesn’t change a thing. Who cares whether it takes two years or five years? I’ll get there. I am too busy being happy these days to worry. Life is pretty awesome. Now if only I can get to see my friends more often, then it’ll be perfect, but I’m working on that!
Tomorrow evening I’ll celebrate the eve of the Solstice and take a long walk (so the weather gods will!). I work on Friday so I won’t be able to stay up all night after the ritual, but I have my own ways of celebrating the long days at the moment: I go to bed early and often wake up before six in the bright sunlight – completely unusual for me – and then get housework done and enjoy a long(er) morning before going off to work. The budgies love it.
This evening I’ll eat strawberries, read some blogs, and play WoW. And that’s it. Bliss!
P.S. I haven’t heard much from the Tribe last week, apart from those lovely people I had already featured recently, so I’m going to wait until you give me more news to post about! You know I always love to hear from you.
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1. You don’t need to post twice. Your comment needs to be approved by me to be posted, that’s why you don’t see it online immediately. This is to weed out the many spammers.
2. I reply to all comments, so do check back a few hours or a day later!

Easy Livin’

June. The word alone conjures images of laid-back “easy livin'” (remember the song by Uriah Heep? Awesome 70s tune). June means balmy afternoons, eating ice cream, and walks by the sea. At least, it does in the Northern half of the world, whilst the Southern part is moving towards winter – and incidentally, that’s when their “13 Moons” course starts, so sign up now for a year’s journey!
Last Saturday, June also meant a mead-making workshop with my lovely friend Joan, heathen and mistress of the mead (and storytelling). The picture shows how hard we were working (cough) in the sunshine on Barbara’s terrace, me in pug-cuddling bliss! Well, we also did a lot of brewing and learned what to watch out for, AND got our own starter brew to take home with us. I’m telling you, once I have a place of my own and more space, I’ll make more mead than you can shake a fist at.
Joan also told us a little about history, like the fact that mead is one of the oldest beverages produced and consumed by humans. They found traces of mead in archaeological finds dating some 4,000 years ago. Our ancestors had taste!
It was such a great afternoon with the loveliest people you could imagine. Someone started quoting a Shakespeare sonnet, and someone else added the second line. I couldn’t resist and completed the third and forth, and then we all sat there grinning at each other. I do love my renaissance poetry, and it’s great to see others appreciating it too.
You know, I almost feel a little guilty because I don’t seem to have anything profound to blog about these days. But then, the most profound truths are often also the simplest: Living and enjoying every day, connecting with people, enjoying quality time with the budgies. Balancing doing with BE-ing. And giving thanks for every beautiful day.
Don’t you think?
News From The Tribe
Just in time for the start of the Southern hemisphere “13 Moons” course, Cassandra has posted her very own set-up for a Moon Dance. It’s very beautiful! May it inspire you.
Linda has declared Friday as “Self-Care Day” which really resonates with my relaxed approach these days. It’s so important to set aside some time for recharging batteries and making ourselves feel great!

Sunny Days, Lazy Hag

This is a picture from last year, but it’s so appropriate at the moment! The weather is absolutely beautiful and we’re getting anything from 16-20 degrees, which is practically tropical in Ireland. The forecast is equally positive for the rest of the week, and my crystal ball shows me many sunny evening walks on Bray Head!
So how are you? I haven’t heard much from the tribe lately, especially from people who used to post regularly, and I suspect that the new comment system might be to blame. If you’ll allow me, I’ll walk you through it briefly:
You can comment using a profile from places like Google, but you don’t have to – if you don’t have (or prefer not to use) any of the profiles listed, simply choose the option “Name/URL”. Enter your first name and if you have a website, or blog, link it in the “URL” field. If you don’t have your own website, it doesn’t matter, you can still comment. I don’t think the URL field is even mandatory (and if it is, just put in something like http://www.google.com).
Once you’ve posted your comment, you will NOT see it immediately because I get a lot of spam comments and so I check them before publishing. I do, however, reply to every comment so if you check back a few hours or a day later, you will see not only your comment, but any reactions to it as well.
Please note that I do not publish anonymous comments. There’s no harm in sharing your first name, it’s only polite. It is, however, perfectly fine and encouraged to reply to other people’s comments – this blog is a public forum and any positive, polite, and constructive replies are fine. Try it out, you know I love “reading from you”! I also visit every member of the tribe back, and if you have a blog I’ll try and leave a comment for you as well.
What else is new? I have settled into a rather boring, but blissful routine of relaxation outside of work. Apart from the Southern 13-Moons course, I don’t have a lot to do right now and I’m using the time to recharge my batteries. It doesn’t provide much content to write about in a blog because “I just spent another day walking and reading” isn’t very exciting, but I assure you, it’s doing me so very good! It’s almost summer and I relish every minute.
The biggest decision I’ll have to make today (outside of work) is whether to play WoW or watch a movie between my walk and my reading hour. Heck, I might just do both. Aaaaaah (insert great sigh of content). I hope with all my heart that you are having an equally beautiful time!
News From The Tribe
Arwen is a mistress of Tarot and I love, love, love her blog (and really need to take the time to comment more often!). Check out her June 2013 Tarotscopes.
Charlotte wrote a very powerful article this week, about stepping up and stopping the comparison game when it really matters (namely, when we feel insecure). Such a great eye-opener, do not miss this!