My New Home

Here’s my new house! Well, not mine, obviously, but my rented home from the 5thof September. I just wish I could skip the week-and-a-half in between and fast forward to having arrived – moving house is NOT my favourite pastime, especially when it includes furniture and is spread between two addresses (when I moved to Bray three years ago, I left behind some of my stuff in my old place).

I disassembled an Ikea wardrobe and almost dropped the frame on my toes when I lowered it to the ground. I pulled out all the stuff I’d stored under the bed in my current, tiny flat and nearly suffocated in the dust clouds. My budgies do NOT like all the boxes in “their” room, and me running around and making scary noises. I suspect they’ll like it even less when I dismantle their aviary next week and all three will have to live in Laeas’s cage for a few days!

But that’s what we need to do in order to get to our new place. I can’t wait!! Ballinrobe is such a lovely little town, just the right size for me, and the house is on the outskirts but still within reach of proper broadband. At least I hope so, because I may have a job lined up if I can prove my broadband is fast enough. To do that, I’ll have to test it at some point hopefully next week. Please keep your fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I’m working towards my last month end in the current job, and I’m so idiotically busy at the moment that I almost forget to be happy sometimes. I admit with everything I have to organise outside of work, it’s fairly stressful right now. I keep telling myself it will soon be over.

And then I’ll be living my dream of working from home and being able to sleep! Woohoo! I can’t believe it’s really all happening now. I think I’ll have to pinch myself a lot before I really know it’s true. Waking up in the morning, and instead of rushing around getting ready and out the door, I’ll have breakfast with the cutest and then go to my office in the next room. I’ll make my own, healthy lunch at noon, and when I’m done with work, it’ll once again be just a few steps back to the cutest – to gaming, working on my business, and maybe a Coaching session or two.

Every. Single. Day.

No, I don’t quite comprehend it yet. I guess I’ll have to be there to believe it!

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Follow The Rainbow To A Castle In A Lake

This Monday I drove West again, on a day with typically Irish weather of showers and sunshine in quick succession. Just when I passed Athlone – which to me has always been along the line seperating “The West” from the rest of the country – I saw before me a perfect, full rainbow against the dramatic dark clouds (see picture). It seemed to guide me to my destination.

I had this week off work, and I put it to good use: I went to view a couple of rental houses in Galway and Mayo. My mortgage isn’t happening, at least not right now, and it doesn’t matter one bit at this stage as I’d already decided to rent again for a while, but a detached house where I can a) sleep and b) have enough space to dance and have proper rituals again. No more compromises.

I’ve not signed anything yet, but it looks like I’m going to end up in a lovely little town in Mayo called Ballinrobe. It’s got quite a history, and it’s very close to a large lake, Lough Mask. This lough has several small islands, and one of them carries the ruins of an ancient tower which is called… I shit you not…

…wait for it…

…You ready for this?

…Castle Hag.

Yes really, BAHAHAHA!! It’s like I was meant to move there. But whether I’m meant to or not, I’m going to move on Saturday, the 5th of September. When I remember it’s only three weeks until then, I go a little green in the face and feel slightly ill, because there is still SO much to organise! But I’ll manage. After all, if there’s anything I have a lot of experience in, it’s moving house.

In other news, I’ve quit my job. “Yes really” again! And no, I don’t have anything lined up yet. My last day will be the 9th of September (I’ll have my current flat until the 15th and I’ll sleep here for the three last days with all my stuff already moved). 

I am applying for a permanent role from home at the moment, and if I don’t get that I’ll be able to feed myself for a few months with my Coaching, some transcription work, and other stuff I can do from home. Don’t worry, I won’t starve, and most importantly, I won’t go into debt again – after all, I have some money saved although I’d only touch that as a very last resort.

And now I’ll take a day – one last day – of complete rest, surrendering to the soothing stillness of the New Moon. The hectic preparations will take hold of me soon enough.

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