Sunny Days, Lazy Hag

This is a picture from last year, but it’s so appropriate at the moment! The weather is absolutely beautiful and we’re getting anything from 16-20 degrees, which is practically tropical in Ireland. The forecast is equally positive for the rest of the week, and my crystal ball shows me many sunny evening walks on Bray Head!
So how are you? I haven’t heard much from the tribe lately, especially from people who used to post regularly, and I suspect that the new comment system might be to blame. If you’ll allow me, I’ll walk you through it briefly:
You can comment using a profile from places like Google, but you don’t have to – if you don’t have (or prefer not to use) any of the profiles listed, simply choose the option “Name/URL”. Enter your first name and if you have a website, or blog, link it in the “URL” field. If you don’t have your own website, it doesn’t matter, you can still comment. I don’t think the URL field is even mandatory (and if it is, just put in something like
Once you’ve posted your comment, you will NOT see it immediately because I get a lot of spam comments and so I check them before publishing. I do, however, reply to every comment so if you check back a few hours or a day later, you will see not only your comment, but any reactions to it as well.
Please note that I do not publish anonymous comments. There’s no harm in sharing your first name, it’s only polite. It is, however, perfectly fine and encouraged to reply to other people’s comments – this blog is a public forum and any positive, polite, and constructive replies are fine. Try it out, you know I love “reading from you”! I also visit every member of the tribe back, and if you have a blog I’ll try and leave a comment for you as well.
What else is new? I have settled into a rather boring, but blissful routine of relaxation outside of work. Apart from the Southern 13-Moons course, I don’t have a lot to do right now and I’m using the time to recharge my batteries. It doesn’t provide much content to write about in a blog because “I just spent another day walking and reading” isn’t very exciting, but I assure you, it’s doing me so very good! It’s almost summer and I relish every minute.
The biggest decision I’ll have to make today (outside of work) is whether to play WoW or watch a movie between my walk and my reading hour. Heck, I might just do both. Aaaaaah (insert great sigh of content). I hope with all my heart that you are having an equally beautiful time!
News From The Tribe
Arwen is a mistress of Tarot and I love, love, love her blog (and really need to take the time to comment more often!). Check out her June 2013 Tarotscopes.
Charlotte wrote a very powerful article this week, about stepping up and stopping the comparison game when it really matters (namely, when we feel insecure). Such a great eye-opener, do not miss this!

11 thoughts on “Sunny Days, Lazy Hag

  1. I have no problems with your new system 🙂 It was beautiful and very warm here as well last week. We've had rain for the last few days, but I hope it'll turn around again soon.

  2. I thought it was really easy, but some people found it confusing initially. One friend told me that because she couldn't find her WordPress profile on the list, she couldn't post, so I thought I'd point everyone towards the Name/URL option just to be sure 🙂
    Sending you some sunshine!

  3. I'm enjoying year-round summer weather, except I hear rainy season is coming and will last a few months. I can definitely trade in a few rainy months for winter!

    I've been a bit quite on my blog because, like you, I've been getting some R&R. I haven't forgotten about it though!

  4. It feels so good to take a break sometimes. Blogs don't go anywhere!

    In Ireland we have two seasons: the rainy season and the very rainy season, haha! I wouldn't mind a bit of summer weather here either – could you send us a crate or too? 😉

  5. “I just spent another day walking and reading” Hi Sibylle, this comment of yours made me smile…it may not be very exciting but sometimes it's just the reminder I need. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your down time xx

  6. Thank you, I will! Being busy is good and well, but it was about time I took a step back. Lo and behold, the world doesn't end because I don't rush around all the time, hehe!
    Much love! xx

  7. Thanks Sibylle, you've given me a confirmation from the universe of my summer timetable…I'm dogsitting in the canaries (yay, lucky me!) and I had been thinking 'ooh, I could do that and that and that'. I realised an hour ago that I needed to stop trying to fill the 6 weeks with stuff and just enjoy it…then the next thing I read is this blog with summer days of walking and reading…yum. xx

  8. Don't you just adore synchronicity? <3 I love how our similar vibrational frequencies pulled you to this blog entry.
    Enjoy BEing in those lovely summer weeks, and send me back some sunny warmth, will ya please? 🙂

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