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Long breaks between blog entries – I’m sorry!

A lot is going on, but you see, most of it is happening on the inside and it’s not always easy to explain – or interesting to read, for that matter. I’m going through some major shifts and dealing with very old baggage, clearing my energy and gaining insights that are profound not because I didn’t know these things before, but because I’m understanding them on a deeper, almost physical level. Do you know what I mean?

And really, it’s the best time of the year to understand and be en-lightened. I’m relishing the long, bright evenings. The Solstice this year has been extraordinary for me. I always love this time of the year, but I get to enjoy it more this time because a) my hayfever is not as bad (I think my cleaner eating habits are having an effect) and b) the weather has been spectacular, with a few days’ exception. When I went to bed on the night of the Solstice, after my usual walk and ritual, I left the blinds open and just sat there in bed watching the sky slowly turn from light grey to medium grey. It didn’t even go any darker than that until almost midnight. Magical.

It’s such a beautiful time of the year, and I’m always awake more, sleep less, and think more during these weeks. This year is no exception, and here’s what’s going on.

It looks more and more as if I’ll have to look for a new job. Is that a catastrophe? No. I’ll never regret taking this job, it’s reminded me of my priorities and what I’m looking for, as well as the things I’m not willing to compromise on in a job. There’s nothing new on the horizon yet but once there is, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, I’m dealing with working “late shift” to eight thirty every night. It does not suit me, in fact it’s dragging me down a lot. But it’s necessary for us to be able to work on the US market, which is our only option at the moment. It does mean that my already limited social life goes to zero during the week, including the online part – World of Warcraft raids happen on weekday nights with my group, because the others all work regular jobs. I miss them, and I hope I’ll soon be on normal hours again.

The inner changes I’ve been talking about concern the whole subject of working on my own terms. You know my story, my financial troubles of the past. I’m not willing to take financial risks any more, I did it once and got burned. Then again, at the time I liked what I was doing but it wasn’t my life’s dream. It’s different with Coaching and having a Bird Sanctuary – these are things I identify with 100%.

As you also know, part of the dream is having my own little hag cottage somewhere quiet, and that requires having a “regular” job to get the mortgage. So it looks like I’m going to work an office job for at least the next year or two. Once I have the mortgage, I’ll look at work-at-home options, which companies like Apple offer here in Ireland (I’ve worked for them before and would do so again at the drop of a hat), not paid as well but probably enough to live on and pay the mortgage rates.

I can see myself working from home and doing the Coaching and my Bird Sanctuary on the side. Travel to and from work takes up so much time and energy, not to mention money! I’ve worked from home before and know what it entails, so no problems there with discipline etc. And if and when my business evolves to the point that I can live on it, I might one day be able to give up the steady job altogether. I’m just not in a terrible rush to do it.

Here’s the plan:

  • Get a new job with a good work-life balance (overtime every now and then is fine, but not all the time).
  • Keep saving. In about a year’s time, apply for a mortgage.
  • Get hag cottage, move hag + budgies in.
  • Get work-at-home job when I can afford the lower income.
  • All the while, keep Coaching and being happy.
  • Set up Bird Sanctuary.
  • Be even happier.

How’s that sound?

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10 thoughts on “Welcome To My Life Plan

  1. Oh, there's nothing more magical than midsummer in Norway. I remember it well, although it was ten years ago (at the Village Gathering)! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a plan and I feel you will succeed! Working from home sounds really good! Your plan seems so doable. Visualise it everyday and you clearly are grateful for what you have already. Good luck x

  3. Thank you!! I've been visualising this for so long, it almost feels unreal that it's actually about to happen, that I have a clear time frame now! It's a lovely feeling xx

  4. No need for apologies regarding regular blog entries – life gets in the way and people understand this! I was up at sunrise on Solstice morning – it was a beautiful morning with a slight mist gliding low on the green fields, a cloud cap on the mountain and the sun rising slowly but surely until finally my house was filled with golden sunshine – a great way to start the Solstice. Your plans will get there in the end – maybe a few bumps along the way but those bumps just make you stronger.
    In love and Light

  5. Thank you! The bumps were certainly there, and I'm sure there'll be more, but it's true they make me stronger and they'll also make me more certain that this is really what I want.

    Your Solstice morning sounds beautiful! I was up at the crack of dawn too. It was such a beautiful day, and you of course know we don't get too many of those! The sea was this deep silvery blue, completely magical 🙂

    Much love! x

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