Thoughts On Equinox Morning And Modern Slavery

This morning, I stepped out of the house and was greeted with the most beautiful sky. The picture really doesn’t capture it – there were pink and light-blue clouds in the sky, and the light of the rising sun come through indirectly, bathing everything in a surreal shimmer of gold. It was a perfect expression of the Equinox, the balance of light and darkness!

Then when I got in the car and drove off, I saw a rainbow just in front of me, another symbol of balance, since it needs both rain and sunshine to be present. It grew into a full-size rainbow as I drove onto the motorway, and then I went to work with the sun rising in deep orange colour behind me. What a gift!

I’m celebrating the balance in my life, and that includes work-life balance. And while I’m very grateful to finally work in a great company in my day job, I haven’t given up on my dream to work from home again one day. I don’t think I’ll manage to ever be completely self-sufficient here in Ireland (there are laws in place to prevent that, but I’d rather not go into detail now). What astonishes me is how many people completely accept the concept of “working for a living” as the way life works, without questioning it or even realising that this concept has only become dominant for the past 150 years or so.

If you think about it, it’s absolutely staggering how people have been enslaved by this idea. People used to work their land, and while that was often backbreaking work, it was THEIR work, on THEIR land, for THEIR own food. Or they were rich and lived off the “income” of their estates, where other people worked. Artists would find sponsors for their work and travels. Yes, there was always work, and yes, there has been money in our world for a long time, but this narrow idea of “work so you get currency in exchange” wasn’t the only, immediate, knee-jerk option in everybody’s heads. And it gave people more freedom. What astonishes me so much is how “normal” people find it that they only have a few weeks at their own disposal per year, and every other day is structured and decided on by somebody else. It’s extremely limiting, like a milder form of slavery.

Marx was spot-on. I don’t think much of the attempts at translating his insights into political systems on our planet so far, but boy did he know his stuff. And that’s why I’m working on creating a larger degree of freedom and self-determination in my own life.

In the meantime, I’m happy to spend my weekdays at a company that’s actually worth my effort. It’s the first company whose t-shirt I wear with pride! Like an addon to my Equinox celebrations, HP is currently in the middle of the 75-year anniversary. We had a big meeting in the canteen this morning, with cupcakes and coffee and a guest speaker from the US headquarters. Fortunately, he really has the gift of capturing the audience’s attention. He started off with: “Don’t worry, I’ll just talk to you, there won’t be a PowerPoint. I often say, if you need a PowerPoint, you either have no power, or no point” – haha!

We then went into the grounds and stood in the shape of a large 75 in our blue and white company t-shirts, which was photographed by some guys on the roof of one of the buildings. It was a study in how energy works: It took a while to get us all into position, and we were standing there freezing in our t-shirts. Then someone played the song “Happy” by William Pharrell over the speakers and we started dancing on the spot, clapping and whooping, and the energy was transformed immediately, you could feel it, like an electric current through the crowd. Amazing.

Gratitude. It’s another theme of the Autumn Equinox. The harvest is mostly in and we look at the bounty and give thanks. I do hope you all have as much to be grateful for, as I do these days.

Happy Equinox! 

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10 thoughts on “Thoughts On Equinox Morning And Modern Slavery

  1. We had first frost during the night. Very fitting for the Autumnal Equinox. We've been blessed with a lot of beautiful weather lately, except for a day or two.
    I've never been able to happily fit into the concept of working for a living. I The only reason I every worked, was to get the money needed to live. I find a lot of people “are” their jobs. Something I can't subscribe to.

  2. What I find weird is how unquestioningly the reality of daytime jobs is accepted. Most of our lives are sold away. I find that a little frightening!
    Frost on Equinox night sounds just like Norway to me 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I applaud your thoughts on ‘employment’ as a self evident career no questions asked. I too have contemplated this unbelievable passivity of thought in our peoples. The past weeks in Uppsala Sweden have been without a tear drop of water. So fierce was the drought that I contemplated watering the lilac hedges which seem completely dead, as the brown leaves hang stiffly pointing towards down. Watering road hedges is not something one normally does from a well so I was undecided. But 2 days ago the rains came  They sobbed and blubbered and wept for 50 hours until the soil was finally fresh and renewed. Today and through the whole day, not even the sun managed to dry the puddles. The air has cooled and the wind is just barely rippling across an over filled birdbath littered with curled leaves. No glorious sunrise today, and no rainbow but I can confirm your declaration of balance and joy as I watch the Summer Spirits march off into the southern skies and welcome the Daughters of Autumn. Your Blog is as always inspiring. Sandra Argenius

  4. Thank you, Sandra, and I'm glad you like it! 🙂
    Nature must have been so grateful to get all that water after the draught. But then of course it usually is too much, and the dry, hard earth has problems absorbing all the fluid.
    Yes, my morning was beautiful, but by the time I arrived in work it was raining, as if the weather tried to remind me that it is, indeed, autumn now! I don't mind. It's been cloudy since but at least the HP photograph happened in dry weather.
    Much love! xx

  5. “I often say, if you need a PowerPoint, you either have no power, or no point” – LOL!
    Sibylle your gratitude is contagious! I LOVE autumn too – harvest, fruition and treasuring life & whatever we have ceated to date. If you love something create more, if you don't love something, then re-approach it and create something different!
    Beautiful sky, still!

    Much love,

  6. Stepping into autumn to me feels like I'm walking into the bounty of harvest with the summer sun still warm in my bones 🙂 I much prefer spring and summer in general, but autumn does have its beauty, especially in the beginning!
    Much love xx

  7. Autumn holds so many beautiful things. It's definitely my favorite time of year. It might be my imagination, but even here in the tropics it seems that the light is shifting towards fall.

  8. I do love the changing of the seasons, although they aren't as pronounced here in Ireland either (more than in your tropical paradise though, for sure haha!). Now's the time for tea and candlelight! 🙂

  9. Yes! I couldn't agree more! We are so enslaved by money, people drag themselves to a soulsucking job just to get money in exchange. And doing something you love and do naturally is frowned upon. Have a beautiful Fall filled with moments of joy and gratitude. x

  10. Thank you! I actually thought about you when I wrote this, I remembered we talked about it 🙂 Currently I don't mind doing this exchange, but I'm very aware of the implications, and working on changing it one day.
    Much love! xx

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