Weird And Wonderful Things

Tour                               At the end of the tour, still slightly shell-shocked from all we had                                                               learned. Lee in the middle, Inga on the right, and me third from left.

I’m in a state of hagish bliss, which may seem over the top to some, but it’s actually authentic. With all the intensity that comes with being me, I know myself quite well and know what I need at any given moment. Recently, I’ve moved across the country and healed from a period of isolation, and I’ve only just started reaching out to people around here. These things take time, and so what I needed was an injection of people, inspiration, mental floss, and hugs in abundance. That’s exactly what I got this past weekend in London.

Usually I dislike cities, but earlier that week I’d had a heart-opening experience (I love it when people do that to me without even realising it) and I was radiating so much love and warmth that I attracted/met only the kindest, funniest, nicest people you could imagine, even complete strangers like the cabby on the way back to the hostel on Saturday night. As for my friends, I have a lot to make up for after years of withdrawing into myself, and it was doing me so good to reconnect and spend quality time with the utter blessing which is Inga, and catch up with my lovely “adoptive daughter” Penny.

Yesterday, Inga and I spent much of the afternoon and evening with the thoroughly wonderful Lee, starting off with his tour “Egyptian Magic and Enlightenment” in the British Museum. I’d been meaning to take this tour for so long, and I’d had sky-high expectations but Lee still managed to blow them out of the water. He proceeded to spin a web of symbols and meaning and context all around us in so many layers and dimensions, it was staggering. Apart from his vast knowledge, he has such passion and joy in the subject, it would be impossible to listen and be left untouched.

The sheer amount of facts left me reeling – in the good way! Seriously, if you are ever in London, if there’s only one thing you do, make it this tour. You can thank me later.

We went for a cup of tea afterwards and amazing Japanese food in the evening, and it was an all-around perfect day, with lots of talk and laughter and red wine, all combined with a mild spring evening in a wide-awake city. I felt a little surreal after a night of 1 1/2 hours sleep, but it was strangely appropriate for the experience – no chance of hiding anything, when I’m sleep deprived I carry my heart on my sleeve and I felt like hugging the world, not just the two people in front of me, simply because it’s been so long since I’ve spent any significant amounts of time around people I actually resonate with. When Inga and I got back to the hostel, we kept talking – seriously, we must have talked ourselves hoarse over the course of this weekend, and we’re not nearly done.

One of the insights I gained from talking to Inga is that there’s no need to figure out an ultimate destination in my life. I’m exactly where I need to be, and if “where I need to be” changes in the future, then that’s the way things develop, rather than the correction of an error (huge difference!). This refers to my living situation, as in the whole question of living in Ireland or moving to a different part of the world, as much as it refers to relationships. I’ve always struggled to explain to people how I remain flexible in the way I relate to the men in my life. I’ve been in relationships at times, but for the most part I’ve had what I call “loving affairs” which suit me much better most of the time, because they honour my contradictory needs for independence and a deep connection. The point is, both have had their place at different times in my life, and that’s how it still is.

It is SO GOOD to finally, once again talk to people who actually get these things. Who get this weird, happy, cuddly mess that is the hag. I’m back home today and while I’m still tired, I can’t stop smiling.

Life, I love you, all is groovy…

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7 thoughts on “Weird And Wonderful Things

  1. Inga

    So much love for my wonderful hag! I can’t begin to express how wonderful it felt to properly catch up with you, to talk to one of my oldest friends and be able to share that side of myself that I don’t trust to just anyone.

    You had your moment of epiphany, and I’m happy to have been able to help with that. But, you also helped me get in touch with my spirituality, which has been slumbering for a while now, and I know now that it is something I need to work on, to nurture rather than suppress. I’m so grateful to you for “coming back” into my life!

    1. I’d honestly almost forgotten how good it feels, this fundamentally human process of bouncing ideas and thoughts and emotions back and forth with a loved and trusted person. Yes I know, silly hag… It’s astonishing what else one can bury along with a torn soul.
      Regaining a spiritual practice and connection is like coming home, and if I can play even the tiniest part in that for you, it would be absolutely wonderful!
      Big hag hugs!!

  2. woohoo! I am so happy for you that you had such a wonderful time and met people from your soul tribe! So important. Human connection. Your post made me smile and I feel all warm inside. Giving you a big hug from here. And thank you so much for the tip of the Egyptian Magic tour in London. I am so drawn to this and will surely take it on my next visit!!! Thank you. Have a beautiful and blissful week x

    1. Thank you, Chacha! And seriously, you of all people should do this tour when you’re in London, you’d appreciate it so much.
      And yes, it’s all about the human touch, isn’t it? There’s so much healing and opening and unfolding going on in my life right now, and while I’m driving it, it’s the people around me who deepen and accelerate the process.
      Hugs back and much love! xx

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