Sad News And New Life

The above picture proves that spring is, indeed, here! It’s a tree in one of the front gardens of my street. Every now and then, I need to look at the blossoms to remind myself – the weather has been cold and rainy for a while now, so it’s easy to forget that it’s actually May.

I hope you had a beautiful Bealtaine! For me, it was the 10th anniversary of my Dedication, but the day itself was a bit of a rush for me – I had to catch up after working long hours for my work’s quarter end, and cleaned the house, went shopping, and got set to go to Germany for a few days. I had a great time in the end, with my dad and with dear friends, and I decided to make it a full week of anniversary celebrations. Tonight I’m finally going to bake my Bealtaine Bread, a little late this year but that’s how life works out sometimes.

Going away is always difficult for me because I hate leaving my budgies, but this time it was particularly heart-wrenching. The reason is that my Titus fell sick a few weeks ago, and by now Talion is sick too. I’ve excluded quite a few possibilities, and am now almost certain that they have Avian Gastric Yeast – a fungal infection which is present in an alarmingly large percentage of pet birds, but doesn’t always break out. I suspect that Titus came to me four years ago carrying it, because he, Talion, and Tracey have periodically thrown up, something Tia and Mirias never did.

When Tia died, it put a big strain on Titus, and that might have brought out the illness. Now Talion has it too. There’s not really a cure, but I read good things about weak thyme tea and prebiotics, so they’re getting those. And tons of love.

I’m facing the very real possibility that I’ll be losing all three of my budgies. Tracey is still holding up but you never know. It’s like doom hanging over my head. I can’t even begin to describe the horror of it, especially now that I’m getting closer to them and they’re almost tame. It’s beyond cruel. So much so that I can’t write more about it now.

When Tia died, I couldn’t even contemplate getting a new budgie. But yesterday, I don’t know why, I suddenly knew I needed some joy again with my budgies, apart from all the heartbreak.

And so today, I got two new baby budgies. No, they’re nowhere near the aviary, I don’t want them to catch anything and they’re too young anyway. So I made them a “nappy cage” upstairs, and there they are now – that is, one of them is. The hen hasn’t come out of her box yet, she’s very scared so I put the box into the cage. Now she can take her time. I hear her “tseh!” every now and then out of the box, which is very cute! Barely arrived and already giving out, haha, looks like I got another feisty one there.

I thought of breaking the “T” name tradition and calling the new ones Leah and Miko (pronounced “Mee-ko”). Photos will follow when they’re settled in. They’re still babies, with short tails (hee hee), and might be siblings, although they’re very sweet with each other. Who cares, I don’t intend on breeding them anyway.

Send a little healing to my Titus and my Talion, please, when you have a bit of energy to spare.

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8 thoughts on “Sad News And New Life

  1. I hope the Thyme works wonders. I can't believe it's been 10 years since you did your dedication. Good luck with the babies. Can't wait to see pictures 🙂

  2. Patrizia

    I really hope they come through this. Pets can bring such joy into our lives. Many best wishes to you and yours.

  3. Lots of healing to you and your lovies. And happy mother's day to you as you are a mother of your budgies and the new babies. I hope you can enjoy your stay in Germany. Big hug and blessings to you all. xx

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