Sibylle Of Pentacles

Look, look! I won a contest by the awesome Christiane of Cosmic Tarot, and she made me my own Tarot card out of a photo! I think it suits me to a “t”, especially with the bird in one corner. I can’t stop looking at it with this big smile on my face.
Nine of pentacles, abundance, nature… And it’s only two days to the Summer Solstice! I am a very happy hag these days. See, it doesn’t take much: Sunshine, no freezing (as I do in my flat eight months of the year), budgies, and at least some time for walks, friends, and my hobbies like reading and playing WoW, and I smile all day.
From the objective outside view, I don’t have that much reason to smile. I’m still no nearer to being able to leave my daytime job, and my Coaching business is NOT taking off. Those I do coach continue to be extremely happy with the results and praise me to high heaven – but there are not really any new clients coming along.
The thing is that an “allrounder” Coaching business like mine is just not suited for an online business. To be successful online, a business needs a message, a specific problem it solves. “I can help your small business take off” – “Save your marriage with my help”, that kind of thing. But I don’t specialise, other than in Coaching, and I’m open to absolutely anything. My training enables me to do this; in fact, research shows that a Coach is MORE effective in areas they know less about (there are reasons behind this, but I won’t bore you with research and studies now).
It’s what I love most about being a Coach, and I’ll never stop doing it. And you know what? That’s ok. My website is there in case someone would like to sign up online; otherwise I have no problem doing my Coaching offline. And in the meantime, I teach my Witchcraft and 13 Moonscourses (the Southern course starts on Monday, woohoo!) and focus on happiness. It’s so easy, really!
I’ve also thought what all this will do to my dream. And actually, it doesn’t change a thing. Who cares whether it takes two years or five years? I’ll get there. I am too busy being happy these days to worry. Life is pretty awesome. Now if only I can get to see my friends more often, then it’ll be perfect, but I’m working on that!
Tomorrow evening I’ll celebrate the eve of the Solstice and take a long walk (so the weather gods will!). I work on Friday so I won’t be able to stay up all night after the ritual, but I have my own ways of celebrating the long days at the moment: I go to bed early and often wake up before six in the bright sunlight – completely unusual for me – and then get housework done and enjoy a long(er) morning before going off to work. The budgies love it.
This evening I’ll eat strawberries, read some blogs, and play WoW. And that’s it. Bliss!
P.S. I haven’t heard much from the Tribe last week, apart from those lovely people I had already featured recently, so I’m going to wait until you give me more news to post about! You know I always love to hear from you.
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22 thoughts on “Sibylle Of Pentacles

  1. This is great info! A “whole coach for “whole” people? I think that's much needed. And a witch on top? You can combine spiritual guidance on top of coaching. Happy solstice!

  2. Thank you 🙂 This is exactly what I do, and have done for years – it's great to see that it comes across! A very happy solstice to you too xx

  3. I've narrowed the focus of my coaching business, because I have to be online. There aren't enough potential clients locally (yet). I hope your takes off like a rocket soon 🙂

  4. Sybille,

    I LOVE your tarot card and from what I've read on your blog, it suits you down to the ground.

    Your happiness infuses your blog post and makes me smile to read it. Isn't it nice when we release the pressure we've been putting ourselves under to accomplish everything we want yesterday?

    You're so wise to enjoy the 'now' and know that things will come when they're ready. I'm in the process of adopting the same attitude and it's made for such a huge shift in my life.

    Wonderful post 🙂

  5. I read an article yesterday by Jeff Goins on passionate work and how passion has to come before all else. If we have that, we're good and all that's left is to keep on keeping on, ya know? You're on the right track and I'm so glad happiness is guiding you!

  6. Thank you 🙂 You know, it seemed like a contradiction to me for a long time, to “stay focused” and “go with the flow” – but it really takes both in combination to make it happen. I'm working on it, hehe!
    Much love xx

  7. I love this, and I think it's no co-incidence – part of my “Enchant Your Life” program is to challenge people to do everything with passion for one day, even mundane tasks. It puts magic into everything!
    Much love xx

  8. Inge

    Hi Sibylle,
    the solstice combined with the full moon indeed has an amazing energy, I've been feeling it too. It's great 🙂 On top of that the weather over here has been tropical hahahah. I love waking up in the morning and being able to drive to work in shorts and a top, with my sunglasses on 😉
    It's a matter of letting the universe do its work, and just enjoy the ride 🙂 sit back, smile, enjoy the wonders of the world 😉 Keep up the positivism, you're doing great!!!

  9. Yeah, I heard that the continent has been blistering hot with over 30 degrees lately! I'm just a little bit jealous, here on the East coast it doesn't go above 20 – 18 most days, hehe. But as long as the sun is shining, I'm not complaining!!
    Enjoy the sunshine, and have a beautiful solstice <3

  10. I can't help envying you your Solstice, Sybille just a little. Down here in New Zealand, we're just hitting midwinter, and it's cold, dark and rainy outside!

    Ahhhhh well, the seasons will change and the year-wheel will turn, and slowly the days will start getting longer and the sun will return. Meanwhile, it makes me smile to know that my northern hemisphere friends are celebrating the warmth, light and life of the sun at his most powerful!

    Happy Litha, my friend!



  11. Happy Winter Solstice to you, Tanja! I do prefer summer, but the Winter Solstice is a very special time too. From now on, the light will be growing after all so you're really moving towards summer 🙂

    Much love! xx

  12. Patrizia

    It's been a while since I've visited. I'm glad I came back. I love your emails that pop into my inbox and keep me connected. Many of your words have really resonated with me from week to week.

    Your Sibylle of Pentacles card put a smile on my face. You seem content and that comes through in all that you do. Thank you for sharing that joy with all of us.

  13. Sometimes we all need a break from online information. Having said that, it's lovely to “read from you” again!

    Thank you for being here and communicating. It's what I love most about having this online tribe 🙂

  14. The coaching will happen. Let it go, let it flow, enjoy the ride. I have had the same frustration with my art. And oh my impatient personality. My impatient ego. Such a rush all the time. I want so much, I enjoy so many things, I have so many ideas and get off track so easily. I need focus. Perhaps you need focus? Focus on one niche of coaching?
    For me, the more I wanted to sell or people to ask me to draw for them, the less it actually happened. Now I am just enjoying the process and I will see what happens. I make art for fun, not with potential buyers in mind. No rush, no pressure. Be open to receive. I will stay in my dayjob for now and I know that one day I will find something more fulfilling. But for now this is where I am meant to be. Your time will come. I know it. I feel it. For now be in JOY and enjoy the blessings and energy of the solstice. Send your dreams out there tonight. Give them wings. Ask your team of Angels for support and signs. Love and Light dear one.

  15. You sum it up perfectly! That's just it, to let things happen and ENJOY and LOVE what it, right now, at this moment. It's so easy, really! Except it isn't, as long as we're stuck in impatience and “should”s 😀

    Your art is so wonderful, there is no way you are not going to be very very recognised for it. And I know Coaching and Teaching are my “thing” so I'll stay open and curious as to what the future will bring!

    Much love! xx

  16. I love the Cosmic Tarot!!!
    Yay for the bright future and DOUBLE YAY for now! Life is a great ride with many ups and downs. The highs will get greater and greater and the lows will get shorter and less severe. Mark my words 😉

  17. Ooh, how lovely to have your own Tarot card! What fun! I think you have got quite a good niche for your coaching – the witchiness (technical term) – your perfect people are just like you. The thing with the online world is that it does take time and patience to build. I love that you've come to terms with it taking as long as it takes. So many people give up too soon – building a successful business DOES take time. I spent years beating myself up over it, and then I discovered that everyone's business took years to build. It's just we get this impression from somewhere that it's instantaneous… Keep on keeping on lovely! x

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