Spring, Musicians, And The Simple Life

It’s my favourite time of the year, the days are getting longer and longer, and even when the weather is horrible the temperatures stay relatively mild. I hear that some places have 20 degrees and sunshine these days – in Ireland it goes up to around 15, which means it’s almost time to change to my summer jacket. Jubilation!

I’m finishing up in my old job and feeling lighter of spirit than I have in a long time – not in spite of work for once, but because of it, because of the new job I’ve got to look forward to. I’m taking it easy these days and that gives me the opportunity to look around and notice things. I like noticing. 

One thing I notice is that I have almost nothing to talk about with people who routinely abuse politicians, bankers, the badness of the world and everything that moves. I just don’t indulge in these subjects any longer, I’m too busy feeding and nourishing that which already works well in this world and the people who initiate positive change. Absence of judgment makes for such a peaceful life, but it takes a little getting used to in conversation.

I’m listening to a lot of music these days, and even there I notice I no longer rigidly love or hate certain music. I’ve always been first and foremost a musician, and these days I simply appreciate good musicians even when the music they make isn’t to my taste. I also appreciate a much wider range of music these days. 

Some people do a double take when they know me as a metalhead and then I enthuse about how great the Bee Gees were. Well, they were – excellently written songs and that vocal harmony, at a time long before studio technology made it possible to adjust every voice so they sound perfect together. In fact, they recorded most of their best-known songs with all three of them singing into the same microphone – now that requires musicianship! They had oodles of it, and I love some of the songs they made. 

I love Brahms and Kate Bush and Yes and Metallica. They all have excellent musicianship in common. 

I’m sure one day I’ll have more exciting things to write about again, but for now, I enjoy floating. I enjoy taking a walk after work without wearing a scarf, and hearing the waves crashing around the foot of Bray Head. I enjoy talking to my friends. I enjoy sitting at home with my budgies and reading or re-watching the X-Files for the umpteenth time. I enjoy a cup of tea, and my new beautiful glass teapot. 

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10 thoughts on “Spring, Musicians, And The Simple Life

  1. I love Spring too 🙂 and I don't want to deal with those kinds of people either. I should listen to a lot more music than I do. These days it's mostly Lilith's stuff on the way to and from school. I have to remind myself to play some music tonight.

  2. There's some awesome music for children, though! Knowing you, I'm sure you're also introducing Lilith to the “good stuff” though 😀

  3. I admit that I have had a tendency to get too emotionally involved in how people bash politicians and the like as you said. I am so very much trying to change that about myself. I actually think lingering in those types of feelings too long makes it harder for the good stuff to come in.

    And I've discovered over the past year or so that it makes music that much harder to enjoy, among other things. I used to say that music was my prozac. When I let myself get too negative music wouldn't even help soothe me.

    Anyway, here's to all of us moving in a happy direction with lots of good music to accompany us!

  4. I believe you're right – it is harder to get into a “good vibe” which attracts good things to us if we're starting from a negative one, it's almost like you're jumping not from the ground, but from a hole in the ground. It's further to jump, ya know?

    Music as prozac is a great way of putting it, I'll have to remember that! xx

  5. steve

    music has been a constant joy in my life the older i get the more i appreciate it it can become so many things and pull you in so many ways .a thing of creation of beauty qnd magic

  6. You're hitting the nail on the head there, Steve, and what a beautiful way of putting it, “creation of beauty and magic”. Thanks for that! 🙂

  7. It's hard for me to accept Bee Gees as great… If you'd said ABBA…
    But it's indeed very funny to observe people's reaction when you make a good cocktail with King Crimson, Gorecki and… let's say ABBA.
    It's good to be here.

  8. Great *musicians* – whether you thought their music was great, is a question of taste 😉
    And I love ABBA! I used to sing in an ABBA revival band, did I mention that? Hehe.
    Nice to read you here!

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