Thunder On Solstice Morning

When I woke up around seven thirty today, there was a storm howling around the house, rain was lashing at the window, and THUNDER WAS ROLLING! Now, thunderstorms are rare in Ireland even in summer, but apparently the weather thought it would put on a proper show on Solstice morning. I opened the blinds and watched the lightning against the still-black sky.

About 20 minutes before sunrise, it stopped raining and the thunderstorm had passed, so I decided to go outside after all. I went onto the cliff walk (which is a few minutes walk from here) wrapped up to my ears against the wind, and it was so beautiful. It is on Solstices that I appreciate living on the East coast. Normally it feels a little weird to have water in the East instead of the West, but on the Winter Solstice, when the sun rises over the horizon of the sea, it’s amazing.

Except it’s hard to actually see the sun rising on Solstice morning. This isn’t the first year when it’s far too cloudy. Still, you can FEEL the sun rising, and I raised my arms and welcomed Him with the usual words I use every year. Shortly afterwards, the edges of the clouds caught fire, shouting out the presence of the sun behind them. I took the above picture on the way home, in a North-Easterly direction. You can see the bare winter trees in the foreground. I talked to a pair of magpies who sat in one of those trees, preening just like my budgies do in the morning.

Here’s still-sleepy Bray, only just waking up to life, with the pink morning sky above the hills:
Now it’s past nine o’clock and I sit at home with breakfast and a hot-water bottle, and I have to share with you another beautiful morning a week ago. Barbara and Gavin had their handfasting last Saturday in a gorgeous castle in county Sligo on the West coast. I got up early because I had tickets for the second Hobbit movie in the afternoon, and so I had breakfast on my own looking over the mature castle gardens, with a brightening cloudy reddish morning sky above. It was ridiculously dramatic and gorgeous!

The handfasting itself was a beautiful ceremony with much warmth and laughter, and later on a proper pagan celebration. I met so many lovely people, some of whom I’d known before and some I only met there, and they were all beautiful, warm, non-judgmental souls. My kind of people. It surprised me how much it warmed my heart, and I realised that I don’t spent enough time in the company of “my kind of people” lately. So much time is taken up by work, and while the people there are lovely in their own way, they don’t know the first thing about me and if they did, they probably wouldn’t care much (there are always exceptions, of course) – and that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their own thing, but I need to remember to also nourish myself with the company of people who understand and respect who I am. I feel a New Year’s resolution coming on!

A quick announcement before I go: “13 Moons – A Goddess Journey Through The Year” eCourse for women started this week, but it’s not too late to sign up! You only missed the first out of 13 x 4 lessons, and I’ll manually send you that when you sign up.

I will definitely be in touch again before the New Year, so for now I wish you a blessed Solstice, Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate! And may you remember to nourish your soul with the company of people you love, like I did last week. 

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4 thoughts on “Thunder On Solstice Morning

  1. And a wonderful 2014 to you, Sibylle, and thanks for sharing your solstice. I fully agree with your comments – it's a partial gap in my life too (I do have an excellent Pagan partner), but I also have family albeit 180 miles away.
    But to return to sunrise/sunset, if you ever have some spare time in England (besides visiting Cornwall of course 🙂 a visit to Hunstanton is interesting. It's on the East coast, but faces west over the Wash! So you can get sunsets over the sea.
    Blessings to you, and BEST WISHES for the coming year.

  2. Ooooh that sounds lovely! I have been to Cornwall once, years ago, what a ravishingly beautiful place. One day I'll go back 🙂
    I used to live in Galway when I was a student, and there the sea was “where it should be” too, in the West! But I'm getting more and more used to being in the East.
    Much love!

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