My Love And Thanks To You

                    Picture of Barbara and Gavin at their handfasting, 
                                by Aidan Walsh. Such a gorgeous ceremony it was!
I hope you had beautiful holidays, whatever it is you’re celebrating! My Solstice celebration last weekend was beautiful and I connected with so many people I love, I had that warm, fuzzy “after-the holidays” feeling all week.

And then while many others celebrated Christmas, I enjoyed my most cherished two days of the year: Days when I am on my own, in stillness and peace, and do a lot of reflection, planning, reviewing, and cleansing. These are the two days when nobody disturbs me and I can focus on all that deep work I often don’t find the time for otherwise. It’s utter bliss.

Do you take time off to reflect and plan? It’s the perfect time now, you know. We are in the “12 Nights” which are nowadays known as the 12 Nights of Christmas but have, like many other things, their roots in paganism. It’s a time “between the years” as the Germans say and like all other in-between states, it holds a lot of power and possibilities, as well as access to areas which lie hidden at other times.

Which areas? I’ll give you an example. Two weeks ago, I told you that I’m exceptionally tired these days from my job, which has turned into more of an overwhelming frustration than a challenge lately. Well, I have set goals around that and worked some magic. Just like All Hallows (which was the original historical start of the “12 Nights”), this time is especially suited for scrying and divination of any kind, and so I used my beloved Tarot cards to find some direction – or rather, as it is most often the case, to confirm that which I knew already, deep down inside.

Expect some changes! A few of them I already announced, like the upcoming reworking of my Coaching website with new offers and (reduced!) prices. More is to follow, I’m just not ready to share it all yet. But when I am, you’ll be the first to know!

This is also a prime time for cleaning and cleansing – literally, to clean out what visitors, opulent meals and gifts have left behind in your house, and also figurative cleansing on a deeper level. Cleanse your life and your living space, to make room for the new.

It’s a time to give thanks for what you have, and have received over the past year. Don’t just look forward – acknowledge how far you’ve come. Where were you this time last year? I think back and I see so many things I’ve accomplished, from my Advanced Diploma in Coaching and my Coaching website and business, to the community I started.

I use this time of reflection to send my loving gratitude to all the amazing people in my life – my family and my friends close by, but also those further away – yes, that means you guys! If you feel an unexpected wave of warmth and love overcome you at any point these days, it’s from me! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are awesome. You inspire me all the time. Your comments, your emails, even just the energy you are sending when you read and participate in what I create and share. I am humbled and awed by the wonderful people who I’m proud to call my tribe. You deserve to be the happiest, richest, most fulfilled people the planet can hold. Thank you.

Lastly, it’s the time to dream the dream of 2014. It may well be the same dream you had in 2013 – it is in my case – but I’m willing to bet that you are now on a different level, at a different stage in your dream, as am I. And because you’re my tribe and I don’t see why I shouldn’t share it with you, here’s exaclty where I stand:

Last year, I had saved almost nothing, I was only just starting out. By the end of this year, I have 1/3 of the deposit for my own place together! And I aim to accelerate the rate of saving up this year and have set myself a rather challenging goal! It’s exciting and I know I might fall short of it, but what does it matter? What do I have to lose? I’ll get there sooner or later, and if I challenge myself, chances are I’ll get there sooner.

We need to dream, my dears. Dreaming does NOT mean that we’re unhappy with what we’ve got already. On the contrary, we’ll only manifest new things when we are capable of appreciating our present circumstances. Love your blessings, dream a new dream. These two things belong together, one without the other isn’t possible.

I wish you so much love and happiness, and a wonderful start into 2014!

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Thunder On Solstice Morning

When I woke up around seven thirty today, there was a storm howling around the house, rain was lashing at the window, and THUNDER WAS ROLLING! Now, thunderstorms are rare in Ireland even in summer, but apparently the weather thought it would put on a proper show on Solstice morning. I opened the blinds and watched the lightning against the still-black sky.

About 20 minutes before sunrise, it stopped raining and the thunderstorm had passed, so I decided to go outside after all. I went onto the cliff walk (which is a few minutes walk from here) wrapped up to my ears against the wind, and it was so beautiful. It is on Solstices that I appreciate living on the East coast. Normally it feels a little weird to have water in the East instead of the West, but on the Winter Solstice, when the sun rises over the horizon of the sea, it’s amazing.

Except it’s hard to actually see the sun rising on Solstice morning. This isn’t the first year when it’s far too cloudy. Still, you can FEEL the sun rising, and I raised my arms and welcomed Him with the usual words I use every year. Shortly afterwards, the edges of the clouds caught fire, shouting out the presence of the sun behind them. I took the above picture on the way home, in a North-Easterly direction. You can see the bare winter trees in the foreground. I talked to a pair of magpies who sat in one of those trees, preening just like my budgies do in the morning.

Here’s still-sleepy Bray, only just waking up to life, with the pink morning sky above the hills:
Now it’s past nine o’clock and I sit at home with breakfast and a hot-water bottle, and I have to share with you another beautiful morning a week ago. Barbara and Gavin had their handfasting last Saturday in a gorgeous castle in county Sligo on the West coast. I got up early because I had tickets for the second Hobbit movie in the afternoon, and so I had breakfast on my own looking over the mature castle gardens, with a brightening cloudy reddish morning sky above. It was ridiculously dramatic and gorgeous!

The handfasting itself was a beautiful ceremony with much warmth and laughter, and later on a proper pagan celebration. I met so many lovely people, some of whom I’d known before and some I only met there, and they were all beautiful, warm, non-judgmental souls. My kind of people. It surprised me how much it warmed my heart, and I realised that I don’t spent enough time in the company of “my kind of people” lately. So much time is taken up by work, and while the people there are lovely in their own way, they don’t know the first thing about me and if they did, they probably wouldn’t care much (there are always exceptions, of course) – and that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their own thing, but I need to remember to also nourish myself with the company of people who understand and respect who I am. I feel a New Year’s resolution coming on!

A quick announcement before I go: “13 Moons – A Goddess Journey Through The Year” eCourse for women started this week, but it’s not too late to sign up! You only missed the first out of 13 x 4 lessons, and I’ll manually send you that when you sign up.

I will definitely be in touch again before the New Year, so for now I wish you a blessed Solstice, Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate! And may you remember to nourish your soul with the company of people you love, like I did last week. 

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No More Hibernation

I’m back!

Woah. I haven’t taken such a long break from blogging since… well, it must have been two years ago. I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch, and I’ve been missing you, my tribe, those who my words resonate with and whose wise and gentle comments resonate with me. I have recently felt rather taxed, and as if I had to contain my strength within myself to preserve it.

Work is amazingly stressful these days, and not in the good way unfortunately. Other people are looking forward to the holiday season; all I’m looking forward to is for this year to be over so I can take a breath and relax. No, this isn’t good, and yes, I’m thinking of making changes. More about that some other time!

What I resent about the situation is that I’m left exhausted and with zero energy for other endeavors. Oh, I don’t mean my Coaching, I always have energy for that and it inspires me so much to see clients thriving, growing, and excited about their lives. But apart from that, I have so many things I’d like to put into practice and day by day, evening by exhausted evening, I postpone them because I’m just too pooped to lift a finger, never mind be creative.

I’m dealing with it by accepting it for what it is right now and conserving my energy – and now, finally, sharing with you how I am. And how I am isn’t all bad, please don’t get that impression. I love my friends and my hobbies. I adore my budgies. I’m excited about a lot of things: My wonderful friends, my Coaching, the new Hobbit movie opening this weekend, and the upcoming 13 Moons ecourse being some of them. 

13 Moons – A Goddess Journey Through The Year starts on the 17th (next week!) and there are lovely women signed up already and hopefully more on the way. Personally, I am now at the “one year later” stage where I’ve already experienced a 13 Moons course (the current one is entering its last moon cycle), and so I know what to expect this time. It makes me warm and fuzzy with anticipation! The “13 Moons” course really is a very special experience for women, a way of living with the moon and the seasons for a full year and sharing those insights and experiences with me, and/or with each other. It creates an extraordinary synergy and I can’t wait to witness it happening again.

I’m also planning changes to my Coaching offers. I can’t tell you all the details yet, but how would you feel about me lowering my prices for ALL phone- or Skype-based Coaching? Sound interesting? This will definitely be part of it, but give me another while to put it into practice. In the meantime, be well, don’t get stressed out with festive preparations, and I promise I’ll be back with another blog before the holidays. In the meantime, let me know what you’ve been up to, I’d love to hear from you all!

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