My Magic Slippers

Actually, they’re pretty horrible. The house I live in now has wooden floors and I only have a few small carpets, so I soon realised I’d need slippers to keep my feet from turning into blocks of ice. My local Tesco’s stocks these soft, socks-like slippers which come in a pink girly print and an equally tacky navy blue pattern.

I went for the latter and they look truly terrible, haha! But I don’t give a toss, because they FEEL amazing. You see, this is part of me re-discovering true wellness, as in well-being and feeling wonderful. I just wrote an article about it, in fact, in my Coaching newsletter (which you can sign up for here), because it’s quite a remarkable journey.

Basically, I have gotten so used to being stressed and never getting enough sleep, that it took me a while to fully appreciate the happy, relaxed life I lead now. I know it sounds strange, after all I’ve been blogging about how great it is for the last five weeks, but the truth is, I didn’t actually fully relax into my present situation until fairly recently. A wise friend once told me that to arrive in a new place, the soul needs to arrive too, and it often takes a little longer than the body.

In my case, it wasn’t just the soul, it was my mind too. I had to get used to slowing down from the constant “to do” mode and replace it by an “I am” mode. In practice, this consists of taking a lot of deep, sighing breaths and consciously NOTICING how I feel.

How I feel is mostly wonderful. That’s where the magic slippers from Tesco come in! They are so very soft, it’s like walking in a cloud. Then there’s the absence of pain from the constant lack of sleep I used to have for years. I’m still tired, my energy levels aren’t back to where they used to be and I suspect they’ll take a while to recover. And yet, I no longer have any trouble staying awake during the work day and in the evening.

During the day, I sit at my desk (like I do in the picture above) and look out of the window at the beautiful landscape outside, where the leaves have just started to turn colour. I feel the warmth spreading in my stomach after drinking green tea or a mug of healthy hot chocolate from Magic Mayan. I snuggle into my clothes and those magical slippers and my body is practically purring. Oh! I also bought new bedsheets for the first time in 10 years. I’m telling you, it was a veritable celebration to slip into them for the first time, on one of the many blissful, quiet evenings.

I’ve always trained my senses, it’s part of my approach to paganism and my magic. My body, the physical world, are very important. So this new discovery of lovely sensations is beautiful, and yet so simple. My spirituality is making a return at the same time: I have replaced my rush-hour commute with a meditation and breakfast with the cutest in the morning, and my living room has lots of space (as well as a fireplace) for rituals.

I’ve tasted freedom now, and I’ll never trade it in again. I just wish everybody could experience this level of happiness!

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8 thoughts on “My Magic Slippers

  1. 🙂 weeeee yay! I love ugly comfy slippers. I am right now wearing an old but very soft (because worn) scarf and old old sheepskin booties. They are so ugly, but so warm and comfy, I am not replacing them until they totally fall apart. Happy healing and resting. I am doing the same. Been neglecting my needs and rest. So major me-time. No pushing just allowing. Enjoy your HOME. Much love

  2. Oooooh that sounds beautiful, and I really get the “ugly but comfy” concept these days, haha! Self Care is so important, I think if I hadn't done any of that, I would never have made it through the past six years. Happy me-time! xx

  3. Warm feet are an essential part of life! I love what your wise friend said about your soul has to arrive too when you move – funny thing is we moved three years ago to a new place – after nearly 30 years elsewhere!- My soul has settled in as the landscape is so beautiful – mountains, rivers, all changing with the arrival of autumn – but my body is still back in the flat landscape of the midlands – I have found it difficult to make new friends – it is much harder to do o when you are older – I have family and grandchildren (reason we moved here) but I have always placed a huge importance on friendship. My soul revels in the landscape and that keeps me going. Enjoy the magic of your slippers.

  4. I hear you on all these points, Crea! It is indeed getting harder to settle into a new place the older I get. But then I also appreciate everything more: the beauty, the calm, the new opportunities, and people I meet.
    I wonder if I'll stay here or whether I'll really find a permanent place at some point. I have this longing to settle down finally!

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