With A Mad (Almost Cackling) Laugh

It’s the air.

Sometimes I think I might live somewhere other than Ireland. I went to visit my dad in Germany over the weekend, and remembered with a sigh how much cheaper everything is there, and that healthcare is free and that there’s a proper summer (I had three days of around 30 degrees) and so on. Also, two of my dearest friends are in Germany, and spending an afternoon and evening with them really brought it home how much I miss them, well, all the rest of the year.

It’s not the first time I’ve had thoughts like that. But every time I only need to step out of the plane back home and smell the air, and I’m reminded why I could never leave.

Yesterday evening, I was initially robbed of the experience because the plane door opened right into the terminal, which is also where I’d parked my car, and so I rolled down the window while I drove onto the motorway. A gust of wind leapt into the car, and with it the humid, fresh Irish air with the unmistakable salty scent of the sea mixed into it. I laughed out loud in delight, almost drunk with happiness. Home, sang my senses. Home!

I think I went over the speed limit quite a few times on the way back, because I just could not WAIT to see my budgies. Thankfully there’s hardly any traffic late on a Monday evening. I found the budgies fluffed up and sleepy, and slightly alarmed at my excited: “Cutest!! I’m back! I missed you sooo much!” I tried to calm down and sat on the sofa until they were all fluffy again, then I tiptoed upstairs to give them the peace and quiet they need.

So those were my most “immediate” news. A lot else is going on: I’ve got a new job with Hewlett Packard! It’s going to be a bit of a commute, but I think it’ll be worth it. During the interview, I was worried I might sound as if I was telling them just what they wanted to hear, but every last thing they said about the job was indeed exactly what I do best and like most. It was supposed to be a 2-3 phase process, but they kept me there for over two hours and in the end, offered me the job on the spot.

I said a very warm good-bye to my previous job and was invited to lunch as a good-bye present. I’m sad it didn’t work out there because of our client, but I have this unshakeable faith that things happen for good reason, and maybe HP is where I need to be now. “Now” meaning from next Monday on, which is when I’ll start.

In the meantime I have a bit of time off, and I’m working on a new Coaching offer. This will be slightly different than my existing offers, which are for everyone. The new program will be specifically for HSPs (Highly Sensitive People), it’ll consist of modules which a “theme” each, that people can pick and choose from. It’ll also be a combination of workbooks and actual 1-on-1 Coaching. I think it’ll be great and I hope people will agree! It’ll take a while to finish, but I’ll of course let you know when it’s done and available.

My days consist of work on the new program, and otherwise lots of time for myself and my hobbies, like reading and playing World of Warcraft. Above you’ll find some of my favourite music from WoW; I hope you’ll enjoy it. I’ve also just discovered my new favourite flavour of Magic Mayan Chocolate – Oriental Orange! It tastes of cinnamon and spices and just ecstatically sinful.

I hope your summer is as wonderful as mine! I feel rather like I’ve strayed into a fairyland dream these days. Long may they last!

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12 thoughts on “With A Mad (Almost Cackling) Laugh

  1. All good news Sibylle! Glad to hear the jobs news evolving so quickly! I'm sure HP will be even better than your last job (manisfesting here 🙂 )
    It's a great feeling to be so ecstaticly happy sometimes, to be so grateful for all the great things in live 🙂

  2. Yeah, sometimes life just happens exactly as it should 🙂 And when the weather is good in summer, I always feel like nothing could go wrong! xx

  3. It is often said Sibylle, one opens as another closes, step through with all your friends blessing, enjoy the new challenge good or bad it can only enrich you 🙂

  4. Thanks, Rod 🙂

    Saw something on FB once, “if one door closes and another opens, your house is probably haunted” hehe.

    It's some of my favourite WoW music, night elf themes.

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