The Dynamics Of Balance

It’s that time of the year, when it can still get fairly mild during the day, but the nights are absolutely freezing. In the morning, my car is full of condensation and there’s a cold mist over the fields. I took the picture above just outside the office last week, and it shows autumn is on its way! I know there are some countries where you still get 25 degrees in October – the Germans call it “Old Wives’ Summer” – but over here in Ireland, summer often ends with July. 

We still get mild days though. Yesterday morning the world had that dim, misty greyness we usually associate with November. By the time I left work, the sky was bright blue and the sun was shining on a mild 18 degrees. It’s this contrast between day and night that tells me, more than anything else, that autumn is on its way. The equinox is less than two weeks away, it happens on the 23rd this year in the early hours, so actually in the night between the 22nd and the 23rd. What are your plans, if any? I think I’ll focus a lot on balance in my celebration, it’s my life theme this lifetime. 

In fact, I’m managing more and more balance in my life. I have my job and my wonderful, sacred, inspiring Coaching, as well as free time and play. I still don’t have enough time with friends, but it’s a lot better than it was a year ago. And while I still sit on my bum waaaaay too much – at work and also at home, both during Coaching and during gaming – I have started moving again with the free Pilates course at work. It’s a beginning! 

There are different ways to look at balance in life. From a Pagan perspective, I tend to look to nature and its cyclic seasons and moon phases, and that’s a good example of how balance is always dynamic instead of static. Static would mean that nothing ever changes. Dynamic means: you might have a new baby and then you’ll get less sleep and have less time to look after yourself for a while, whilst relationships (with your baby) are high on your agenda. You may take a year off and go big on self care and body fitness for a while, whilst your professional development takes a back seat. But the pendulum always swings back into the opposite direction eventually, and so all in all, you still achieve balance – a dynamic balance. 

I tend to look at four categories and try to do something for myself in all four of them. 

  • Body – currently Pilates, mostly clean eating 
  • Mind – currently learning new things at work, creating, Coaching 
  • Soul – my budgies, connecting with friends and family, playing WoW 
  • Spirit – Pagan practice, walks in nature, meditation 

If I ever have to think about what to write down in one of those areas, it’s usually a sign that it’s out of balance! Then I look at it to determine whether it’s just one of the usual dynamic swings in the other direction, or whether it’s a permanent thing that needs to be fixed. All in all I’m absolutely ASTONISHED at the balance I’ve found. I used to lead a life that was much different. I had lots of people around me, went out all the time, travelled a lot, and never stayed in one place for too long. It was a great way to live for a while although it did leave traces and yes, scars, but it’s just not my way any longer. 

By the way, I don’t believe this has anything do to with age, just with the amount of time of having lived a certain way. After a while, the pendulum longs to swing back. There was a time when I was too closed off, almost a hermit, and now that’s changed too and I’m sort of in the balanced middle. It would almost be static, but there are still and always element which are moving. 

Life’s grand, isn’t it? How’s your balance? 

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12 thoughts on “The Dynamics Of Balance

  1. I know what to write in those areas, but I do them all to rarely. I'm getting better at it though.

    Body – Yoga, eating less of the bad stuff, drinking less soda
    Mind – Creating, Coaching
    Soul – Connecting with friends and family, Creating (fits here too)
    Spirit – Journeys, witchy practice, spending time in nature, meditation

  2. What a great blogpost Sibylle!
    Yes, autumns is defenitely arriving. Leaves are changing colors, nights are colder, and nature is slowing down in general. I've been feeling it for the last few weeks, but now signs are clearly showing up and there's no denying 🙂
    I must say I enjoy driving to work, towards the sunrise , with the fields on my left and right clouded in mist 🙂 Beautiful!
    As for balance goes, it's one of the things I have to continuously watch over in my life. I'm very easily swallowed up by all kinds of things, and my life gets out of balance!
    So, Body : i've recently started running, with a stronger and improced back. so far all is well 🙂 keeping it up !
    Mind : I read, trying to live healthier in general, eat healthier and reduce my stress levels at work. Breathing excercises 🙂
    Soul : enjoying some me time now and then, and keeping in touch with friends, and trying to build in some 'us' moments with my man.
    Spirit : keeping my witchy practices going, and trying to incorporate them in my daily life. works better and better, but I need to keep an eye on it 🙂

    So there, I'm not doing so bad after all 😉

  3. Yes! It's lovely driving to work through a fairly green area, isn't it? That's when I notice the subtle changes to nature from day to day. The lush fullness of summer is slowly going and replaced by the first coloured leaves and yes, the mist in the valleys in the morning 🙂

    Your balance sounds lovely! So important to get in some quality time with your loved one, too.


  4. The picture you took is lovely. Autumn is my favorite time of year, although being from the Texas desert and now living in the tropics, I haven't had a proper autumn since I lived in Tennessee where they actually have seasons. I do miss it.

  5. I do love spring and summer, I just adore the long days and mild temperatures, but autumn does have its beauty, and evenings cuddled up with blankets and tea and a good book and all that! I can imagine that you miss it 🙂

  6. Sibylle I lurk far too much on your blog. So hello! I am here and I do read you 🙂 I am so happy Autumn is just here. I find it amazing we are all from such differing places in the world and I see us posting misty autumn pictures in various online areas. Autumn for me is no more bug repellant and less of a need to slather myself head to toe with spf10000 sunblock. lol I love it! This is my time of year and I'm so ready for it! 🙂

    This autumn had me ditching some things that I had meant to say no to, but wound up saying yes to. So my life will be much more balanced in 10 days! At least I got the courage to get rid of them now before they wore me out. It's a start right? 🙂

  7. Oh I'm just the same, Laurie, I need to comment more on my favourite blogs, and that includes yours! I promise betterment 😀

    I know summer is very hot where you live. Here, it's the one time in the year mild enough for me to be outdoors without a jacket for a few weeks, and I'm so sorry to see it go! But autumn *is* beautiful.

    I love that you're working on balance too! It sounds wonderful, and yes, it's definitely a start getting rid of stuff you never wanted in the first place. Yay for balance! xx

  8. Dear Sibylle,

    It's such a joy to read this thread while sipping my PuEr tea after such a busy week! I love what you said about dynamic balance, what used to keep me balanced 3 months ago don't do the same right now. Like yourself, if I don't write down the 4 categories every day, I'm off the balance (It might last for a few days but it eventually catches up!)
    Also, thanks for sharing about your travelling time back then – somehow I feel very called – going to reflect that right now!

    much love and look forward to hearing more soon!

  9. It was certainly a wonderful time, living in four different countries, meeting lots of new people… Staying in touch was harder than it is now, because for much of this there was no internet or email, and writing letters by hand is beautiful but can become a little tiring! I wouldn't miss the experiences for the world, although I'm in a very different place now 🙂
    Much love!!

  10. I should say that while I don't like summer here in Oklahoma, I liked it in Ireland and Washington State (same exact weather as Ireland, no kidding!) and Northern California. 🙂 I'm supposed to be near the sea….That's all! 🙂

  11. For me, it's the temperatures. I love the carefree feeling of leaving the house with no jacket and not being cold – unfortunately I only get that for about two days every year around here, lol!!

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