There’s Nothing Wrong With You (And Me)

I do love the internet.
Last week I wrote you a love letter, expressing the vast amounts of gratitude and appreciation I feel for my online tribe these days. It’s a genuine feeling and it makes me very very happy.
And then I talked about this in a FB group I belong to, and they all came to visit my blog, the comments section exploded and I made some beautiful new connections. I discovered people who think like I do, people I can relate to on a deep level – people I never would have met otherwise because they’re half a world away. People who are definitely part of my soul tribe though, just like you are. Energy knows no distance, and it’s the internet which makes all these connections possible.
We hear so much about how anonymous the web is, how people depend more and more on technology, and how bad it all is for you. I say: The internet is a tool, and like any other tool it can be used for good or for bad. If you stop living in the real world and only communicate online, then you have a problem. If you hug and love the people around you and send loving hug-vibes to those further away through the internet, then that’s enriching and beautiful.
True or true? I find more and more that these small differentiations are very important. So much so that I started a series of short-and-sweet videos called “The Sparkly Difference”. You can find the first one here (just scroll down a little) or on YouTube.
I also love how effortlessly it all blends into each other. Some people say that my pagan life and practice has nothing to do with my Coaching, but I think it all fits together very well. I connect with nature and the divine and strive to work positive change by shaping energy with certain tools and my will (=magic). In Coaching, I connect with people and help them work positive change by utilising Coaching tools and energy in the shape of my intuition. Both are directed at effecting positive change and progress. Of course there are differences, but no contradictions.
I’ve been busy this week, “prettifying” my Coaching website. I replaced the rather dull brown colour of the logo and menus with a gorgeous dark red, take a look! Do you like it? And while I was working away, suddenly my slogan dropped into my head, just like that. It’s me and my Coaching to a –t, and I love it: “My passion is to help you thrive.” I added that to the website, too! Please feel free to share the link; word of mouth is and remains the best advertising (and unlike online advertising, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!).
My website rocks. Yes, that might sound a little over-confident, but d’you know what? I’ve browsed a LOT of Coaching websites lately, because I’m currently in the market for a Coach myself, and most have walls of text and the information is hidden underneath somewhere. It’s also surprisingly hard to find someone who a) is qualified in a way that’s recognised by major organisations like the ICF, b) works with abundance, law of attraction etc, and c) is within my current financial range. And most invite you to a trial session without telling you their prices! Dang it, I don’t need to be convinced of the value of Coaching, and I know exactly what my budget is. Just tell me your price already.

Incidentally, I fulfill all these criteria. I should hire myself! Haha.
You know, I have become very sensitive to some things. For example, internet “gurus” keep telling anyone who’ll listen (and pay them money) that you need to find what’s missing from people’s lives and exploit that in order to sell anything. Many Coaches have jumped on the bandwagon and their websites imply or state outright, that you are unhappy and unable to resolve the many problems you have, and that’s why you need a Coach. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone is unhappy sometimes, and we’re all stuck on occasion, and a Coach can indeed help.
However, I refuse to make this my main angle for selling. My clients aren’t incomplete without me, or incapable of solving their own problems. What I’m offering is a positive way forward with ease and joy, a way to transform one’s life not out of desperation but out of the realisation that it’s possible to be even happier and more successful. Is it just me or is there a big difference? For my part, I won’t sign up with anyone who tries to tell me there’s something wrong with me. I want a Coach who believes in me and my abilities and skills. And that’s the kind of Coach I am to others, too.
Thanks for listening, my dears!

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6 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Wrong With You (And Me)

  1. Hi Sibylle. I like you posts generally and read them all but don't always comment. but I'd like to add to your beginning, I tell my students when I take them for a stretch and challenge session. Fist thing is I put my mobile phone on a desk, much derision as they're not allowed in class, then I tell them as a cub I had to earn my first “star” by going to a telephone box asking the operator for a number pressing the correct button to pay for the call and then taking the reply back to the scout hut. The rest is to pick up the mobile phone and ask them what they would do and add that the mobile has 4 times more memory than the moon landing craft had. I ask them what I would find if I was able to come back and visit when they are the age I am now (63), what do they think would be the advances.
    Perhaps boring but surprising how many really own the subject.
    Thanks for everything so far. talk again soon.

  2. Hi Rod! It's great to “read from you” 🙂 And gods, do I love that lesson you're teaching! It's a true lesson in life. I love the example of a mobile phone having four times the memory of the moon landing craft. Imagine where we can go these days!
    Peter Gabriel said during a concert I saw last year, that these days revolutions are started over the internet because for the first time in history people can connect to each other all over the world, without the need to travel. And that it's become much harder for government crimes to stay hushed up, and how much hope this gives him for the human race. He's so right!
    Much love!

  3. Not sure if you got my last comment. After I hit 'publish' the screen sent a frown face and said something about the server. Anyway, I was saying that I love how the internet has made the world a smaller place, how we really do have everything at our fingertips. Okay, that can be kinda scary at times, but overall, pretty cool!

  4. This is the only comment I got, so there must really have been an error. AWeber has had a major outage the other day, I hope Blogger isn't acting up too!
    So true about the world getting smaller, and in the good way – it makes it easier to reach out to people 🙂

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