A Time For Beginnings

So, I guess last week’s article wasn’t my most popular, haha! I don’t know when was the last time a blog entry got zero comments. I think it was back in 2007, when I first started out. Sorry folks, I’ll try to do better this time. Personally, I love inspiring stories, and I thought I’d share a few of them; I’m sorry if they weren’t to your taste. After all, I’m writing this blog for you to read and hopefully enjoy.
This week I have news! I have been very busy lately, and for once it wasn’t just at the job: I’ve completely re-worked my Coaching website! It’s less cluttered and a lot clearer and to the point. I hope nobody will have any more trouble finding the Coaching packages on offer. There are more of them, and I’ve vastly reduced my prices as well!
Do let me know what you think – it helps me a lot if you tell me when you come across anything that isn’t fully clear yet, so I can review it. I want people to know what they are going to get for their money, and it’s a lot. I believe I’m now the best-value Coach in Ireland, and I’m very proud of that. I am currently talking to potential new clients, and I love it! Nothing, absolutely nothing in the world compares to the elation of witnessing people evolve and fulfill their dreams.
My wonderful tribe – yes, that means you people – have already been so very helpful spreading the word and sharing the link to the Gentle Miracles website. Advertising online is so expensive, I really do need to rely on word of mouth. And I love you all for the support you give. It’s you who made me go on during that last, horribly exhausting quarter at work, who prevented me from throwing it all out and give up on my dream. I’m still here, thanks to you.
I want to give you something in return, so I thought it’s time for another free e-course competition! Because this week is all about my revamped Coaching website, it’s the Gentle Miracles e-courses you get to choose from. Soooo, to participate, email me (sibylle(at)thehagsden.com) and let me know which of the e-courses you’d prefer. There’s two to choose from, because the third is free anyway.
Alright, I’ll stop going on about this now. It’s just so exciting, and it feels like the timing is right. Winter’s reign is ending, the light is growing. It’s now still light enough for me to see Bray Head when I drive home from work, and see the ocean when I drive up the strand. I’ve missed seeing the crashing waves during the dark months. I always roll down the window, no matter what the weather, and take a deep breath of sea air, and then the workday falls off me.
Lately, the air I smelled mostly came in the shape of a gust of wind – it’s been extremely stormy around here with never-ending deluges of rain. Part of the country got flooded pretty badly. And then in between, there are these bright, glorious days which speak of the coming of spring and summer, like the one in the picture above.
The moon is waxing too, so what better time for starting out with new Coaching offers and looking for a new job… –oops, did I say that last bit? Well yes, it’s what I’m doing. I’m taking my time, I want to get it right this time, so it might take a few months. I’m sick and tired of being just a number, I want to be seen and acknowledged as a human being in my job. Watch this space.
The time is right for new beginnings – Brigid’s just gone, after all – and new projects, and re-newing ourselves and our outlook on life. I can’t be the only one this is happening to? Please do let me know what’s going on with you and what exciting new plans you have. Oh, and just in case those plans involves Coaching, talk to me!!

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8 thoughts on “A Time For Beginnings

  1. The website is lovely! I will keep good thoughts for you on the job hunt. It is no fun to feel unappreciated. It wears a person out. Keep up the good work, I know you will get where you want to go. 🙂

    I always love reading your blog, even if I don't comment. When you describe Bray Head and the waves and the like, my day is pretty much made. (I'm so very homesick for the sea!)


  2. And there in a nutshell, is what's wrong with my job. You put your finger on it!

    You need to move to the sea 🙂 I grew up inland and always longed for the sea, even as a child when I'd never seen it I knew I wanted to live by the sea. Some people just are like that.

    Hugs back!!

  3. HI dear!! Sorry about not being around for the last few weeks… so much going on and at the same time nothing at all 😉
    I did love your blog about the gaming! it's true, some people do not appreciate the work and experience of some games 🙂 I've never played WoW, and honestly don't intend to because one – I'm afraid I won't be able to stop 😉 and two – too many other things to do!
    Family live has taken over, I think… my man and I are trying to make most of the weekends that his little girl is not with us, to spend some quality time as a couple, and when his 7-year old daughter is with us every other weekend,we try to make most out of those weekends too! she's the sweetest kid 🙂 Aside from that, his teenage son lives with us and it doesn't need saying that he takes up a lot of energy too 😉
    So it's a matter of balancing it all out, giving everyone a piece, and then keep a bit for myself. 🙂
    Lately I use my lunchbreak to take a walk around… There's a small fishing pond and a bit of meadows and a few trees right next to my job, and it's a good place to tune in.
    I took a lot at your website and I came across the video's. this might sound weird, but I love your voice, and your accent! I mean, I've known you for a few years now and seen pictures and all, but I have never seen a video! hehehe it's soo cool 🙂

  4. Awww thanks, I'm so glad you like the website and the videos! I intend to make more videos in the future, just need to find the time… you know the feeling.

    Actually, it sounds like you *really* know the feeling – what a lovely glimpse into your life you gave us there! I think it's great how you manage it all, but most of all, you sound happy and that's wonderful to read <3

    Much love!!

  5. I am sorry that you did not have any comments in your last blog and I know that this might put you off blogging and I keep hesitating to go into cyberspace with my blog because I no one might comment on my blogs but then reading your comments makes me think that we should blog whether we get replies or not – the actual act of putting our thoughts and feelings out there is good for the soul. Oh how I love the ocean – The Atlantic is wild and wonderful and I have had the privilege of seeing the Indian Ocean from two views – India and Australia – it is warm and welcoming. I have to admit that the Irish Sea does nothing for me at all!
    'I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky
    And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by'…..

    In love and light

  6. I guess it's that people are sometimes simply busy with other things. I am too – there are many blogs I love, but sometimes I fail to comment for months, because I only just manage to read every week. Still, I love love love communicating with you people in comments so while I understand, I much prefer having comments to respond to! <3

    The sea, the sea… such a mighty force. I do love the Irish sea, never thought I would, with Galway being my first love of Irish towns… But then all it took was Bray Head and the waves crashing around its foot, and now I'm hooked!

    Much love xx

  7. Congrats on standing up for your worth and going after a new job. I wish the best for you in the job hunt.

    Hurray for spring! “Winter” has passed here and we've had some beautiful sunny days, some night showers, and a nice breeze. The green grass and blue skies in the photo you took looks so inviting!

  8. Ooooh that's lovely to hear, that spring has already come in your part of the world! Here we see the change mostly in the longer days – it's as cold, stormy, and rainy as it gets. I believe winter is making a final stand, haha!

    The job search isn't easy, there's plenty of jobs that are just the same as the one I have, and not much else. But I'll find the right one yet 🙂

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