Full Moon Over Berlin

This is a very blurry picture of the full moon setting over Dublin Airport on Saturday, when I was on my waay to Berlin. It guided me when I drove to the airport at four thirty in the morning, and by the time the plane was ready to take off, as you can see, day was dawning. I then saw the clouds glowing orange from above and the sun coming up – it was gorgeous!

The trip itself was amazing too. On Saturday, I went to see Peter Gabriel. I met some really nice people I chatted to, and the concert itself – well, Peter Gabriel is a marvel, if anything he’s better now than he was 20 years ago. And he’s so wonderfully grounded, still walks on stage while the lights are still on to announce his support artists, so nobody dares to boo them. Apart from having done so much for world music and so many people, he comes across as a musician simply enjoying himself. He has a refreshing lack of arrogance.

Before the now-traditional close of the concert with “Biko”, he said that this song was about a guy in the 70s in South Africa who stood up for what he believed in, and got brutally silenced by his government (we all know the story). And that today, for the first time in history, we are in a position to communicate with each other globally, through technology, and that it’s not quite as easy for governments to do this anymore, although it does still happen. And he dedicated the song for all young people who today stand up for what’s right. Needless to say, every hand in the hall was in the air as we sang along!

I then spent a beautiful Sunday with my sister and my nieces, and their children, even drove outside the city with them where they have a camping caravan by a lake – the weather was very mild, just perfect! Check out my grandniece – yes, she really is this cute – and grandnephew, a beautiful little elf child.
Aren’t they adorable??

I also got to cuddle my sister’s cat, a gorgeous feline lady called Laura. Gods, I’ve missed the telepathic communication with cats! One night, I woke up for a while (I’m not used to the big city sounds at night so I didn’t sleep much – but it was around the full moon anyway so it wasn’t a problem) and the room was all dark and silent, apart from the calming sounds of kitty washing herself as she lay in her usual spot on my sister’s bed. Not wanting to disturb my sister, I called out in my mind, without stirring or making a sound. “Come to me, kitty, we can have a cuddle,” I said into her mind, and the next moment I reached out my hand and it landed in soft warm fur. Much purring and cuddling followed.

And now I’m back home with the cutest, and so glad that they’re alright and that I have them back. I have a slight bout of the flu, not very bad but tiring enough for me to take it easy and spend most days on the sofa, reading, with no more than a short walk in between. It’s fitting, now that the moon has turned to waning. Next week will be busy, I’ll be back to work and All Hallow’s Even is coming up, so I might as well get some rest. I’m enjoying every minute of it!

10 thoughts on “Full Moon Over Berlin

  1. Get well soon! Ahh I love Berlin and I am so happy to read that you had such a beautiful time at the concert and with your family. The children are so cute!! Hope you feel better soon. Rest and enjoy All Hallow's Eve!! XX

  2. Thank you, I'm doing my best! Lots of tea and hot lemon are in order.

    I'm not a fan of big cities in general, but this visit really was wonderful. I miss my family.

    Have a great All Hallow's too! xx

  3. Beautiful moon, beautiful weekend 🙂 I bet your darling birds are just as happy you're home as you are! And good on you for getting some rest and taking care of that nasty flu. Digital hugs and hot tea, xo

  4. Thank you, they are very welcome! Being sick is such a great excuse for drinking tea non-stop 🙂
    I like to think the cutest are happy to see me, too. At least I'm keeping them from sleeping all day long when I'm at home, hehe!

  5. Oh your nieces are sooo cute!!
    Take good care of yourself, drink lots of ginger tea and keep yourself warm. Hope you enjoyed your down time & have a fabulous week ahead!

    All my love & blessings,

  6. Thank you! I feel a lot better already <3
    By the way, they are my great-niece and great-nephew – my nieces are in their thirties! Mad, isn't it? Comes from being the youngest by far in my family – I was an auntie at age 11.
    Much love! xx

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