A Cornucopia Of Love

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Hallowe’en is tomorrow and I’m so excited! Do you have any plans? I’m going to celebrate with my annual “last walk of the season” (it’s not really the last one, although I do go outside a lot less in winter) and having a downsized version of a ritual. I don’t have the space for a proper ritual at the moment, but I’ll do the dancing, trance, meditation, and scrying part, and of course feast on apple pie!
I’ve been busy this week, not just with preparations but also with updating the page about my “13 Moons – A Goddess Journey Through The Year” course for women. It’s almost time for the next course! The current one is still ongoing, and I’ve had some lovely feedback about it (actually, I’m going to quote some of that feedback on the page in the next few days).
I’m doing the course along with my students, and while I always live with the cycles of nature, I love reminding myself of it every week and doing some special meditation or walk or self-care ritual. What I love even more is talking to other women who are going through the same experience! If you’d like to tune into your own divine femininity, learn about moon goddesses from different cultures, and attune your life to the cycles of the moon and sun, this course is for you. It’ll start on the 17th of December and go on for a whole year! For more details and a sign-up link, turn to this page.
Working on my websites always gets me going in terms of my e-courses and my coaching. I just love what I’m doing! And as much as I love coaching, I also adore teaching; I feel I have a lot to pass on. Let me share a warm-and-fuzzy story with you, one that happened just this week. I wrote about my financial history in this blog before, and if you read those entries (how I dealt with my large debt is described in the 3rd entry on this page) you’ll know that I had to learn the hard way. And this week, I’ll be able to repay the last of my small personal loans here in Ireland with the quarterly bonus I earned this quarter – go me!
It will free up an amazing amount of money each month – money that I’ll be able to put into my savings for the desposit on my house. My dream is beginning to take shape, and it feels so amazing, I don’t even have words! It is remarkable how money changes when you stop seeing it as your master, and start seeing is for what it is: a servant. Like every servant, it will serve you loyally and well if you treat it well.
Here’s a secret: Once you start managing your money, it starts to behave.I went from the worst to an excellent money manager – and I started with broke, in court, and having my income executed against! I do remember the fear and repression of those days, and wanting to roll over and die. Instead, I got a coach and educated myself about money, and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned with you. If you are in a similar situation, do take a look at my From Debt To Freedom e-course! It’s a step-by-step guide to digging yourself out and accessing abundance, and you’ll have my free personal guidance throughout the course.
I’m so grateful and happy, and I’m brimming to share it all with you. Let’s talk!

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10 thoughts on “A Cornucopia Of Love

  1. Woohoo! Congratulations on paying off your loans! Well done you. And you are so right, once you start managing your money, it starts to work for you. x

  2. Thank you, Donna! It's such a wonderful reminder every time something else goes right in my finances – only eight years ago, not much was going right in that area at all! It's a wonderful feeling.
    Much love! xx

  3. many congratulations Sibylle!! So happy for you re: paying off the debt, dream starting to take shape, learning about money + passing the knowledge & wisdom on! Your story is such an inspiration!!

    btw, yes the pic is sooo cute! 🙂

    love and blessings,

  4. Thank you, Yiye! I think feeling so alone and ashamed and afraid nine years ago was a big motivation for reaching out to others in similar situations. It's part of turning it all into something big, and good 🙂
    Much love! xx

  5. Sybille, more power to you for being in such a wonderful financial situation. I know what it's like being in a hole – I got there with my taxes and the liberation at having everything sorted out was just amazing.

    All the best with your 13 Moons course – it sounds awesome! Happy Samhain to you. We're celebrating Beltaine here, although the bushfires up north have died down, thank goodness!

    Blessings and love

  6. It is such a wonderful feeling to be in control of one's finances, isn't it? Especially after that feeling of overwhelm that went before.

    I heard about the bushfires, it sounded scary. Definitely too much of a bonfire! I do hope it's all over now, and that people and the wildlife are safe. Happy spring to you!

    Thanks for stopping by, it's always lovely to hear from you 🙂
    Much love! xx

  7. Thank you! I'm not quite debt free yet (the big one I talked about in the linked post still runs on until 2016), but a lot closer to it! 🙂
    Blessed Samhain to you too xx

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