I finished up my old job on Wednesday, drove to Ikea, bought half the store, and then drove all the way back to Mayo with my car full of flatpack boxes. And now I’m here, and I’m unpacking, assembling furniture, assembling more furniture, and I’m black and blue and stiff, but also undeniably happy.

Every day I make sure I spend some time with my budgies and do something fun outside as well as working. Today I’d planned a walk all around the town, but the weather is such that I’d have been in danger of drowning so I simply went for lunch in a cafe instead. Yesterday, it was cloudy and a little misty, but dry, and I took a drive all around Lough Mask. I thought I’d show you the pictures I took along the way, turning this post into a page from a photo album. Are you up for it? Then read on.

Apologies, the pictures aren’t the best quality as I’m still struggling a little with my new phone camera. Also, I feel bad for how many incredible sights I drove past without stopping for a photo – from the huge field blazing purple with blossoming heather to the roofless ruin of an ancient church. Anyway, here’s a selection of what I got! Click the pictures for larger versions.

          The Lough’s Northern end, with its many small islands.


The last flowering bushes of summer. I loved the vibrant colour against the grey of the clouds and the lake. It was around there, on the Western shore (the side facing towards Connemara), that the narrow road led through small bits of forest and at one point, I suddenly felt goosebumps springing up all over me and the thought: “This is witchy country,” popped into my head. I have no idea where it came from, but the magical energy was incredible.

When I got closer to the Southern end of the lake, the landscape changed to the typical green hills of Connemara with its almost unreal mystical light. I love sunshine, but this landscape looks almost better in the clouds; it’s as if the grass was illuminated from within. The picture looks darker than it actually was, by the way. It was cloudy, but not dim. 

I still can’t quite believe I live here!

At the Southernmost tip, I got a glimpse at another, smaller lough in the neighbouring valley – Lough Nafooey. It felt amazing to stand on this hill, surrounded by grass and sheep, and looking down onto two majestic bodies of water covered in mists.

So this is my new home! At no point along the journey was I more than 30km away from Ballinrobe. It’s almost too much beauty to process.

I just hope there’ll be some better weather again over the weekend, because from Monday on I’ll be busy – I can finally tell you now, that I got the work-at-home job with Apple that I’d been applying for! Training starts next week. I’m really looking forward to it. My work iMac was delivered the other day, so now I need to get up from the computer again, assemble my new desk and set up the iMac! Life is hard, eh?

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12 thoughts on “Home

  1. So happy for u. I am in Roscommon just over two months. I am lovin it. Just remember to watch the sky's the moon, stars, the comments which r still passing and the colours morning and night is just amazing. Hope it's fab for u and the buddies. H

  2. Thank you! And yes, it's absolutely beautiful! Haven't seen much of the night sky these past days with the weather we got but today it's clear 🙂 Roscommon is gorgeous, I hope you've settled in well.

  3. Hello you, it really does look like life is finally turning round for and I like all your your on line friends are very happy and pleased. I found a short film that you may have seen but if you haven't then take a look I like it although it's a little confusing at times but it is an Irish legend An Cailleach Bhearra on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQI3RCUFuYE let me know if you like it or hate it I'll be interested, Big hugs to you on your new adventure in life x

  4. I love it! Didn't know there was a video about it. I did know the legend, it's about a peninsula in the South of Ireland, Beara. Beautiful place, by the way, in case you ever visit! But of course, the West is the best 😀
    It was you and the rest of the “tribe” being there that got me through those past years of not-quite living according to my needs. Thank you for being there in spirit xx

  5. Shall I answer for the rest of the “tribe”, a bit presumptuous of me I know, you have given us all a great of thought, guidance and inspiration that I for one could not fail to give you support where I can, thoughts and good wishes where physical contact is not possible, but often just being aware that others are out there sending you positive thoughts and energy are enough, my thoughts and best wishes are with you. xx

  6. D'you know, this really is the best part of being online, but it's also the biggest challenge because a lot of the time people *don't* respond. That's why it's so helpful to hear/read from you 🙂 It would take a pretty advanced narcissist to want to hold a monologue online haha.

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