To Own One’s Day

Some weeks ago I watched a documentary about the rather mad but very likeable guy who invented “Earthships” (ecologically sound dwellings, google it for pictures). One thing he said about life in his hand-built house, is how great it feels to “own your day”, to completely have one’s time to oneself. There’s no job to go to, no money to chase, the food is grown in and around the house and the house consists mostly of recycled materials and is already paid-for.


It pretty much sums up my ideal, and something which has been my ideal since I was about 19. I don’t quite see it happening, not while I live in this expensive country and have very specific plans about a detached dwelling and a bird sanctuary. In fact, there is a project a friend of mine works on, an eco village in the West of Ireland, and I’m looking into that as well – it would mean the self-sufficient life I aim for, with planting our own food etc.

I suspect I’ll have to get out of my current living situation before that project becomes reality though, and if my mortgage does get approved, I might end up with a liveable compromise: a house with a decent energy rating where I can, after saving up for another few years, install solar panels and a geo-thermal heat pump as well as grow my own food – and have my bird sanctuary. I’ll still have to work, but I hope I’ll be able to work from home. The two hours I currently spend commuting every day could be used for the sanctuary, without making any other change.

To own my day would, of course, be the ultimate freedom. To Coach and look after cute featherballs, and to game, and to meet friends. To dance and sing, and celebrate the moon and the sun and the changing of the seasons. To sit in front of the fire with a mug of tea and a good book. It’s got to be possible, right?

And it better happen sooner rather than later, because my body is sending me signal after signal that all is not right. For the last week and a half, I’ve been battling streptococcus throat, and despite antibiotics I’m still not well and now I also have a cold on top of everything else. It’s alright, body – I got the message! I’m working on it! The wait can be very, very trying at times.

I’m not quite ready to talk or write about the other news, which is that my beloved Titus, my “big grey boy” as I used to call him, has died. I was with him as he softly fell asleep on the floor of the cage, slept for about an hour, and then fell over dead. I’m so very sad – it’s so cruel because he’d just started to trust me a little in his last few days, happily sat on my finger and ate out of my hand. I brought his body in for an autopsy, and it looks like he had testicular cancer. The toxicology report isn’t back yet, but there’s a chance I’ve no gastric yeast in my aviary after all. Then again, why is Talion throwing up? I hope he doesn’t have a tumor too.

That’s it from me this time, I’m going to play with “the babies” Leah and Miko for a bit – I’m typing this sitting on my bed with my laptop, watching over them as they play outside the cage, and about every half hour one of them flutters to the floor and needs to be rescued, hehe. That’s them in the picture above – aren’t they adorable? Once I know my aviary is disease-free, I’ll introduce them to the “big little budgies” (Talion and Tracey are older, but tiny. I suspect Leah and Miko might be from exhibition-type parents) downstairs.

6 thoughts on “To Own One’s Day

  1. Owning my day is my ideal too, and I get a taste of it every day. I'm working on the parts that don't fit, to adjust even more towards what I want. Leah and Miko are so cute. I love seeing the pictures you're posting.

  2. It's a great ideal to be working towards!
    And yes, they are beyond cute ❤ They make me laugh so much, just by their sheer fluffy feathery clumsiness and by how much they love each other. I'm so grateful I got the chance to keep those two together.

  3. To own your day is definitely possible. It may take some time, but the wait is worth it. I just know some day you'll be rocking that bird sanctuary and posting pics for us to see.

  4. Yes, I believe that's true! The idea of “working because I choose to, not because I have to” has always fascinated me 🙂
    And the bird sanctuary is on its way! x

  5. Lots of strenght and healing to you with the loss of your budgie. So sad…

    It is my dream as well to live a self supporting life. I love Earth Ships and am very drawn to move to an Eco-village somewhere. I am so tired of my life, I feel lived more than alive…I am off track in my life. But still so scared to take the leap and leave my job behind and go follow my dream. I need to invest more time in my biz. But still there is so much fear. I need to move into a direction of freedom. Anyway, stop ranting. Thank you for sharing and I hope all your wishes come true. Putting it out here sets the intention and energy. Lots of light and healing and I hope your other babies will be alright and that they are just nervous about the passing of their friend. XX

  6. I know every one of the feelings you describe, and indeed, it is not as simple as giving up everything and going for “freedom” because in our world this may quickly turn into more dependence (on the state, on banks…). But there is a way, and I believe you're much further along that way than you think you are <3
    Thank you for your kind words. The aviary does look very empty with only two budgies in it. Tracey and Talion are holding up well, they've got each other. I can't wait to introduce them to the babies though!

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