There’s Nothing Wrong With You (And Me)

I do love the internet.
Last week I wrote you a love letter, expressing the vast amounts of gratitude and appreciation I feel for my online tribe these days. It’s a genuine feeling and it makes me very very happy.
And then I talked about this in a FB group I belong to, and they all came to visit my blog, the comments section exploded and I made some beautiful new connections. I discovered people who think like I do, people I can relate to on a deep level – people I never would have met otherwise because they’re half a world away. People who are definitely part of my soul tribe though, just like you are. Energy knows no distance, and it’s the internet which makes all these connections possible.
We hear so much about how anonymous the web is, how people depend more and more on technology, and how bad it all is for you. I say: The internet is a tool, and like any other tool it can be used for good or for bad. If you stop living in the real world and only communicate online, then you have a problem. If you hug and love the people around you and send loving hug-vibes to those further away through the internet, then that’s enriching and beautiful.
True or true? I find more and more that these small differentiations are very important. So much so that I started a series of short-and-sweet videos called “The Sparkly Difference”. You can find the first one here (just scroll down a little) or on YouTube.
I also love how effortlessly it all blends into each other. Some people say that my pagan life and practice has nothing to do with my Coaching, but I think it all fits together very well. I connect with nature and the divine and strive to work positive change by shaping energy with certain tools and my will (=magic). In Coaching, I connect with people and help them work positive change by utilising Coaching tools and energy in the shape of my intuition. Both are directed at effecting positive change and progress. Of course there are differences, but no contradictions.
I’ve been busy this week, “prettifying” my Coaching website. I replaced the rather dull brown colour of the logo and menus with a gorgeous dark red, take a look! Do you like it? And while I was working away, suddenly my slogan dropped into my head, just like that. It’s me and my Coaching to a –t, and I love it: “My passion is to help you thrive.” I added that to the website, too! Please feel free to share the link; word of mouth is and remains the best advertising (and unlike online advertising, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!).
My website rocks. Yes, that might sound a little over-confident, but d’you know what? I’ve browsed a LOT of Coaching websites lately, because I’m currently in the market for a Coach myself, and most have walls of text and the information is hidden underneath somewhere. It’s also surprisingly hard to find someone who a) is qualified in a way that’s recognised by major organisations like the ICF, b) works with abundance, law of attraction etc, and c) is within my current financial range. And most invite you to a trial session without telling you their prices! Dang it, I don’t need to be convinced of the value of Coaching, and I know exactly what my budget is. Just tell me your price already.

Incidentally, I fulfill all these criteria. I should hire myself! Haha.
You know, I have become very sensitive to some things. For example, internet “gurus” keep telling anyone who’ll listen (and pay them money) that you need to find what’s missing from people’s lives and exploit that in order to sell anything. Many Coaches have jumped on the bandwagon and their websites imply or state outright, that you are unhappy and unable to resolve the many problems you have, and that’s why you need a Coach. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone is unhappy sometimes, and we’re all stuck on occasion, and a Coach can indeed help.
However, I refuse to make this my main angle for selling. My clients aren’t incomplete without me, or incapable of solving their own problems. What I’m offering is a positive way forward with ease and joy, a way to transform one’s life not out of desperation but out of the realisation that it’s possible to be even happier and more successful. Is it just me or is there a big difference? For my part, I won’t sign up with anyone who tries to tell me there’s something wrong with me. I want a Coach who believes in me and my abilities and skills. And that’s the kind of Coach I am to others, too.
Thanks for listening, my dears!

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Hag, The Universe And Everything

(sorry for butchering your book title, Douglas Adams)

Dear Tribe,

I love you people. Love, love, love you. Love you because you are awesome, and whenever one of you gives me a glimpse of what you do, your projects, work, lives, blogs, websites, and businesses, I’m in awe and grateful to know you. And also because you keep surprising me. Last week, I thought everyone would comment on the doing-work-you-love theme, and then only 1 out of 6 comments mentioned it. Baffled hag, and also secretly delighted hag – I love being surprised!

Thank you for being there, thank you for all the birthday wishes, and thanks for the lovely comments.

I’m off into my 45th year on this amazing planet, more in love with it than ever before. My senses are getting ever sharper, too, and by that I mean both the 5 physical senses and the “inner” ones. I get more radical in my approach to life, more particular about my own choices and more tolerant toward others. Really, much of what’s changing as I get older, manifests as a paradox: 

– I realise more and more that radical positivity, love, and forgiveness truly are the only way forward. At the same time, I get more and more sharply allergic against kitsch and sentimentality. You could call it “too much unicorn dust”-syndrom (thanks for that term, Barbara!). Authentic emotions, sharing and opening up are beautiful beyond measure and so very necessary for us to heal our “stuff” and learn to love and forgive more. In contrast, “The world is horrible now and was lovely in our childhood” is a) stupid, b) untrue, and c) not helpful in any way, shape, or form. 

– I love positive messages, but I’m more and more critical of what I call “false positives”. I question absolutely anything. A while ago, a picture circled on Facebook with a caption along the lines of: “People should be loved and money should be used. The reason our world is in chaos is that people are used and money is loved”. No, no, and no! First of all, the world isn’t in chaos. That’s your media brainwashing talking. Stop watching TV and reading gossip websites and the rainbow press, and instead look up and look around you: The world is full of beautiful, lovely people who are TRYING their absolute best.  

Yes, there is negativity, yes, there are criminals. Some people do love money and use people. But they’re by no means the predominant force in the world. And if you stop focusing on them (throw out that TV!) and instead give your attention and energy to love and positivity, you’ll attract more of those things into the world as a consequence. 

The world has its problems, but it’s not “going down the drain”. There is hunger and over-population, but there are also rivers you can drink from today, which were choking in toxic chemicals back in the 1970s. Cars are a lot cleaner these days, and more eco-friendly solutions are developed all the time. 

– Another thing I’m allergic to is the “the world does not need more successful people…”. Yeah, it does! Stop blaming money for the bad things a few rich people are doing. Money’s a magnifier. If you’re a good person, you’ll be able to do more good things when you’re rich. You’ll be able to afford solar panels on your roof, the eco fridge that’s three times the price of a normal one, and you can help so many poor people through organisations like World Vision and KIVA. I know several rather wealthy people who are doing just that. 

Let’s stop directing our energy at “issues” and use it to support each other. Let me know in the comments, please, if you have a business or a website or blog of your own. I’ll try to feature them all in my next blog. Tell us your Facebook pages so we can all “Like” them. If you haven’t already, please “Like” my Coaching and Witchcraft pages. Subscribe to my free Coaching newsletter and recommend it and my page to others. We need to spread the word so love-minded, environmental-friendly small and online businesses get to grow. How about doing that, instead of moaning about the bad?

Thank you.
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Hobbit-style Hag Birthday

                   Unkempt and un-madeup hag, on my birthday morning!
It’s the morning of my birthday, the storm has abated, the sun is shining, and I have two days off work to spend with my budgies (and lovely friends for dinner tonight). At just-turned-44, I have to say life is pretty wonderful!

Like last year, I’m going to adopt hobbit customs for my birthday. You see, Tolkien’s hobbits GIVE presents to everyone on their birthday, and I love that idea. So here’s what I’m giving you guys, and yes, some of it is always free, not just on my birthday, but the first one in particular will only be available by tomorrow, Friday 14thof February:

1. The prize raffle is still on. You can win a FREE e-course if you but email me and tell me which of the courses from my Coaching website you’d like. Do this by tomorrow (Friday) midnight, and you’ll be in the prize draw!

2. If you like this blog, you can subscribe to it – you won’t receive any spam from me, ever, just a short email notification every time I post a new blog entry.

3. You can get free Coaching magic – again, 100% spam-free – every Monday into your email inbox if you sign up for Monday Sparkles.

4. I also have a free Time Management e-course on my Coaching website.

Not free, but definitely nice are my new Coaching offers, and old as well as new offers are vastly reduced in price so they are amazing value now. As of this week, I have only 3 spaces left for personal Coaching, so get in touch with me now if you’re interested.

As always, I’d much appreciate if you could help spread the word. If you’d like to do so by social media, I have a post you can share pinned on top of my Coaching Facebook page, and if you’re on Twitter, you could copy/paste the following:

New offers and REDUCED prices for life and biz Coaching! Also, free weekly Coaching magic by email,

I feel blessed to overflowing these days, and I’m not just saying that, I have very specific reasons for it. I’ll try my best to explain:
Do you know the feeling of doing work that is so incredibly powerful and right, that it leaves you in awe? I hope with all my heart that you do, because everyone deserves that feeling – it’s mind-blowing. To witness people lighten up, transform, reach their goals and achieve things they never thought possible, is such a very great privilege, it makes me humble and grateful to have discovered Coaching. It is truly such a gift.

To think that I’m earning money carrying out this work is even more mind-blowing. Don’t get me wrong, it IS work, but work doesn’t have to mean dragging yourself there, feeling exhausted, looking forward to the weekend… It can leave you tired, but buzzing and grateful. And that’s what Coaching is like. Hearing the clients raving about it is the icing on the cake.

I wish you a blissful day and week, and don’t forget to enter in the prize draw!
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A Time For Beginnings

So, I guess last week’s article wasn’t my most popular, haha! I don’t know when was the last time a blog entry got zero comments. I think it was back in 2007, when I first started out. Sorry folks, I’ll try to do better this time. Personally, I love inspiring stories, and I thought I’d share a few of them; I’m sorry if they weren’t to your taste. After all, I’m writing this blog for you to read and hopefully enjoy.
This week I have news! I have been very busy lately, and for once it wasn’t just at the job: I’ve completely re-worked my Coaching website! It’s less cluttered and a lot clearer and to the point. I hope nobody will have any more trouble finding the Coaching packages on offer. There are more of them, and I’ve vastly reduced my prices as well!
Do let me know what you think – it helps me a lot if you tell me when you come across anything that isn’t fully clear yet, so I can review it. I want people to know what they are going to get for their money, and it’s a lot. I believe I’m now the best-value Coach in Ireland, and I’m very proud of that. I am currently talking to potential new clients, and I love it! Nothing, absolutely nothing in the world compares to the elation of witnessing people evolve and fulfill their dreams.
My wonderful tribe – yes, that means you people – have already been so very helpful spreading the word and sharing the link to the Gentle Miracles website. Advertising online is so expensive, I really do need to rely on word of mouth. And I love you all for the support you give. It’s you who made me go on during that last, horribly exhausting quarter at work, who prevented me from throwing it all out and give up on my dream. I’m still here, thanks to you.
I want to give you something in return, so I thought it’s time for another free e-course competition! Because this week is all about my revamped Coaching website, it’s the Gentle Miracles e-courses you get to choose from. Soooo, to participate, email me (sibylle(at) and let me know which of the e-courses you’d prefer. There’s two to choose from, because the third is free anyway.
Alright, I’ll stop going on about this now. It’s just so exciting, and it feels like the timing is right. Winter’s reign is ending, the light is growing. It’s now still light enough for me to see Bray Head when I drive home from work, and see the ocean when I drive up the strand. I’ve missed seeing the crashing waves during the dark months. I always roll down the window, no matter what the weather, and take a deep breath of sea air, and then the workday falls off me.
Lately, the air I smelled mostly came in the shape of a gust of wind – it’s been extremely stormy around here with never-ending deluges of rain. Part of the country got flooded pretty badly. And then in between, there are these bright, glorious days which speak of the coming of spring and summer, like the one in the picture above.
The moon is waxing too, so what better time for starting out with new Coaching offers and looking for a new job… –oops, did I say that last bit? Well yes, it’s what I’m doing. I’m taking my time, I want to get it right this time, so it might take a few months. I’m sick and tired of being just a number, I want to be seen and acknowledged as a human being in my job. Watch this space.
The time is right for new beginnings – Brigid’s just gone, after all – and new projects, and re-newing ourselves and our outlook on life. I can’t be the only one this is happening to? Please do let me know what’s going on with you and what exciting new plans you have. Oh, and just in case those plans involves Coaching, talk to me!!

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