The Dark Weeks And The Deep Inner Life

How do you turn the inside out? It’s not like nothing is happening at the moment, it’s just that most of it happens deep inside so I’m finding it hard to blog about it. It’s the time of the year, the Dark Weeks, like the world is holding its breath for the arrival of the Solstice and the return of the light. I’m all entangled in that energy and don’t do much at all – lots of time for myself, staying at home with my budgies, reading or gaming, but oh how rich is the life underneath the surface.

I had a week and a half off work in November, and it was a “holiday in World of Warcraft” for me – the new expansion had just dropped and it’s beautiful (the picture above is a screenshot from one of the gorgeous new areas in the game), and so I spent a lot of time online with my gaming friends, some of whom I’m very close to. It was great and just the amount of contact I needed!

The rest of my time off was spent in planning, dreaming, and taking stock of my life. It was a sometimes painful process with all sorts of emotions coming up. I cried, I laughed, I sat in meditation, I danced. And all along I wove the threads into the tapestry of my life. I caught a glimpse of the future, too.

Too much waffling? Well all right, here are the results:

I have affirmed once again that even with a good day-time job in a decent company, my goal is and remains to work from home in the foreseeable future. My deadline for this goal is summer 2016, but if it should be possible earlier, I’ll do it. And no, I have no idea whether it’ll be in my current job or another one, I just know that this is where I want to go.

It makes sense when you consider that I’ll have a bird sanctuary and will have to be there, to drop in for a few minutes during lunch to check on a sick bird or simply keep him company. It’ll also eliminate any commute, so as soon as I finish work I’ll be THERE and with my birds. I used to work from home for 5 years a while ago, and I know I’m well suited for it and have the discipline required, as well as a fully-equipped home office.

I’ve also outlined the structure of the bird sanctuary. I’m going to have to register as a charity (don’t know the details of that just yet, but I’ll find out) and take donations. I’m planning an absolutely revolutionary system where I actually publish the sanctuary’s bank statements on a website every month and tell everyone who donates, exactly what happened with their money. There will be options for once-off donations starting at 5 bucks all the way to “adopting” a bird for 10 EUR a month. I can practically see the website in front of me, hurray for creative visualisation!

I’ve also seen the future of Gentle Miracles Coaching. It’s on a good path, and the main thing is to keep investing my energy and love into my newsletter and the work with my clients, and listen, truly listen to what they have to say and where they need support.

These are just the milestones. I’ve outlined my plans for health, exercise, the way a typical weekday will look like, and much more. I spent time telling my budgies about this future, and how wonderful it’ll be, and they listened attentively, all fluffed up and comfortable – I believe they know I’m promising them this future and that they can count on me.

Seen from the outside, none of the above looks very exciting, does it? But there is so much going on underneath in these Dark Weeks.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have a comment DanDuc a study of 101 102. It sounds really great. There is a Bird Sanctuary near my house in my hometown. You can keep working on your real job and still get the sanctuary when I learned guitar I didn't quit it paid off. You want a wicca life. Is it worth the trade off? You have a really good job.

  2. Hi Dan, lovely to “read from you” 🙂 I do know what you mean. Yes, my path definitely lies in working from home. There are jobs like that, and maybe one day I can live on my Coaching. But for the time being, it'll definitely still be as an employee, only home based!

  3. Hi dear, how lovely to finally read a blog from you again, I've been waiting for one 🙂 and what a great one! I love how you say you “saw” your future. It's such powerful magic, and I'm sure you'll accomplish all of it!
    I have had a few rough weeks myself, struggling with where I want my future to go and where it could or could not go. More specifically, I'm in a relationship with a guy 10 years older than myself, with two beautiful children. So the question has been for some months : could and would we accept another beautiful child in our lives? Some part of me would absolutely love to be a mom, to give birth and experience all those things. another part of me realises that it comes with a lot of stress, worries, pressure etc. Also, my man is having a lot of doubts about all of this. So it's been hard to know what to do and where to go. Aside from that we were looking to buy a house, and all that added to my struggles with what the future would bring. At a certain moment (the days leading up to the new moon) I decided to let go of my worries and trust that life would take me where I needed to be. This is not easy, because it also means accepting that it might not be what I imagined. The day after the new moon, we made a bid on a house, and that evening the bid was apporoved. So completely unexpected (I was really convinced life would give me some more time to mull things over and over and over… ) we are now owners of a house. Afterwards, I realised the timing of all these things, and I know this is where I need to go, this is how it's supposed to be. My path has been lit for a small part, and I need to trust the further future will be perfect as it will be 🙂
    The amazing thing is that all the time I had the feeling of being disconnected and not being able to concentrate on my spiritual side, but in reality it's exactly as you say : it was all going on deep inside 🙂
    The bird sanctuary sounds beautiful, I love it already!!!
    hugs – Inge
    ps: sorry for the long reply 😉

  4. Oh wow Inge, now that sounds like a prime example of a “Dark Weeks” process you went through! Unfortunately, knowing these things doesn't make the actual process any easier, does it? I'm glad you came through to the other end 🙂 What a fascinating journey, thank you so much for sharing it. I agree that life will look after this; you and your man are good together and there's a reason why you found each other. The question of kids will sort itself out.
    Yes, I do “see” the future sometimes, not in crystal-clear pictures but more by getting a sense of what's coming. I'm called Sibylle (which means prophetess, seer) for a reason haha!
    Big hugs!! x

  5. How exciting about the bird sanctuary! I've never been much of a bird person specifically, but I'm definitely an animal lover and would love to help with a donation when the time comes.

  6. Animals rock! It'll be great to have your support! There's not much in Ireland for helping birds, most charities focus on dogs and cats. I can't wait to build my bird paradise ❤

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