Our Way Is The Secret Way

The darker it gets, the more impact has the light. These days when I leave the house in the morning, it’s still pitch dark, but at the current phase of the moon, She is there in the black sky, unfailingly guiding me and providing her mysterious indirect light.

I’m never more aware of the moon than I am during the Dark Weeks. She’s such a comfort, especially now in the shape of the Crone who teaches us not to be heroes, not to do great deeds, but only to endure. It’s a much-underrated skill, to endure.

There are reasons why I chose to begin the yearly “13 Moons” ecourse for women in the winter. It makes for such a lovely journey, starting in the dark with Her as the only light, and then going towards and through the bright seasons, only to go full circle then back into the night.

Quite a few women have done the course by now, and the feedback I get most often is that the women enjoy to be DOING things, rather than just reading about them. I use one moon goddess per moon cycle, not one each week, because that might be fancy and tickle your mind, it wouldn’t change you the way regular meditations, walks in nature, attuning to the moon and Her phases, self care and crafting will do. This course is about getting in touch with your deep inner sacredness, your core as a woman, and that can never be accomplished by just reading.

The course is open for sign-up, btw! It’s going to start on the 5th of January, on the full moon. I hope many are going to join for a memorable journey through the year, together.

Sometimes I wonder if November/December could be the “witchiest” time of the year? There is so much time for reflection, evaluation, introspection, as well as planning for the future. I do an awful lot of hibernation these days, I almost feel bad about it. Thank the gods I’ve got my Coaching clients to keep me connected and communicating. They inspire me endlessly. It’s such a privilege to be part of their journeys too.

Maybe a time of darkness is also a time of secrets. My friend Kristian shared something so beautiful on his Facebook page today, I feel compelled to share it, and I’ll close this entry with it. It’s a quote by Jack Parsons:

“We are the Witchcraft. We are the oldest organisation in the world. When man was first born, we were. We sang the first cradle song. We healed the first wound, we comforted the first terror. We were the Guardians against the Darkness, the Helpers on the Left Hand Side.

We are on the side of man, of life and of the individual. Therefore we are against religion, morality and government. Therefore our name is Lucifer.

We are on the side of freedom, of love, of joy and laughter and divine drunkenness. Therefore our name is Babylon.

Sometimes we move openly, sometimes in silence and in secret. Night and day are one to us, calm and storm, seasons and the cycles of man, all these things are one, for we are at the roots. Supplicant we stand before the Powers of Life and Death, and are heard of these powers and avail. Our way is the secret way, the unknown direction. Ours is the way of the serpent in the underbrush, our knowledge is in the eyes of goats and of women.”

2 thoughts on “Our Way Is The Secret Way

  1. I'm also a lot more aware of the Moon these days, since I'm actually awake to see it 🙂 As for practice, I think a lot of pagans go into hibernation during the winter, only interrupted by celebrations like Yule. Maybe it's because it's cold and dark outside. But there are lots of things you can do indoors as well. I know I hibernate, but that's because my body doesn't like the weather, and keeps me drained.

  2. I can imagine it's not easy for you, although I know you don't let that pain keep you from living your life. I find that my own practice kind of shifts, I feel more connected naturally and don't need so many reminders. Plus I concentrate on the more quiet activities, like meditations.

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