Tribal Sign-Up And Why I Don’t Need More "How-To"s

After yet another long break in blogging (I’m going to spare you the list of excuses, but believe me, it’s long and impressive! Haha), I’m finally really, truly back. How have you been? Me: busy, in almost all areas of life. I’m not sure why but my brain is almost in overdrive, I have SO many ideas, I don’t know where to start! At the same time my daytime job is very tiring these days with the end of the company’s business year coming up, and in the world of hobbies, WoW just released a new patch and raid and I’m learning fight strategies and spend 2-3 evenings a week with my friends fighting new internet dragons.
In between, I try to find time to re-read the entire Harry Potter series for the xth time and write some stuff – and of course, start up my community! Because it’s really time now, finally. Yay! Here’s what’s happening this week and how you can be part of it:
In the next days, I’ll send emails to anyone who’s done a Witchcraft 101and/or 102 and/or the Free 7-Day ecourse with me in the past 2 years, inviting them to become part of the community. At the same time, everyone else who’s interested – meaning YOU – is invited to sign up here! In a few days, you’ll receive an invite to actually register in the forum. But you’ll only receive this invite if you have signed up first!
The parts of the community that will be open straightaway are the communal forum which everyone can see and chat in, the forum exclusive to those who are doing the Free 7-Day Course, and the Book Club for book reviews and recommendations. We’ll expand it from there, day by day and week by week. Joining the community is completely free, and so is quite a lot of the content and workgroups. The paid courses still have a price, and you can decide whether or not you’d like to join one of those.
So what else is new? I’m settling into the end of summer and preparing the Autumn Equinox edition of my Sabbat Newsletter. I spend my evenings wrapped in a blanket because the heating isn’t on yet in my flat (it’s controlled from the main house) and it’s become quite cool lately. Apparently this stimulates the aforementioned brain activity though! Expect more news to come.
In terms of business, I’m going through what you might call an emancipation process. I love inspiration and learning from others, but I think there is a culture out there which tries to sell you just one more ebook or expensive course in how to be successful, and the stories all start with “Once I was broke, but then I found the way and I’ll teach it to you too!” Now, I’m not saying these courses are useless; I’m sure they help a lot of people. But in the end, the reason why anyone became successful is that they found THEIR OWN THING and figured things out on their own. There are no shortcuts. Or, to put it a little more bluntly: If you aren’t able to figure it out on your own and learn as you go along, you’re not cut out for success anyway. Incidentally, I believe that everyone with an IQ which exceeds their shoe size IS able to figure it out, and without “expert advice”.
I don’t require anyone to agree with me, it’s just something I happen to believe in very strongly. That’s why I’m a Coach who works with people individually (instead of giving group talks over the internet/phone and calling it “Coaching”), and why even my e-courses are full of practical assignments to encourage you to gain experience and draw your own conclusions, rather than copying what I believe in.
So much for hagish philosophy today. Go and sign up for the community!

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12 thoughts on “Tribal Sign-Up And Why I Don’t Need More "How-To"s

  1. Thank you, and it's great to have you on board 🙂 As for heating, ah well. Irish people only heat in the evenings so even when the heating is on in winter, it's freezing until about nine, hehe. Can't wait for my insulated economical/ecological timber house!

  2. Patrizia

    Congratulations! How exciting! I have been waiting for this announcement, so I'm excited too. ( : I am definitely in. I think I took one of your free classes, but it was a while ago. I'm not sure if I need to sign up or not.

    Anyway, I sent you an email a few weeks ago in response to your question about people's interest in the forums and how they learn. I hope you received it. You have been on my mind and I was thinking of dropping you an email again. I really would like to take one of your classes or something. I love your Monday Sparkles. They are well written and offer good, thoughtful insight into everyday life experiences. The point is your words reach me and I think I could benefit from one of your courses.

    Stay warm and have a great day!

  3. Hello sweetie! Just the other day I was thinking, “Where has Sibylle gone?” But I'm totally with you on the blogging breaks. I'm trying to cut down on my website reading/social media just so I can have some thoughts of my own. Especially the whole here's-how-to-do-it stuff. I'm burnt out on reading it and think it's time I just do it my way.

    Signed up for the community!

  4. I'm so happy to have you on board! This is going to be great :-))) And yes, I did receive your email, thank you so much – didn't I reply to it? I thought I had! If I haven't, I'm sorry, I certainly meant to. I can be a scatterbrained hag sometimes.
    I'd love to have you take some of the classes, and one of the best things about the new community is that you'll have a choice – work through them on your own by email, or have a group taking them together. Woohoo!
    Have a lovely day! xx

  5. You know, the thing about the how-tos is they are meant well but it makes people feel like they're inadequate and need someone to take them by the hand. And that can really undermine success.

    I think I needed the break, work is all staring-at-a-computer-monitor so I needed to do something else in my free time!

    So great to have you with us!! Yay 🙂

  6. Haha…I know what you mean about all those websites wanting to sell you yet another ebook or ecourse to get rich quick 😉 I actually wrote about it on my Tarot for Business blog yesterday….people, who just start out can easily be sucked into the hype and probably spend a fortune hoping it will help them succeed.

    And if you love Harry Potter, I can recommend “Wormwood” and “Shadowmancer” by G.P. Taylor 😉

    Christiane x

  7. Ooooh, I love book recommendations! These will go on my list pronto 🙂 Thanks!

    Will go and take a look at your latest blog in my lunchbreak.

    Much love! xx

  8. Yay, I was hoping you would! <3 And yes, you are one of those people who aren't in my database because I didn't have that during the earlier incarnations of my classes.
    Much love! xx

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