The Future Is Taking Shape

                 The Bray Golf Course. Yes, I realise it’s nice here too!

Changes are coming.

I feel a little funny saying this, because I’ve been saying it since the beginning of the year. And by the way, do you realise that 2015 is now more than halfway over? Time really does fly. I almost feel like yelling: “Slow down! I have a lot more to get done this year!”

So the current status is, I handed in the final requested document for the appeal of my mortgage application this week. My bank advisor assures me the decision won’t take long now. I’m hoping and praying but at the same time, I’m prepared for all possible outcomes, which are:

1. Either they’ll approve my mortgage and I’ll go looking for a hag cottage in the West. I may or may not move into rental accommodation there for a few months until it’s all done and dusted. All this also depends on me getting actual work from home (I’m working on that as well, but nothing concrete yet).

2. Or they’ll decline the mortgage, and then I’ll move into rental accommodation in the West, again pending a job from home. This should be possible though, I have a few leads and if necessary I’ll compromise on things like salary (I have a very good idea of how much I need to live on, and once I don’t have to save 750 EUR a month for my deposit anymore, I can afford a cut in salary).

I don’t quite dare put a date on it, but I’d like to move out of my current place within the next three months. This is the one thing I know for certain; it’s a lovely place, but it no longer suits my needs and it’s actually harming me now, with my light sleep that’s always interrupted by the sounds through the wall. It served its purpose but my time here is over.

The birds need rest too in the night, the fact that it gets noisy just after I turn off their light at ten, is very stressful for them. I want a light, airy room for them in a detached (free-standing) house. I want them to be happy, especially my two little patients.

I haven’t told you this yet, but it turned out a few weeks ago that my two babies are a. not Miko and Leah but Mika and Leo, haha (I’m calling her Miko now and him Laeas), and b. survivors of a horrible disease called the French Moult, which makes young chicks lose tons of feathers, which never fully grow back. The breeder waited until their bodies were feathered again and then sold them to a clueless pet shop, where luckily I was the one to pick them up.

They just looked very young at first, but then Miko’s flight feathers and tail grew out awkward and crooked so she can only fly a little, and Laeas’s didn’t really grow at all. Poor Laeas will probably never fly, and it frustrates him so much. I’m trying to make it as easy for him as possible, carry him places and construct lots of walkways so he can get to the same places Miko can.

The experience has just highlighted to me all that’s wrong with animal protection in this country. The pet shop didn’t even have the name and contact details of the breeder. Crooks are getting away with all sorts of things – strictly speaking, my two should have been culled as babies, cruel as it sounds. Now that they’re older and I love them, I’ll obviously care for them and make life as easy for them as possible, but it’ll always be a struggle for Miko and Laeas.

And that’s it from me for now. I wish you a sunny weekend and hopefully some time to yourself!

8 thoughts on “The Future Is Taking Shape

  1. Hello you, the world seems to be becoming a brighter place for you, it's all that positive thought that does it as you well know. Let's hope it's a positive outcome for you regarding the mortgage,but, you have plan Z to fall back on anyway, looking forward to the next episode, stay safe.

  2. Thank you, and I agree completely, things are coming together. It's all taking a lot more time than I thought initially, but I'm sure it's good for something! It has been a lesson in patience 🙂

  3. GOOD LUCK!!! Praying for you. I have a great feeling about this and no matter what your life will keep going onwards and upwards. I hope you can finally cross patience off “the must learn on Earth”list. Much love

  4. Thank you! D'you know, I don't think patience will ever be on my list of top virtues, but I *have* learned the truth of the old saying about how everything happens in its own perfect time 🙂
    Love and hugs!!

  5. I hope your mortgage comes through and then you and your birds can be winging your way to the beautiful west of Ireland, where magic and peace will be found. Blessings and light

  6. Yes! That's just what I dream of 🙂 I can practically see us all there, feel the wind, smell the air…
    Thank you, Crea! Many blessings x

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