Magic Is Afoot

I saw the above view on Saturday, but it didn’t look like the photo. It wasn’t sunny and bright, it was twilight and the sea and sky had almost the same colour, a light subdued blue with a translucent quality. The horizon appeared blurry.
It was completely magical. I walked entranced, the first time I spent time outside since my hayfever started. Thankfully, I was sniff-free for most of the walk. I grounded myself and my body was abuzz with the energies from my “stubborn rock” Bray Head, the sea beneath me, and the endless shifting possibilities of twilight. It was perfect! It was also the first day which felt like true summer to me: I had only left the house at around half past nine, but it was still 19 degrees.
I would love to show you how enchanted the world looked (and was. There was a lot afoot that evening), but I left my phone/camera at home for a reason. I needed to BE there, not process or document. I buried my feet firmly in the grass, watching the sea and listening to the gulls. The spirits were calling out to me, and I answered.
The weather is not as good these days but it’s supposed to get really warm again this weekend – and I’ll have a long weekend too! Last Friday was the last day of our business quarter and I worked until midnight to get it all done. To make up for this, we got this Friday off, which is very decent and makes me all giddy looking forward to three days of budgie-time and hag-time and sheer indulgence with a minimum of housework in the mix.
Gods, how I love this season! Not even my hayfever slows me down these days. I’m surprisingly alert and don’t need lots of extra sleep like I usually do during hayfever weeks. I’m so grateful! I just wish this state, the bright evenings, me not freezing and all that, would last for a few more months at least. Alas, the nights are getting shorter already, but at least summer is here to stay, I hope.
The other thing I wanted to tell you about is that I’m brainstorming heavily about the proposed forum community.  Thank you SO MUCH, all who got in touch to express their ideas. I’m listening. And if you didn’t have a chance to voice your thoughts last week, you can still leave comments here on the blog or email me. In the meantime, I’ve come up with a few ideas.
The main theme of your replies seemed to be that you would love to connect more, but don’t have tons of time to spend online. My challenge then is to come up with a concept that will give you maximum benefit in very manageable chunks of time, and I think I’m on a good track here – I’m thinking of work groups, like study groups, where those who are interested can sign up and we’ll work together through either a free e-course or a book or a series of meditations, etc. It’ll require no more than a few minutes’ participation per week, the rest will be done by you – offline.
For those who choose to spend more time online, there will also be general chatty forums and pagan group-tree-hugs (haha! New word!) to keep you entertained.
How does that sound?
News From The Tribe
Rita wrote up an amazing exercise to help you listen to your body reactions as a way of gaining clarity. What do you really want? You’re on the brink of a discovery.
Joy just posted a wonderfully open-minded and deeply insightful blog about god, goddess, universe, and other names. It shows very clearly why all those “my religion is better than yours” wrestling that’s going on is essentially beside the point!

14 thoughts on “Magic Is Afoot

  1. That is really wonderful Sibylle! I have to admit even I am finding things to love about these summery days, admittedly its toward the evening when I don't need so much sunblock, but still! 🙂 I do love Summer in Ireland though! 🙂

  2. Hope your long weekend is full of “me” time and lots of r&r! Sounds like you've been up to your ears in busyness and could use lots of budgie snuggles 🙂

  3. Beautiful. I love the description of your walk. Just reading it made me feel more grounded and rested.

    Ha! And what a lovely surprise at the end for me! Thanks Sibylle. Have a restful weekend with the Budgies!

    Happy Summer at last ❤

  4. It's different in a really hot place 🙂 I'm so glad you get to enjoy the evenings! It's what I loved about Greece, that it was still really warm at night, and we sat on the balcony in shorts and t-shirts… ❤

  5. That's the plan! It's funny how I used to always need “proper” plans like going out and partying, and these days I'm just as excited about a quiet weekend ahead ❤

  6. Inge

    times like the ones you describe are the ones that make you feel alive, make you feel one with everything around you. I try to do that too, just go out and enjoy. My boyfriend's parents have this cabin somewhere in the woods, almost in the middle of nowhere and i love going there. It's amazing, and I get to connect to everything around me. I can just sit, and enjoy the sounds of the trees, the birds, the insects… it's beautiful. It grounds me deeply. The only thing that disturbs me is the thought of ticks lol… I found one on my leg the other day when we came back from the cabin, so now i'm scared to get another one…
    I love the idea of the forum. It's hard sometimes to stay connected and keep growing spiritually while life throws so many daily things in my way. I need something to “guide” me a little, to help me stay on my path… That would be lovely!!!

  7. It'll be great to have you on board! I'm planning to work on this during my week off (the week after next). Maybe the grand opening will be 1st of August, I'm not quite sure yet.

    I so hear you on the grounding! Nature is the one influence which can calm me completely, especially the sea. I love the idea of the cabin in the middle of the woods – although at this time of the year I'm glad I'm by the sea, because the pollen count is lower there 🙂

  8. I loved your blog entry and thought more people need to read this! <3

    I am so very lucky to live in this thoroughly beautiful place full of ancient spirits and energies. It still bowls me over sometimes!

  9. I love your blog, Sibylle. I feel very connected to you and love your photo of the beach. I was intrigued that it was 19 degrees where you are!! Hubby love and I are headed to the beach this weekend, (four hours away for us so we don't get there often) and it is forecast to hit around 90. I will share!!

  10. Likwise! I fell in love with your blog too, and I think the title “Whispers of Joy” is wonderful <3
    By the way, the 19 degrees are Celsius (I'm in Ireland), and I had to look that up now so I know it's 66.2 in Fahrenheit. And your 90 degrees are 32 Celsius, holy smoke! I remember those kinds of temperatures from living in Austria, but it never gets anywhere near that in Ireland.

  11. Yeah, me too! My hayfever is a bit of a nuisance, but that'll be over in a few weeks and in the meantime, I just enjoy the light 🙂
    Much love! xx

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