The Liquid Silver Of Twilight


Dread Pirate Sibylle, at the office Hallowe’en event!

After the clocks were changed back from Daylight Savings two weeks ago, I got to drive home from work in the twilight a couple times. I LOVE twilight, it’s this indirect, hazy glow that seems to make everything possible. It also turns any water into what looks like liquid silver, be it a river, a lake, or the sea I drive past every day just before I get home. Absolutely magical.

I’ve always thought the light in Ireland to be so very special. We get a good deal of bad weather but to tell the truth, it’s often in the indirect light of the sun behind clouds that makes the Irish landscape look particularly enchanting. It’s one of the things which make things a little better for me during the cold season, which is mostly misery otherwise because I’m always, always cold in the unheated houses I’ve lived in so far.

Twilight is my favourite time of the day. When I still lived in Austria, it was the time when I’d go out to walk in the fields and by the Danube. It’s the time when I do most of my magic as it’s so much easier to get into that special state of mind, or even into a trance. It’s easy to see why folk tales and superstitions always seem to regard “in-between” times and places as particularly magical (or, in some cases, dangerous). Twilight is the time between day and night, midnight the time between one day and the next (“Witching Hour”), windows and thresholds are the places between inside and outside and got particular magical protection as well as being part of customs like the groom carrying the bride across the threshold the first time they enter the house.

I guess the in-between has this inherent nature of change, the linking moment or place which is always the weakest part of the chain. It’s the part where you might stumble, where things might find an entry which are usually kept out.

Incidentally, all the excitement and superstition around Hallowe’en has the same roots, at least around here where there used to be only two recognised seasons, the summer and the winter season. The 31st of October and the 1st of November are the “threshold” between summer and winter, and voila! The “veil between the worlds” is thinnest at that time, making it easier to commune with our ancestors and also making it easier for fairies and other entities of the spirit world to enter ours. At Bealtaine, the threshold between winter and summer, a similar thing happens: the night of 30th April is called “Witches’ Night” in some cultures – in Germany it’s the night when witches and demons and of course, the devil (these beliefs have long been coloured by the predominant Christian beliefs of the last millennia) dance and celebrate on a mountain called the Brocken.

And now we’re in the dark weeks of the year, which to me always feels a bit like a standstill, with nature going into its winter sleep and the days getting darker, until the rebirth of the light at the Solstice. I’ll do a lot of quiet and contemplative things in the next weeks, and I’ll spend a lot of time at home – if only to play WoW, because a new expansion will drop next week! But I’ll also do much meditation and spiritual work, on top of my Coaching and Teaching, of course.

Speaking of which, the next “13 Moons – A Goddess Journey Through The Year” e-course for women is drawing near! I’ve opened sign-ups this week, take a look. There’s also a convenient payment plan available if you don’t have all the cash at once. All in all, it’s very good value for a year-long course. Those who have taken it say it’s a great way to attune yourself to the cycles of the moon and the seasons, and living more in harmony with the world around ourselves, as well as our own divine femininity.

6 thoughts on “The Liquid Silver Of Twilight

  1. I was thinking the same thing this morning, when driving to work. The sky was golden from the beautiful sunrise, then it turned pink and purple and yellow, absolutely stunning. Moments like that make up for the colder days and all the wind and the rain. Each season does have its beauty. It's the turning of the wheel 🙂
    You know, last week with Halloween, I didn't find the time to do a proper ritual. But I made a promise to make this new year about spiritual growth. I've been so busy with stuff in our family the last few months that I haven't had time to ground, be me, connect on all levels. So I started out with committing myself to a moment of meditation every day this week. And I feel the reconnecting is already taking place. It's crazy and amazing. I've also been making a new BoS for myself (my old one was made when I was 16 🙂 ), and I'm loving it, finding new rituals, looking for meditations, and organising information that i've gathered over the last 10 years… 😀 I feel this year is going to be … well … magickal 😉

  2. Ooooooh, all this sounds lovely 🙂 I think spirituality and spiritual growth goes in cycles just like everything else in life. Like you, I've just come through a period when my spiritual practice was on the back burner, but you know what, I think even intention already changes things. No wonder things are already moving for you after your decision. Have a wonderful journey!

  3. Sibylle, I enjoyed the way your described the in-between times. I remembered how frighten I was the first year in England – too dark and quiet, but as the years go by, nothing can replace a good book and hot choc by the fire…

    sending you love,

  4. That's so true! It's the cosy time of the year for sure 🙂 I do love huddling up with a blanket and a book and hot tea or chocolate. Just as long as it'll get light again in spring!

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