Last Friday was the big day. 

I had planned it for weeks, and Friday evening after work, I took 100 EUR out of my abundant paycheck (I adjusted other budgets until I had a full 100 EUR available), and went to a shopping mall near my work. The mission was to replenish my stock of non-black sweaters for autumn and winter, and the criteria was only that I had to like them, they had to be at least partially made of natural fibre and not be in a colour I already owned. The latter was easy to accomplish, because after my clear-out frenzy last month I had exactly TWO pullovers left! 

I thought I’d probably get another two with my budget. I strolled through the mall, feeling abundant and glamorous (I was wearing the make-up to boot), and went into every single clothing boutique. To cut a long story short, I ended up with five – FIVE! – sweaters! The picture above shows the bounty spread out on my bed. I love all of them, and they are all at least part cotton. When I had four and had spent 75 EUR, I strolled into another store and saw the bright cobalt blue one on the right. I fell in love. It is over 50% cotton and feels amazing. It also fit perfectly. It was only then that I checked the price tag – 24.99!! I stayed exactly in budget. I love abundance magic. 

I drove home with my shopping bags, feeling ridiculously luxurious and abundant, exhausted but happy. I still haven’t managed to put those jumpers into my wardrobe, they are spread out over the airer where I can see them and grin at them every time I enter my bedroom. I’ll get over it, I promise, haha! 

The above might seem insignificant and mundane to some, but to me it’s such a huge step. I’m abundant, I spend money on myself, but within reason and most importantly, within budget. Ten years ago I didn’t even have a budget. If you don’t have one, I urge you to learn about these things. If you’d like support, consider booking a basic 3-month Coaching package. You’ll spend the money initially, but I promise you’ll more than make up for the investment in the months to follow. This is so important, and it’s so liberating! I’ve gone through the money and abundance steps with several of my Coaching clients, and the results were always overwhelming. Seriously, consider it. 

To me, this means that I’m walking my talk. That I really have learned my lesson. That I’m nothing like the person I was ten years ago. I’m now free, abundant, happy, and in control. It feels AMAZING. 

It’s also very fitting that this happened during the Waxing Moon. This cycle I’m growing my abundance and my money muscles! I’m also growing content and happiness. I feel like I’m at the beginning of a phase in my life when things are coming together: I have a lovely job in an amazing, no-BS company, I can foresee having my deposit together next year and coming closer to my dream, I’m happy and settled where I live currently, my business gives me inspiration and happiness, and my finances are solid. 

Again, it’s nothing outrageous or sensational, but looking back, I realise I’ve come a long way from living and working in four different countries, always broke, with no concept or plan, floundering, and finally going into debt. Ten years hard work and education later, it’s actually happening! The work is beginning to pay off. 

It’s definitely no co-incidence that it’s the Harvest Moon this month. I’m loving my harvest so far, and I’m going to celebrate the Full Moon on the 9th in rather more splendor than usual. After that, I’ll be ready for the balance of the Equinox. 

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6 thoughts on “Results

  1. You have come a long way 🙂 I just got some new clothes, and I'm currently altering some old ones. So I'm revamping my wardrobe too. 5 sweaters within 100 EUR is a good spree.

  2. Love the cobalt blue sweater! There's something special about the things we work for. I still smile when I catch a glimpse of something accomplished years before. Not that we have to work hard and struggle for everything. It's the mindfulness of ourselves that infuses our work and purchases. I can just see the glow on your face wearing those sweaters because you'll be embodied and embraced in abundance, and emboldened to be even more of the new you.

  3. You say it so well, Lorraine 🙂 I actually just managed to finally put the sweaters away, and it made me smile all over again to fold each one of them and look forward to wearing them.
    Abundance is such a wonderful thing to tap! And yes, we work for it, but not in the sense of struggle – maybe in the sense of learning when to stop struggling and just ALLOW things to be?

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