Dinos, Balance, And Money Magic

The giant dino roars and stomps towards me. I turn and run away down the mighty hallway, my powerful lion’s legs making it impossible for him to catch up. He gives up and turns around. We all close in on him again and spells fly as everyone is doing their best to bring down the ancient beast. Two of the group get chomped when they accidentally step out in front of him. But we have enough people left and finally, he slowly keels over and cheers erupt over our voice chat system.

This was what happened on Monday night during my raid in World of Warcraft. It might all be just pixels, but trust me, the adrenaline is real! To do well in the game is an accomplishment just as being good at tennis, or at chess for that matter, is. It requires lightning fast reflexes and decisions within split-seconds. I love it.

And you know what, it’s just as well that I’m taking some time to have fun with my hobbies. I need it to balance the rather large amounts of energy spent on learning my new job, as well as doing my wonderful, joyful Coaching work – because much as I like both my “works”, they are work and not play. 

Now if you are wondering what the point and the “theme” of this blog post are, they’re Balance and Magic. And Dinos, of course. I’ll come to the magic part now.

You’re all signed up for Yiye’s Manifesting Money with Joy ecourse by now, aren’t you? I keep marvelling at how relevant and applicable it all is. I told you about my releasing my financial fear and opening up to spending money on myself recently; well, those initial purchases did leave a larger-than-usual balance on my credit card this month. So the other week, I decided I would manifest an additional 1,000 Euro by the 1st of November 2014. I have no idea how this is going to happen, but I am sure it is – I even wrote it down on a piece of paper which I’m now carrying in my pretty new wallet.

What can I say? I’ve already manifested the first 400 now, a WEEK later. I didn’t quite realise that because I started my new job at the end of July, I’d be paid for a few days extra this month, and so my paycheck is higher than it would be for just the one month. Consequently, I paid off the credit card in one go (as I usually do, but wasn’t sure I could this month) and I’ve still saved as much money as I always do – AND I’ll go for a small-ish shopping spree tomorrow evening to further replenish my rather empty wardrobe.

I do love my new job. And the area around here is so beautiful! Today I drove into work dreaming my big dream in great detail and getting so preoccupied, I actually missed the turn-off for HP. It was a beautiful, radiant sunny morning and I saw so much beauty on my little detour, lots of green, trees, and quaint little cottages. I could absolutely see myself living here!

I feel incredibly abundant and well-cared-for by this lovely life. They say abundance is a mindset, and I can tell you, it really is, and it CAN be acquired and trained. Talk to me if you are struggling, consider some Coaching – I couldn’t have gotten there without a Coach, and spending that money is so, so worth it, a thousand times over (not just idealistically, but in money, too). Life is beautiful because we make it so, not for any outward circumstances – which we can and do create, anyway. Everyone deserves to experience the bliss of it.

Happy Hag

                      Talion on the budgie playground

If this is getting boring, I sincerely apologise – not! I’m a happy hag in general, and particularly happy and content lately. From lovely get-togethers with even lovelier friends, to my lovely job and even lovelier work as a Coach for the Highly Sensitive, to still keeping my flat reasonably clean these days (which makes me happy because much as I dislike cleaning, I love living in a pretty, clean environment).

I’m enjoying my days and relishing the evenings working and dreaming. I once posted, in an old blog, a picture of the timber house I thought of building, maybe some of you will remember? Well, I’m now looking at alternatives and think I may have found something even more perfect – and affordable! In my mind, I actually LIVE in the place. I think about exactly where the sofa will be, and the cutest, and my gaming computer, and a desk for working from home, and what exactly it’s all going to look like. I think about colours – I want a colourful house, with lots of blues and greens and sunny orange and yellow. And red. Purple? We shall see.

Part of this is probably spurred on by the fact that after a bit of a holiday, my landlord and family are back and so are the days of noise well into the night. I’m soooo looking forward to just being able to sleep whenever I choose to, and not have to worry about my budgies getting enough quiet through the dark hours of the night. I tell them about our new place practically daily, especially when they’re scared by some unexpected noise late in the evening. 

At the same time, I keep my mind open – I might not end up in my own timber house after all, maybe I’ll fall in love with an existing (stone) house instead. I don’t put any limits on my dream. I have this deep conviction that when I have the money together, the perfect place will be there for me. And the mortgage will be approved. In perfect time, because that’s how the universe works.

Trust is the only thing capable of calming my impatience.

And sometimes I just need to remove myself from the world (I guess everyone needs that every now and then). This week, I’ve felt a growing impatience – I’ve been so good lately, working around the clock and even postponing reading “Fool’s Assassin” which was published on the 12th – and exhaustion, and so I made an effort to keep this coming weekend clear.

It’s almost the New Moon as well, a good time to get some rest. I’ll go into hibernation mode, lock myself away from the world and read, read, read, as well as talk to my budgies, take walks, drink tea, and play World of Warcraft. I might even look up the new non-player character the creators of WoW have put into the game in honour of Robin Williams, who was a long-term gamer and played WoW among others. May his beautiful soul find peace at last.

Have a great week! I’ll talk to you after I’ve returned to humanity.

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The Break-Up

There comes a time when you have to face the truth and break up. Let go. Go your own way. 

I just broke up with the last 10 years of my life. 

How does that work? 

Well, I made the decision that I’m no longer broke (which I’m demonstrably not) and that I’ll stop acting like I am. It’s not so easy, you know. It becomes a habit. Add to that the fact that I still have next to no disposable income, and the habit becomes even harder to break – although these days I’m skint because I save rigorously for the deposit on my own hag cottage. It’s by choice, and that makes all the difference in the world. 

When I went bankrupt, I had no choice – I remember going to the supermarket and having to buy food for a week with less than 5 Euro (it’s possible. Thank the gods I REALLY like potatoes). My bankruptcy taught me all the things I DON’T need, all the things that are expendable and only seem “necessary” because we are so danged spoilt in our Western world of plenty. It also finally, finally make me learn about finances and MANAGE my money. I’ll be forever grateful for the lessons. 

But there’s a difference between living simply and denying oneself absolutely everything that’s not strictly necessary for survival. And that’s where the above-mentioned decision came in. You know I don’t believe in co-incidences, and so I think it was wonderful timing that at that moment, the wonderful Yiye offered a free ecourse on “Manifesting Money with Joy” (you HAVE to do that course! Seriously, sign up for it NOW) which gave me some amazing extra impulses.

One of them was to buy a new wallet. Yes, really! Mine was over 20 years old and ragged around the edges but heck, it was functional, and I had so many better things to spend money on for so long… -At Yiye’s suggestion in the course, I went on a quest one day and brought home in triumph the wallet you see in the picture above. I’m in LOVE with it! My money has a much more cheerful home now. 

Next came my wardrobe. I’ve never kept more clothes than I need, but I was still wearing some very old clothes (by necessity – because for so long, I had no money to buy any). This time, I did a radical blitz and donated or threw out anything older than a few years and anything I wasn’t wearing anymore. 

It was scary. There’s almost nothing left. I hyperventilated, then I willed myself to be calm and decided to buy a few basic pieces, and take it from there. It took a lot of deep breaths and reminders: “It’s ok, Sibylle. You can afford it”, but I went through with it and I’m very proud of myself. 

One of the things I never bought for the last 10 years is anything “girly” you’d find in the section titled “beauty”. So, I took another couple of deep breaths and threw out the last few dried-up lip glosses and eyeliners I had kept, and then went out and bought a few pretty hair clasps, nail polish, and two different eyeshadows. Ohmygods, the expense!! I keep forgetting to put on makeup, but with the new job it was a good opportunity to change my morning routine and plan in 5 minutes for beauty purposes. I’m getting better at it, and I feel all grown-up and well-turned-out, I’m telling you! 

Actually, I haven’t told you the half of it. Last weekend, I went for a MANICURE. It was the first I’d had in my entire life! I don’t have long nails, but even with short nails a hand looks nicer when the cuticles are all soft and nice and not shredded and hard as sandpaper. 

Do I have a little less money left to save this month? Certainly. But it’s not going to break the bank, or my dream either. I’m going to keep practising, in smaller installments, to spend money on myself. I can’t even begin to tell you what a huge shift this has caused in my life already. 

Abundance, here I come! It’s definitely no accident that I just launched my new Coaching program for the Highly Sensitive the other day, which is flexible, affordable, intensive, and transformational – just like me! Check it out, I’d love to hear what you think. 

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Learning Curves (Yes, Plural!)

I took the above picture today at lunch. This pretty pond is only a few minutes’ walk from my desk, on the grounds of HP. I spent most of my lunchbreak lying in the grass and getting roasted by the sun, trying to process my disbelief at actually being AT WORK whilst doing this. The major challenge was not falling asleep, it was so peaceful and quiet.
Come to think of it, it’s just as well that I get peaceful lunches, because other than that, I’m very busy learning all those financial terms and trying to wrap my head around complicated processes. What possessed me to work in finances? I have to admit though, that it’s all rather interesting. 
When I get home, I do more work, this time on my brand new and hot program for HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons). Even if I say so myself, it’s turning out amazing! And if you look at the prices, you’ll see that it’ll be very affordable. Setting all this up has some challenges for me too, for example I finally had to learn how to create guided meditations. Much sweat flowed and hair was torn while I tried to figure out how to record without too much background buzzing, and put soothing music on the track without drowning out my voice. The result may not be world class, but it’ll do the job and I’m soooo proud at having figured this out on my own, as a not-so-technical person!
Now you know where the title comes from. And that’s why I feel incredibly alive these days, in spite of the amount of work in both job and business. I just LOVE learning new things. I can practically feel my grey brain cells dancing. 
Which is just as well, seeing as my brain cells would just go into overdrive these days, if they weren’t kept busy and happy by all the activity. The thing is, the coming week is like geek/nerd central in my world, with lots of important dates coming up that I’ve been waiting for forever, such as:
  • On the 9th, the first episode of “Outlander” will air in the States. I’ve seen it already, since there’s a free preview on the Starz website, and I can’t wait for the rest of the series – it’s just PERFECT. And now, the world will finally be infected by the bug I got from my Inga 11 years ago (if you haven’t read the series, DO EET NOW)!

  • On the 12th , the wait is over and “Fool’s Assassin” will be published – yesssssssssssssss! 

  • On the 14th, Blizzard will announce the release date of the next WoW expansion. About. bloody. time!! Knowing my luck, it will probably drop in October, when we have a financial year end at the job and I’ll be working around the clock, haha.
I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but these three events would each have been enough to make my day, week, and month on their own. 
And that’s it! Tell me how you like the sound of the new Coaching program (link above), don’t forget to subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already, and enjoy the post-Lughnasad summer while it lasts.

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