From left: Tracey, Titus, and Talion

Yes, I DO have an update. It’s not the final one yet, but I can’t really drag it out any longer, can I? And it’s good news to boot so far. Sooooo, here’s the big dream progress.

D’you know how I started getting together the necessary paperwork to apply for a mortgage in early February? Yeah, that took a while. You see, joint applications (from a couple, for example) are no problem, the risk is spread, you have two incomes… And then there’s the hag. I make decent money but for a single applicant, the bank assumes such huge living costs there wasn’t much left, especially with the payments I was still making to clear the rest of my debts.

You might remember how I negotiated a settlement in early 2013, to pay back all the debt but not the huge interest that would have kept me in debt for 30 years. The agreement was to make payments up to January 2016. And these payments reduced the amount I could borrow for a mortgage so drastically, I could have perhaps bought a dog kennel with what was left, but nothing more than that.

I’m not known for giving up though.

And so I thought back and forth, and in the end paid off the rest of the debt in one fell swoop. Tada! Debt-free hag! It feels amazing, let me tell you. At the same time, this of course tore a rather substantial hole into the sum I had saved up for a deposit, but my dad jumped in and agreed to lend me the rest in case I should find a house quickly. Because a mortgage approval is good for 6 months, and each month that passes means I save more money back into the deposit fund. But it’s good to know my dad has my back in case I need it.

As you can imagine, arranging all of this and transferring the money to Austria, and getting their confirmation that all’s paid now – and getting it in a form that was understandable to my non-German-speaking Irish bank, took some time. But now my mortgage application is truly on its way and although I’m superstitious and won’t celebrate until I have the approval, my lovely advisor at the bank says it’s looking good.

I’m telling you, it’s quite a journey, and my inner journey mirrors the developments. I still alternate between joy and excitement and sheer terror, but the joy is winning. And I apologise for being a big tease, but this is truly only the tip of the iceberg of developments. I’m truly working on creating my dream life, and the house is just one part of that. But I really really can’t share any more there just yet!

In other news, my budgies have meanwhile all eaten from a small bowl of eggfood I held, and all three of them have tasted my finger holding the bowl to see if it’s edible too (very gently, though). It’s so ticklish! Titus and Talion have also sat on my finger whilst eating, which is without contest the Best Feeling In The World and makes me very happy.

Now hopefully we’ll all have a new place to live soon, where we all feel equally happy and safe! If you have them to spare, I could use some crossed fingers right now.

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10 thoughts on “Free

  1. I had been waiting for your good news blog 😀 WONDERFUL news!!!! So happy for you! Crossing all fingers and toes that I can find 😉
    With all my soul : May all your dreams come true!!

  2. Yay for JOY!!! And hurrah for going for your big DREAM! I can so see you living in your cottage. I am praying for you. You can do it!
    Big hug!! And apologies for not responding more. I am reading…and cheering you on! Go Sibylle! x

  3. Congratulations!
    As a single gal that just went through the process of buying a house (And just moved in two weeks ago!) I am cheering you on and wishing that you find the perfect place for you!

  4. Thank you, Chacha! Your presence is always so very welcome, with or without comments 🙂
    I've been working on this dream for many years, it feels great to have it so close now!

  5. Thanks, Dominee! I thought the same thing when I saw the pictures of your new (gorgeous) place. I love the fact that we're both doing this in the same year 🙂
    Much love!

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