In Which I Might End Up In A Hobbit House After All

So, my mortgage application got rejected.

I’m appealing, of course, with the help of my very lovely and supportive bank advisor. But the chances are slim. My advisor says it’s ridiculous, and also tells me she’s never seen anyone with their finances so well organised. I did learn my lesson there ten years ago, you see.

But I’m not a young, Irish couple with two incomes and a split of the risk, and 2.5 children. I’m an older, foreign, single applicant, and in recession-plagued Ireland, the banks have become super cautious. That’s the same banks who were throwing 3rd and 4th mortgages at obvious crooks only a few years ago.

Ah well. I’m not giving up of course, so no reason to become all doleful! I’m also looking for alternatives, which I’ve already alluded to in my last entry. The most exciting and beautiful of these alternatives is the Cauldron Community, an eco village a friend of mine is planning in the West of Ireland (please like the Facebook page as well!). Incidentally, the West is exactly where I wanted to go in any case; all I need is a work-from-home job, and Apple already offer those in Ireland. They are regular, full-time jobs with benefits and job security just like any office-based job, and I could work from anywhere in the country, provided I have a good stable internet connection.

The Cauldron Community is going to be a village of ecologically sound “hobbit houses” in the style of the one in the picture above. Obviously, I’m all for it! The only reason why I’m not 150% sure I’ll end up there is that my bird sanctuary is going to have specific requirements, such as a very quiet place and a separate room, or I won’t get any more sleep than I do now.

The one thing I know is that I’ll not stay in my current place any longer. It’s still a lovely place, and my landlord and family are still lovely people. But there’s more noise coming through the walls than ever – the daughter is now 16, and while she is amazing and not at all noisy, she is AWAKE at all hours (like I was at that age – I’m not going to be a hypocrite!), and with the thin walls and my light sleep, this dooms me, especially since I need to get up a good hour earlier than she does. It’s not good for the birds either.

It’s eating away at me and at my health. My lovely doctor, who’s amazingly open minded to alternative medicine as well as conventional, told me that my immune system HAD to get compromised eventually with the constant sleep deprivation. I also don’t live healthy – I mean, I do, but I don’t eat as cleanly as I did last spring because I’m just so stressed in my job and the one thing that’s always available is unhealthy stuff. In the evening, I’m often so tired I don’t want to cook and go to the chipper instead. I know these are my choices, but I’ve also chosen not to beat myself up at the moment; it’s what keeps me sane. But it can’t go on indefinitely.

So, either they approve me for a mortgage after all, I get a job working from home and buy a hag house somewhere in the West, or I don’t get a mortgage, and then I’ll look into renting a standalone house also in the West and also work from home, and help with the Cauldron Community. We’re hoping for the first hobbit houses to be habitable some time next year.

There are exciting times ahead in any case. And I know, I just know it in my bones, that something is going to work out for me. I’ll keep you updated!

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6 thoughts on “In Which I Might End Up In A Hobbit House After All

  1. Yay!! Great steps forward towards your dream and self care. So exciting and when you are more in your flow magic will happen. Sleep deprivation is so unhealthy and you need energy to create! I so hope you get your hobbit house, if not now, sometime in the future. It is so so YOU! I would love to move to an Eco village and work from home. It is my big dream. The commuting and officelife is not good for me and my house is unhealthy as it is not comfotable and no heating. GOOD LUCK!!! Lots of love, Charissa

  2. I hear you on all these points – commuting, office life, unhealthy living conditions, cold… A more ecological lifestyle is definitely the way to go! And if the hobbit house turns out to be unsuitable for the cutest and myself, then I'll work on turning a “normal” house more ecological and grow my own food and all that.
    We're both getting there, it just takes its time!
    Much love xx

  3. Hello, I really do feel for you with neighbours like that, not a good situation at all, I shall send a big Yorkshire hug and some of the sunshine that's just appeared briefly. meanwhile old RAF motto for life “llegitimi non carberundum” 🙂

  4. Haha, I love the motto! Thanks, Rod 🙂 And I'm grateful that in my case, it's not bastards that make my life miserable, but more the circumstances. The people are actually nice.

  5. My favourite stress buster is to listen to The Sixteen singing Allegri's Misere headphones on and eyes closed and get lost in the music
    Big Hugs

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