Hag, The Universe And Everything

(sorry for butchering your book title, Douglas Adams)

Dear Tribe,

I love you people. Love, love, love you. Love you because you are awesome, and whenever one of you gives me a glimpse of what you do, your projects, work, lives, blogs, websites, and businesses, I’m in awe and grateful to know you. And also because you keep surprising me. Last week, I thought everyone would comment on the doing-work-you-love theme, and then only 1 out of 6 comments mentioned it. Baffled hag, and also secretly delighted hag – I love being surprised!

Thank you for being there, thank you for all the birthday wishes, and thanks for the lovely comments.

I’m off into my 45th year on this amazing planet, more in love with it than ever before. My senses are getting ever sharper, too, and by that I mean both the 5 physical senses and the “inner” ones. I get more radical in my approach to life, more particular about my own choices and more tolerant toward others. Really, much of what’s changing as I get older, manifests as a paradox: 

– I realise more and more that radical positivity, love, and forgiveness truly are the only way forward. At the same time, I get more and more sharply allergic against kitsch and sentimentality. You could call it “too much unicorn dust”-syndrom (thanks for that term, Barbara!). Authentic emotions, sharing and opening up are beautiful beyond measure and so very necessary for us to heal our “stuff” and learn to love and forgive more. In contrast, “The world is horrible now and was lovely in our childhood” is a) stupid, b) untrue, and c) not helpful in any way, shape, or form. 

– I love positive messages, but I’m more and more critical of what I call “false positives”. I question absolutely anything. A while ago, a picture circled on Facebook with a caption along the lines of: “People should be loved and money should be used. The reason our world is in chaos is that people are used and money is loved”. No, no, and no! First of all, the world isn’t in chaos. That’s your media brainwashing talking. Stop watching TV and reading gossip websites and the rainbow press, and instead look up and look around you: The world is full of beautiful, lovely people who are TRYING their absolute best.  

Yes, there is negativity, yes, there are criminals. Some people do love money and use people. But they’re by no means the predominant force in the world. And if you stop focusing on them (throw out that TV!) and instead give your attention and energy to love and positivity, you’ll attract more of those things into the world as a consequence. 

The world has its problems, but it’s not “going down the drain”. There is hunger and over-population, but there are also rivers you can drink from today, which were choking in toxic chemicals back in the 1970s. Cars are a lot cleaner these days, and more eco-friendly solutions are developed all the time. 

– Another thing I’m allergic to is the “the world does not need more successful people…”. Yeah, it does! Stop blaming money for the bad things a few rich people are doing. Money’s a magnifier. If you’re a good person, you’ll be able to do more good things when you’re rich. You’ll be able to afford solar panels on your roof, the eco fridge that’s three times the price of a normal one, and you can help so many poor people through organisations like World Vision and KIVA. I know several rather wealthy people who are doing just that. 

Let’s stop directing our energy at “issues” and use it to support each other. Let me know in the comments, please, if you have a business or a website or blog of your own. I’ll try to feature them all in my next blog. Tell us your Facebook pages so we can all “Like” them. If you haven’t already, please “Like” my Coaching and Witchcraft pages. Subscribe to my free Coaching newsletter and recommend it and my page to others. We need to spread the word so love-minded, environmental-friendly small and online businesses get to grow. How about doing that, instead of moaning about the bad?

Thank you.
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24 thoughts on “Hag, The Universe And Everything

  1. Hi Sibylle,

    I must say that I do get bitter about the world sometimes. About how some countries are run and how some powerful people behave. but it's true that there are a lot of beautiful people too, who are actually trying to do something good instead of just complaining.
    My outlook on the future is fearfull sometimes, I hope we can turn this environment problem around in time. And either way, we'll have to keep going. And if we have to keep going, it's best with a smile and some positivism.
    But aside from all that, we live on a powerful, beautiful planet, for which i'm really grateful.
    In a few weeks I'm turning 30, and I have the same feeling of 'deepening' and growth as you… More purpose, stronger senses, and stronger awareness of everything around me.
    Except for the last two weeks 😛 i'm sure it's all building up to something again 🙂
    big hugs!

  2. Oh, I know the feeling – when I read about some of the problems, I get fearful too. But I increasingly refuse to give my energy to that, unless I can actually change something about it, or contribute (by signing a petition or simply changing my own lifestyle). But worry about something I cannot change is a waste of precious energy. If we instead radiate love and healing, we actually do change the world 🙂
    There are always cycles, so I'm sure you're on the way up and up again! Hugs back!!

  3. Ah I love it when I read a blog that presents a different point of view to the majority view – we tend to follow along with it because everyone else is, and we really need to questions these beliefs for ourselves. Definitely agree about the tv, I have an old one but rarely watch it. Thanks for the uplifting message tonight, just what I needed 🙂 Have already liked all your pages xx

  4. Thank you, Leanne, for the support and your kind words! I think it's so important that we express these views, especially as they are, as you say, against mainstream opinion. There are so many people who are waking up to these issues, we need to strengthen each other because it's so worth (and necessary) to soften and “love up” the energy on this planet ❤

  5. I LOVE how you express yourself. I agree with everything you wrote. I used to watch the news every day, and it really brought down my vibration. It felt like there was misery and heartache everywhere I looked. I've stopped watching news and pretty much TV in general (I've probably consumed 4 hours of TV in the last 6 months), and I feel so much more positive and joyful! It is so powerful to focus our attention and energy on more positive and sustainable things! Thanks so much for this great post!!

  6. Thanks, Rhoda! I can so relate to your experience, I used to be a media vulture – high-quality media at that, political discussions on TV and the best weekly newspaper in my (then) country, but the fact is that “bad news is good news”. We never hear in the news about the country that has enjoyed 30 years of peace, but only about those that are in war. It seriously skews our world view.

    Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  7. Hi Sibylle, I agree with the throwing the television out. I got rid of mine 4 years ago and I don't miss it one bit. I see life exactly as it is now without the media spin, and I've met some lovely people, and have also seen that the world is doing just fine. People are moving more into a heart centered way of being and this in turn is creating much harmony. Great Post

  8. Oh Heather, that is so very true! With all that is going wrong in the world, there is this gigantic counter movement as well, of people remembering what's truly important in life – “heart centered”, I love that expression.
    Thank you for visiting! 🙂

  9. You're right Sibylle – the world isn't going down the drain because we have the ability to shift what isn't working so well. The 'not so good' stuff will continue to happen. Our response to those situations, however, helps us to better know ourselves and bring about change. Even seeing what we once feared from a different perspective creates shift.


  10. Hi Sibylle,

    I tried posting earlier, but hit the wrong button! lol!

    Anyway, I saw your invitation to come read your post on Authentic Connecting. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your positivity. As an idealist myself, I am prone to live in the world of “all is well”… and have worked diligently to actually create this for myself and my family. The tricky part is, that outside “real” world creeps in, no matter how I've tried to create my own heaven on earth.

    I, like you, don't even have a TV and have raised my four kids almost off the grid, so to speak! I have bent over backwards to offer them an alternative education (Waldorf and homeschooling) and work as a professional intuitive who sees the essence of TRUTH all the time… that all really is well.

    And, I get oh, so tired.

    My children, even with who I am, what I do, how I raised them, and their educational and community support, still struggle when they bump up against “systems.” My teen son will spiral into a puddle of self-worthlessness if he can't “achieve” what he thinks he's supposed to achieve. The pressures, even in a school which values him as a spiritual being and is alternative, are great.

    My oldest, now in college, has decided to believe that what she majors in will make her “marketable” and then she can get a “good paying job.” She has quickly learned what “they” want and is willing to “play the game” as she believes it is an easier route than the one I've taken, it seems.

    And I must admit, there are times I wish I could just conform, be part of the systems, turn off my consciousness receptors.

    That said, my focusing on what is REAL is what I do… and boy, I am so excited more and more are doing it, but I must admit sometimes I grow road weary.

    From growing up in a metaphysical household to choosing not to vaccinate my kids over 20 years ago, to homebirth, to being a “seer”, I often find those “issues” showing up as resistances in the paths I have come here to blaze through. *sigh*

    Thank you for being another being bringing a new vision to our world.

    If you want to see my work, or a pic of my kids, my website is: http://www.Sacred-Offerings.com
    I have my “blog” under the For You tab and call them articles, as many have been published, and I rarely speak in first person.

    Much love,

  11. “Even seeing what we once feared from a different perspective creates shift.” – I love that, Lorraine. It's so true. I'd almost add “especially” what we once feared can be a powerful agent of change.

    Thank you for dropping by!

  12. Thank you so much for your open sharing, Veronica. With a completely different life than the one you lead, I still recognise so many of the mechanics and feelings.

    The “nightmare world” does intrude sometimes – belief and emotions create reality, and a LOT of people believe that the world is bad and moribund, and people basically corrupt. The sheer mass of these beliefs can sometimes bear down on the rest of us, those that refuse the false “realism” of the media (which is actually negativity brainwashing) and put our own experiences of love and truth against them.

    And yet your truth is your truth. Your children are developing their own truth, and doubts or contrary experiences are often part of development. You are setting out such a wonderful example. You are sowing the seeds, and in time, so much lovely things grow from it (and will still grow in the future).

    Thank you for reaching out. I love hearing from fellow lightworkers ❤

  13. It's exciting, sincerely, to connecting our lights and creating an entirely new matrix on our planet. It's happening and I so appreciate you for keeping your light lit! ❤

  14. Absolutely, and: Likewise!
    And that's one of the reasons why I love the internet – actually, I think I'm going to have to blog about this next week… 🙂

  15. I *must* look up this too-much-unicorn-dust syndrome! Haha! And ditto what pretty much everyone else has already said. I went without tv for 4 years and never missed it a bit. Now that I'm in the Philippines I do watch tv, but it's much different here. Even the commercials and children's programs have a different point of view. I remember one particular children's program that taught kids to use money wisely. You'd never see that in America! (It'd be all about spend, spend, spend). Anyway, right on target with this post, Sibylle 🙂

  16. Wow, now that's the kind of TV I'd like! Actually, I just talked to my Coach the other day, about how we should be taught money management in school. You know, something that's actually useful 😉

    My friend Barbara came up with the too-much-unicorn-dust, it cracked me up – we were chatting about being positive, and preferring positive people and posts on Facebook, and she pointed out there was definitely too much of a good thing sometimes. Lol.

    Much love! xx

  17. Sybille, first of all, did I get the chance to wish you a Happy Birth Day? If not then I apologise and will shout it to you from across the pond! HAPPY BIRTH DAY even if it *is* a little late. I hope you had people around you to let you know how very loved you are.

    Secondly, I resonate with everything you say. I can't stand false positivity and had to laugh at your description of “too much unicorn dust”, but I also can't stand negativity. The world will only continue to improve if we step into our power and do whatever it takes to change both it and other people's attitudes. Throwing out the TV and the newspapers along with it are the very first best steps that can be taken, I say!

    Thank you for being a voice of sanity and reason. I find as I get older I become more and more selective about who I spend my time with because I've released old habits that no longer serve me, which allows me to become more and more positive as well. Stepping off my applause soap box now xxx

  18. Awww thank you, Shan! Waving across the pond in your direction here 🙂

    I giggled at the “soapbox”, but you know what, I believe it's sooo important that we express our opinions and attitude because it's so easy to misunderstand them. People need to KNOW what we are about, in order to be able to decide whether what we are saying makes sense to them or not.

    Thank you for being there and being authentic! Much love and big hugs!! xx

  19. You are awesome and hilarious, Sibylle.

    I agree with you. The news are pretty poisonous. There is too much “reality” all around us for us to perceive. We choose what we focus on. If we spend our time focusing on flaws, faults, and problems… that's what kind of life we'll live.

    That being said… those who are complaining and judging are often just scared. They are just avoiding stepping into the pain that leads to peace and happiness. I did that for so long before I awakened that I find those behaviour pattens familiar, compassion-evoking, and a little bit funny 🙂

  20. Aww thank you 🙂

    And: you put your finger on it! I don't “blame” people for being negative, I think it's this all-encompassing brainwashing by the media (who aren't “evil” either – they just want to sell, and bad news sells) that keeps people in this nightmare conviction that the world is inherently bad. Fear, like you say.

    Loving the way you put this!! x

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