Happy Hag

                      Talion on the budgie playground

If this is getting boring, I sincerely apologise – not! I’m a happy hag in general, and particularly happy and content lately. From lovely get-togethers with even lovelier friends, to my lovely job and even lovelier work as a Coach for the Highly Sensitive, to still keeping my flat reasonably clean these days (which makes me happy because much as I dislike cleaning, I love living in a pretty, clean environment).

I’m enjoying my days and relishing the evenings working and dreaming. I once posted, in an old blog, a picture of the timber house I thought of building, maybe some of you will remember? Well, I’m now looking at alternatives and think I may have found something even more perfect – and affordable! In my mind, I actually LIVE in the place. I think about exactly where the sofa will be, and the cutest, and my gaming computer, and a desk for working from home, and what exactly it’s all going to look like. I think about colours – I want a colourful house, with lots of blues and greens and sunny orange and yellow. And red. Purple? We shall see.

Part of this is probably spurred on by the fact that after a bit of a holiday, my landlord and family are back and so are the days of noise well into the night. I’m soooo looking forward to just being able to sleep whenever I choose to, and not have to worry about my budgies getting enough quiet through the dark hours of the night. I tell them about our new place practically daily, especially when they’re scared by some unexpected noise late in the evening. 

At the same time, I keep my mind open – I might not end up in my own timber house after all, maybe I’ll fall in love with an existing (stone) house instead. I don’t put any limits on my dream. I have this deep conviction that when I have the money together, the perfect place will be there for me. And the mortgage will be approved. In perfect time, because that’s how the universe works.

Trust is the only thing capable of calming my impatience.

And sometimes I just need to remove myself from the world (I guess everyone needs that every now and then). This week, I’ve felt a growing impatience – I’ve been so good lately, working around the clock and even postponing reading “Fool’s Assassin” which was published on the 12th – and exhaustion, and so I made an effort to keep this coming weekend clear.

It’s almost the New Moon as well, a good time to get some rest. I’ll go into hibernation mode, lock myself away from the world and read, read, read, as well as talk to my budgies, take walks, drink tea, and play World of Warcraft. I might even look up the new non-player character the creators of WoW have put into the game in honour of Robin Williams, who was a long-term gamer and played WoW among others. May his beautiful soul find peace at last.

Have a great week! I’ll talk to you after I’ve returned to humanity.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Hag

  1. That little birdie is so beautiful! And I love the dream catcher you have hanging there. I recently bought one for the first time in my life. I think I could have a whole wall of them!

  2. There's quite a story behind that dreamcatcher. It's also the little brother of the one over my own bed, and they're both magical – and work!
    And yes, Talion is unbelievably cute ❤

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