A Very Important Question

I wrote about it on my Facebook page the other day – I find the energy incredible these days. We’re just past the Solstice and still in the brightest time of the year, and last weekend we had this year’s “supermoon” (the full moon during which the moon is closest to the earth). I feel like I’m walking on air, buzzing with energy, not needing much sleep and just so inspired. It’s incredible, and I’m wondering if anyone else feels it too?
Even nature is buzzing. Look at this picture of the palm tree in our front yard. It’s in full blossom and so are the bushes on the other side. It’s like nature is falling over itself to bring us abundance and show her full potency.
In the midst of all this, I’m getting creative again and producing ideas after the weeks of rest I’ve had. And I’d much, much appreciate the tribe’s feedback on this – in fact, I depend on you telling me whether you want any of this. It’s no use me working on something for weeks, and then it turns out that nobody is really interested, hehe.
The first idea concerns the Witchcraft courses. Now, the first incarnation of these courses was in the form of a forum group course. Courses started every six weeks on fixed dates. People would sign up and pay and gain access to a private forum that only I and the paying members of this course could see. Every week throughout the course, I’d post the lessons and assignments there, and the “homework” for the participants was to post at least once a week about their experience with this week’s material. Participants would talk to each other, and in many cases formed friendships and stayed in touch after the course. I’d give a reply on everything that was posted about the lessons and assignments as well.
I wonder whether this model could be successful again. I’m always available for the e-course participants, but it’s always a dialogue just between me and that student. In a forum course, there are between 3 and 12 people sharing the same experience, and this adds synergy to the exchange. If the courses were in that form, would you be interested in taking one? The price would stay the same.
But my ideas go beyond this. You see, the forum already exists but it’s currently only used by the participants of the 13 Moons course. It’s a waste, really. I thought maybe I’ll give all members of my tribe free access to the general forums (the course forums will always be closed to everyone except the people taking that course) and we can chat there? I LOVE talking to you guys. Blog comments are great, but a forum is much more interactive.
We could even do things like make a free group for the “Free 7-Day” course in which those who wish can work through this week-course together. I could add other free courses for forum members. Etc etc, the possibilities are endless!
So, over to you: Would you be interested in participating? Would you find the time to check a forum, at least once a week, and maybe make a post or two? It’s no use doing this for only 5 people, haha, so unless there’s interest I’m not going to. Would you please let me know? I’d be so very grateful. You can either leave a comment here on the blog, or email me.
News From The Tribe
I’m not the only one buzzing these days. Charissa is producing more stunning art than ever! I’m particularly awed by the colours on her Buddha.
Sue wrote a beautiful blog post about the huge opportunity to express theabundance and love currently. Don’t miss it!

13 thoughts on “A Very Important Question

  1. Inge

    Hiya, I love the idea of a new forum! I would defenitely try to check in regularly!!
    The energy of the supermoon is coming back to bite me in the ass 😛 Lots of things have come to a climax this weekend… Family issues and work load in general. I think its all for the best, and its all in function of a new start. So the power of the supermoon can only add to it… But boy the energy is there alright 😉

  2. That's good to know 🙂 Would love to have you on board!

    And oh yes, I can imagine that this kind of energy is very good at bringing things to a head. I hope it'll all sort itself out in time, but as you say, usually these things are for the best in the long run.

    Much love! xx

  3. It's a very good point though – the idea is always nice, but you do have to make time for it. That's why I'm waiting for people's commitment before, well, committing 🙂

    Much love! xx

  4. As a former student, I would be interested in a way to have interactive conversations. Sounds like a lot of work for you though, but since you seem to have an infusion of Super Energy these days, maybe it would be worth it. 🙂 I love all the blogging you're doing…I've been mostly off line these days…writing. So I'm catching up with your blog right now. 🙂 It's always wonderful to connect with you

  5. I think it would definitely be worth it! And I'd love your input 🙂 What I have in mind is something lightweight, which gives a lot of benefit and inspiration without requiring people to be online all the time.

    Some time I'd love to find out what it is you're writing!

  6. Hi Sibylle.. I like the forum idea. Let me know what you decide.

    Like you I am amazed at the energy since the solstice and full moon. I have been waking up every morning completely energized and excited to be alive!! I almost feel giddy and giggly inside!!

  7. Yes, that's exactly how I feel! I wake up earlier than usual too and get stuff done even before I go to work. It's amazing 🙂

    Thanks for the vote – I have a good feeling about this forum idea, I think I'm going to do it after all!

  8. I would love to connect with more people. I need a tribe.. But as you know time is always an issue for me. I am actually thinking of less time on the computer. I am also a member of the Goddess Circle but somehow I started posting and reading enthousiasticly at the beginning, but now I am hardly reading and responding to posts. (which makes me feel guilty, lack of time…etc. a feeling I really don't like, more obligations). So here it is again, one side of me would love to connect more, the other part needs more me-time and disconnect…. Balance is such a theme in my life. So not much of an answer from me I'm afraid.

  9. I soooooo hear you! I'm much the same with the Goddess Circle. And like you I'm trying to get offline more.

    I do have a few ideas to accomodate this, though. I want to provide real value with these forums and the free courses etc. It'll be structured in a way that you don't have to be online every day, but can take a lot of benefit out of, for example, one forum visit a week.

    This stuff is still work in progress but I think I'll be able to say more after the weekend!

    Much love xx

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