A Cornucopia Of Love

                         I think there’s always room for a cutest picture, don’t you?  Go
                         on, just admit it – aren’t they SO VERY cute?
Hallowe’en is tomorrow and I’m so excited! Do you have any plans? I’m going to celebrate with my annual “last walk of the season” (it’s not really the last one, although I do go outside a lot less in winter) and having a downsized version of a ritual. I don’t have the space for a proper ritual at the moment, but I’ll do the dancing, trance, meditation, and scrying part, and of course feast on apple pie!
I’ve been busy this week, not just with preparations but also with updating the page about my “13 Moons – A Goddess Journey Through The Year” course for women. It’s almost time for the next course! The current one is still ongoing, and I’ve had some lovely feedback about it (actually, I’m going to quote some of that feedback on the page in the next few days).
I’m doing the course along with my students, and while I always live with the cycles of nature, I love reminding myself of it every week and doing some special meditation or walk or self-care ritual. What I love even more is talking to other women who are going through the same experience! If you’d like to tune into your own divine femininity, learn about moon goddesses from different cultures, and attune your life to the cycles of the moon and sun, this course is for you. It’ll start on the 17th of December and go on for a whole year! For more details and a sign-up link, turn to this page.
Working on my websites always gets me going in terms of my e-courses and my coaching. I just love what I’m doing! And as much as I love coaching, I also adore teaching; I feel I have a lot to pass on. Let me share a warm-and-fuzzy story with you, one that happened just this week. I wrote about my financial history in this blog before, and if you read those entries (how I dealt with my large debt is described in the 3rd entry on this page) you’ll know that I had to learn the hard way. And this week, I’ll be able to repay the last of my small personal loans here in Ireland with the quarterly bonus I earned this quarter – go me!
It will free up an amazing amount of money each month – money that I’ll be able to put into my savings for the desposit on my house. My dream is beginning to take shape, and it feels so amazing, I don’t even have words! It is remarkable how money changes when you stop seeing it as your master, and start seeing is for what it is: a servant. Like every servant, it will serve you loyally and well if you treat it well.
Here’s a secret: Once you start managing your money, it starts to behave.I went from the worst to an excellent money manager – and I started with broke, in court, and having my income executed against! I do remember the fear and repression of those days, and wanting to roll over and die. Instead, I got a coach and educated myself about money, and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned with you. If you are in a similar situation, do take a look at my From Debt To Freedom e-course! It’s a step-by-step guide to digging yourself out and accessing abundance, and you’ll have my free personal guidance throughout the course.
I’m so grateful and happy, and I’m brimming to share it all with you. Let’s talk!

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Full Moon Over Berlin

This is a very blurry picture of the full moon setting over Dublin Airport on Saturday, when I was on my waay to Berlin. It guided me when I drove to the airport at four thirty in the morning, and by the time the plane was ready to take off, as you can see, day was dawning. I then saw the clouds glowing orange from above and the sun coming up – it was gorgeous!

The trip itself was amazing too. On Saturday, I went to see Peter Gabriel. I met some really nice people I chatted to, and the concert itself – well, Peter Gabriel is a marvel, if anything he’s better now than he was 20 years ago. And he’s so wonderfully grounded, still walks on stage while the lights are still on to announce his support artists, so nobody dares to boo them. Apart from having done so much for world music and so many people, he comes across as a musician simply enjoying himself. He has a refreshing lack of arrogance.

Before the now-traditional close of the concert with “Biko”, he said that this song was about a guy in the 70s in South Africa who stood up for what he believed in, and got brutally silenced by his government (we all know the story). And that today, for the first time in history, we are in a position to communicate with each other globally, through technology, and that it’s not quite as easy for governments to do this anymore, although it does still happen. And he dedicated the song for all young people who today stand up for what’s right. Needless to say, every hand in the hall was in the air as we sang along!

I then spent a beautiful Sunday with my sister and my nieces, and their children, even drove outside the city with them where they have a camping caravan by a lake – the weather was very mild, just perfect! Check out my grandniece – yes, she really is this cute – and grandnephew, a beautiful little elf child.
Aren’t they adorable??

I also got to cuddle my sister’s cat, a gorgeous feline lady called Laura. Gods, I’ve missed the telepathic communication with cats! One night, I woke up for a while (I’m not used to the big city sounds at night so I didn’t sleep much – but it was around the full moon anyway so it wasn’t a problem) and the room was all dark and silent, apart from the calming sounds of kitty washing herself as she lay in her usual spot on my sister’s bed. Not wanting to disturb my sister, I called out in my mind, without stirring or making a sound. “Come to me, kitty, we can have a cuddle,” I said into her mind, and the next moment I reached out my hand and it landed in soft warm fur. Much purring and cuddling followed.

And now I’m back home with the cutest, and so glad that they’re alright and that I have them back. I have a slight bout of the flu, not very bad but tiring enough for me to take it easy and spend most days on the sofa, reading, with no more than a short walk in between. It’s fitting, now that the moon has turned to waning. Next week will be busy, I’ll be back to work and All Hallow’s Even is coming up, so I might as well get some rest. I’m enjoying every minute of it!

Your Slightly Different Hag

The moon is waxing and the energy is growing. Autumn is slowly setting in here in Ireland – how is it where you live? Check out the grey morning I had a couple days ago, and the crow on the telephone line, it illustrates these October mornings so well.

I’m full of energy for new projects. We’re about to start new workgroups on herblore and on astral projection in the Tribal Community soon. On Monday 14th starts our first Witchcraft 101 forum group (there’s still time to sign up if you’d like to join!). I spent part of last Saturday at the Féile Draíochta and met so many inspiring and beautiful people, it just spawned more ideas and more motivation. Life’s grand, isn’t it?

Talking to so many new people brought it home once again that some of my life choices are certainly not standard and often require explanations. It made me feel like writing about it, so here it is, a good old-fashioned list titled “Things you might not have known about the hag”.

1. I don’t like to travel. I used to LOVE it, and did quite a bit of travelling and holidaying in my younger days. Then at 37, I got my first two budgies, and that was it. I don’t like going away anymore. I love seeing my friends and my family, so sometimes I still pry myself away for a few days at a time. But I’m always anxious when I leave, I miss my cutest every minute of every day, and I’m profoundly relieved when I walk back through my door and see them again. Well, staying put is more environmentally friendly, I’ve seen quite a bit already, and maybe it’s people’s turn to visit ME instead.

2. I don’t like going out. This is another thing I used to love doing. These days, I rather detest the usually loud atmosphere in a pub or bar, and I’d much rather spend the evening with people I love in their home or in mine. It’s cheaper, more conductive to conversation, and mostly more comfortable too. Exceptions are pagan moots in the lovely Harbour Bar in Bray, but then these only happen once a month.

3. This is related to point 2: I don’t go out during the week. I make very few exceptions, and usually only in or around Bray. My budgies are alone all day as it is, and when it’s all quiet they mostly sleep. At least when I’m home in the evenings, I have music on or they hear friends over Skype or similar, and that makes them all chirpy and lively. Weekends are different – I’m usually home during the day, so I don’t mind going out in the evening.

4. I don’t have a TV. I detest TV. I see it as a slow, poisonous, passive negative brain-wash. You don’t have to agree, that’s completely fine – usually I just say to people that I work in an office and spend an hour or two gaming most evenings, so that’s enough time spent staring at a screen.

5. I love living on my own. I need space. I’m hyper-sensitive and the lightest sleeper in the world, and so budgies are my ideal housemates: they’re quiet when it’s dark and lively while I’m awake. Honestly, they are such good company. Did I mention I love them to distraction?

These might seem like small things, but they affect so many parts of life! People wonder why I’m not excited at the prospect of winning a holiday somewhere. Give me a holiday at home and I’m ecstatic, haha! At work, I get weird looks for going home on time almost all evenings except for a few days at the very end of a quarter, and I explain that I’m happy to work overtime as long as it’s at home where I can be with my budgies.

Mad bird lady? You bet! And yes, it’s ok if you find me weird.

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The Magic Of Sharing

There are times when I feel truly blessed.
Actually, that was a rather silly thing to say. I am ALWAYS blessed, and I’m mostly aware of it too. It’s just that at times I’m much better at allowing the feeling to surface, allowing myself to really notice how truly amazing life really is. This is one of those times, was what I meant to say with that first sentence.
The stress of quarter end in the company I work at is finally over. It was, oddly, fun as well as stressful – I like the people I work with and the managers, and I had a good quarter so it was nice to pull it all together in the end. It did take up a lot of time though, so I’m going to take things a little easy in the next few weeks.
I’ve got a lot to look forward to: The Féile Draíochtatomorrow – if you’re in the area, be sure to go there, it is SO worth it. It’s one place where you can be sure that you’ll get reliable information. The talks and workshops are all worth going to, and at an all-day price it’s a real bargain. I’ll be there until lunch, and take it easy for the rest of the weekend – I need a bit of time-out. But there’s more goodies to come, like a week’s holiday in the second half of this month, and three days in Berlin where I’ll see my sister and two of my nieces as well as their children (I have one grandniece and one grandnephew), and Peter Gabriel in concert. The last time I saw him live was in 1993, TWENTY years ago!! I can’t believe it’s been this long.
Another reason why I feel particularly blessed these days is the Tribal Community, which is slowly and organically growing into this amazing place of sharing. The people it’s attracted so far are the most radiant individuals, and if I look ahead all I see is this incredible synergy that happens when inspiring, wise people share and learn together. It gives me goosebumps to think of it! If you’d like to be part of it, sign up here – we’re just about to start the individual workgroups, so you’ll be right on time. All you need to bring is an open mind, the desire to communicate and share with others, and one or two times a week when you’ll log into the forum to read and post for a bit.
Our next upcoming project includes a Witchcraft 101 course in a private forum only visible to 3-15 people who will all take the course at the same time and share their experiences with the lessons and practical assignments. It’ll start on Monday, 14th October 2013, so now’s the time to join the community and sign up! Other upcoming projects are a herblore and an astral projection workshop. I can’t wait.
That’s pretty much it for me this week, although I am sitting on about half a dozen other ideas. I’m sorry to say they’re not all ready for sharing just yet, and really I need to pace myself too so I won’t burn out. I need plenty of time for myself in order to be of value in my work – and since that’s the most important thing in my life, I really need and want to be at my best there.
Tonight we’ll have a New Moon, a perfect time to be still and look inwards. It’s what keeps me in balance with all the activity going on otherwise!
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