A Tribal Gathering Place

This beautiful mini-grove of rowan trees is located smack bang in the middle of the industrial estate I work in. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Now, before I say anything else: Apologies for the long break in blogging! It’s what happens when a hag stumbles over her own issues. I was full-steam-ahead in the plans for the tribal community I’m planning, when I was slowed down by health issues. Don’t worry about me – I am going to be fine. It’s just that I came down with a bad and persistent headache for the first time in my 43 years of life, and the pain has been rather debilitating. I’m in great medical care and we’ve already excluded a lot of things so I know a lot of things I DON’T have – but I still don’t know what I do have.

I’d like to ask you a favour: I don’t want to talk about this at length, so please don’t make any “diagnosis” suggestions – I know you guys are lovely and helpful, but I really am covered and I will be fine. Right now, I am booked for the following: another doctor’s appointment, an eye examination, and a massage. Heck, it can’t hurt, right? I’ll get rid of this. And that’s the last I am prepared to talk about it – I won’t give a silly headache any more energy than I need to.

Hugs are always welcome though!

I’ve also decided that I’ll share with you what I’ve got so far in terms of the new tribal community. This goes against all “business” advice usually given – you’re supposed to reveal a FINISHED product. I say, you’re my tribe and you can handle it. So, the following is subject to change, ok?

What I’m planning is a forum where you can become a member for free. Everyone has access to the general chatty area and you can also choose to “sign up” for any number of other areas. For example, if you would like to chat to others about the Free 7-Day Witchcraft Course, you’ll be added to that group. Only members of a group will be able to see that group’s forum, so you’ll always be among people who are going through or have gone through the same course that you have.

There’ll be forums for paid courses too. I’m even planning to offer courses that start on a particular date, and instead of working through your course by email on your own, the lessons and assignments will be posted in your private forum, where you can talk about them with your own small group and me, and nobody else.

Here’s the forum groups I’ve dreamed up so far:

General forum – chatty (everyone can see it)
Book club – (everyone can see it) We can all post our own book reviews, and we could start a “club” where we all agree on a particular book to read and talk about in the forum.

Sacred masculinity – free
Sacred femininity – free
Weekly guided meditations group – free

Astral projection workshop – free
Witchcraft courses – free and paid
13 Moons courses – paid, once a year, as described here.

Time Management – free
From Debt To Freedom – paid
A Course In Happiness – paid
Mastermind groups for online entrepreneurs/freelancers/artists – free

What d’you think? See anything you like?

Sacred Spaces

Thanks for all the responses to last week’s blog! I’m glad so many feel the same way. I’d still like to hear from more men about this – it’s your party, after all, guys – but overall I was amazed at the positive responses and I learned quite a lot of things I hadn’t known before.
Since not all of the responses happened in blog comments, I thought I’d summarise them here. First of all, some people had a problem with the term “Masculinism” because it turns out, it’s already used but mostly in a negative way, to describe a macho, chauvinistic attitude among men. You know what I say to that? Let’s reclaim the word! We can’t just let the idiots get away with everything. Some (though not all) feminists have reclaimed words like “whore” and “cunt” and purposely use them in a positive, empowering way. This is a great way of regaining control over what’s yours, so I hope men will do the same thing.
Rita pointed me to a wonderful project, based on research which shows how truly unhappy many boys and men are with the existing stereotypes. Do take the time to read this, it’s disturbing and at the same time heartwarming. Yes, people ARE aware of these things. Yes, steps are being taken. I hope this will become a movement, a wave, and that many men will find the courage to stand up for a new definition of masculinity – just like women still struggle to be perceived as strong and tough AND feminine.
I’d also like to re-emphasise that I’m not proposing for men and women to live in separate worlds. What I believe is that in order to live together in a more constructive, happy, blissful way, we ALSO need separate spaces. Just like in a one-on-one relationship, every partner needs alone-time occasionally, and needs their own friends and interests as well as things they have in common with their partner, so men and women need sacred spaces where there’s only masculine respectively feminine energy, to nourish and empower them, so they’ll be whole and healthy when they interact with each other.
That’s my belief, anyway.
Thanks again for your input, and if you come up with anything else, I’m absolutely happy to see it!
In the meantime, I’m working on my new community and next week, I’ll finally be able to present it to you. I’m in a very good space right now. I have gained even more clarity about my goals and dreams, and what my life will look like in years to come. There might not be much that’s new, and yes of course I’ve known my dream for a while now. But life is cyclical – just like nature – and there are times when we get caught up in “things”, and times when we reflect. That’s exactly how it should be, as long as we know to ride the waves and don’t try to stay in one phase forever. They’re all important: The reflection, the clarity, the planning, the activity, even the sometimes overwhelm and disappointment (they can be great motivators), then return to simplicity, reflection, etc. The wheel turns, the cycle spins.
Lughnasad was a beautiful time of plenty here in Ireland, and I fully enjoyed the sunshine and mild temperatures, fresh fruit aplenty and corn in the shape of bread. Then the New Moon came and with it a wonderful stillness and the aforementioned reflection and clarity. I feel laser-focused once again, and pumped for the coming growth of the Waxing Moon. Sharing these experiences is a blessing, be it here in the blog, on my Facebook page, or with my fellow women of the “13 Moons” course.
Don’t forget to check back next week for the big announcement!