Nutella Waffles And Making Friends

                Note: Not my photo. I got it from the cafe’s Facebook page

The moment I entered, I knew this was “my” café. The tables are plain natural wood, and over the counter, there’s a blackboard with the writing: “If tea can’t fix it, it’s a serious problem!” I liked it so much I made an exception to the suger-free diet I’ve once again adopted after leaving my last job, and ordered fresh (fresh!) waffles with nutella and cream. They were divine!

I’ve also found my local supermarket, greengrocers, health-food store, and techie store. In other words, I’ve got all I need and am happy.

The house is nearly done too, there are still bits and pieces I need and it will be a work in progress for another six months or so, but the rooms have stopped looking empty and I no longer have to run around for 20 minutes looking for something before I locate it. I’ve settled into my home office and done the first week of training for the new job.

Magically, I am preparing for the first proper ritual in years because I’ll finally have enough space again! Tuesday evening I’ll celebrate the Equinox in my living room, and it’ll be the first evening I make fire in the fireplace too. Very much looking forward to that! There’ll be dancing and stomping and whirling, and a feast to boot.

As for making friends, I still need to find some humans but I am getting to know the animals in the area. The crows quickly realised that a hag had moved in, and now they sit on my roof and on the garden wall cawing every day, especially in the mornings. I leave out nuts for them on the garden wall, which makes a good dozen of them decend within minutes and demolish it all. They’re such beautiful, wise birds.

Then there’s kitty. I suspect she belongs to the people next door, but she’s outside practically all the time. I would adopt her in a heartbeat, but that’s not possible because of the cutest. Fortunately, kitty seems to be used to come to this house, but never enter it – she jumps onto the sill of the kitchen window when I cook or make a cup of tea, so I bought some healthy cat treats at the supermarket and each time kitty turns up, I open the window, cuddle her a bit and give her a treat or two. She’s such a pretty one, I’ve got to take a picture some time.

My house is the last in its row and on the very edge of the housing estate, which itself is at the edge of town. This means that there’s a field right next to me with a herd of cows grazing, some with calves. I haven’t befriended them yet but I love watching them when I come back from a walk.

Maybe this isn’t the most sensational blog entry, but I suspect there will be more of this kind. It’s my life now, and I still marvel at it every minute of the day. I have slowed down to a pace which allows me to keep up with myself, and I’ve discovered a new energy for things I never had much time for up to now: I spent hours adjusting the length of some curtains (I don’t have a sewing machine so it took forever, but was worth it) and I don’t even mind cleaning.

The house is beautiful, but not in good condition – it’s as if nobody has ever shown it any love. I’m working on changing this, and I suspect it’s changing me in turn.

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8 thoughts on “Nutella Waffles And Making Friends

  1. Anonymous

    I love the green and orange walls in the cafe. Totally my colours that I hope to paint with one day. Great to have such a contented post. Congrats! <3
    – Krista

  2. Thank you! It's like a dream right now. And yes, they're my favourite colours too, I mean, just look at this website haha. So beautiful and soothing ❤

  3. My dear the happiness is jumping from my screen 🙂 I can feel the contentment (is that the correct word? ) , just plain simple joy and happyness. not spectacular, but longterm 🙂
    bighugs and i'm so happy for you!

  4. It's definitely the right word! Yes, it's a quiet and slow-burning happiness, although it's sometimes punctuated by “yippeeeee!”s and spontaneous dancing as well 😉
    Thank you and big hugs!!

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