The Magic of Creating

Ze hag is back from her holidays! Actually, I never really went away but I had a week off and went to see lovely friends and attend lovely dinners and hug and chat and generally have a great time, plus spend many hours vegged out at home with the budgies. I didn’t do one bit of work and really got to re-charge my hagish batteries. Bliss!
Now I’m back at work and my everyday life, and I feel a new focus. Like everyone else, I sometimes need to remind myself of the big picture, the long-term goals, and the things that really matter in my life. And so I thought I’d share with all of ye, that my dream is and remains to live in a beautiful timber house with my budgies, somewhere beautiful and preferably in Wicklow (although I’m told it’s absolutely impossible to get planning permission for a wooden house in Wicklow). It’ll be the house in the picture above, from this company. Here’s the floor plan:
I’ll have a bird sanctuary which I’ll start in the spare room and plan to then move to a separate building in the garden at some point. Whereever it’ll be, there’ll be lots of light and space, a paradise for pet birds of all shapes and sizes, to recover from abuse or neglect in their past.
There’ll be me, a room with a fireplace for rituals and visitors, and another room with the budgies and my computer. And we’ll be so so happy, and I’ll be able to sleep, and I’ll grow my own vegetables in the garden, and did I mention the happiness? I’ll have music and plenty of dancing. And lovely people dropping by, or coming in for a coaching session.
When’s the last time you wrote down your big dream? It’s important to put it out there, you know. Words are powerful magic, and strong intention behind the words is even more powerful. Pagans and other workers of magic have known this for centuries. Today we call it the process of manifestation or The Secret, but it’s all based on the same principle: “It is because I say so.”
It’s as simple and as complicated as that. Simple because it is really rather straightforward; complicated because we tend to think it has to be complicated, and create all sorts of distractions and obstacles along the way. This post is part of my effort to keep it simple, so, here’s my dream! What’s yours?
News From The Tribe
Jessica has this awesome blog where she posts weekly money saving tips on Money Management Monday. Very very useful! It fits right into my theme this week, about focusing on my dream, because saving up money is a major part of that. Thanks, Jessica!


13 thoughts on “The Magic of Creating

  1. I do the same thing thinking about houses and the like. I love looking at them and watching those househunters shows so I can live vicariously through these other people on their journey of home ownership.

    Your house looks lovely and I should think you and your budgies will be quite happy, healthy and cozy WHEN you move into it! So mote it be! πŸ˜‰

  2. Ah, what a lovely dream! And yes, writing them down is so, so powerful. Scary powerful actually. I have some, big and small, scattered in different notebooks. I need to sit down and focus on one big one so I can have it in one place.

  3. Oh, we will be! Wherever that may be – and I do have alternatives to Wicklow, the dream doesn't depend on the exact spot πŸ™‚

    It may take a while, heck, it may take 10 years, but eventually we'll get there. Much love! xx

  4. Even while writing it down I can feel the magic at work. The universe shifts, it's as if the great consciousness says: “Oh, look, someone's serious about what they want!” Makes me shiver a little, in the good way! xx

  5. You are such a highly creative person, Claudia, you already know how to do this – if you see it in your mind, and have no doubt about it, then it will manifest in reality.

    Much love! xx

  6. Ah yes!
    I actually did a lot of writing down dreams today. I so need to focus again. I need to take steps. Keep my eye on the next step, not jump forward too quickly and get overwhelmed.
    My dream is a life where I feel like I am of service and where I can fully be myself and stay connected. I would also love a bigger house. So I can have room to make art, to do yoga, to have people over and to one day have my own pracise at home. No more boss and no more traveling to work every day. And also lots of travel (to the sun especially in wintertime) and perhaps even move somewhere like Indonesia. Live more connected to nature. Sigh…I will make it happen you wait and see!!! Just need to take my time and not be so impatient and rush it. First back to study and listening to my intuition.

  7. I love the sound of that dream of yours!! Thank you for sharing it here πŸ™‚ It is so very helpful writing it down, putting it into words, but also visualising, experiencing it with all five senses to the point when you could swear it's already real. It's present tense.

    One thing I learned is when you use a lot of “need to”, “should”, or “must”, you are expressing beliefs, not necessarily reality. So maybe you believe that in order to make your dream happen, you must do these things? Now just as a thought experiment: What if you don't have to? What if FEELING GOOD (not feeling as if there's something else, or something more you should do) and visualising your dream was ALL it took?

    One of my teachers used to say: “If your WHY is big enough, the HOW takes care of itself.” Don't worry about the next step, just dream of the end result for a bit and see what happens. Gods, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when you do that!! πŸ™‚

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